Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nagaoka's Obake Parfait

At the beginning of every schooling year, the Malaysians in Nagaoka Kosen will find a suitable night for us to have a get-together party; and at the same time, to welcome and get to know the new juniors who have just arrived. Two years have passed since my seniors brought my batch mates and I for the first time to this popular shop - MOCA's Karaoke and Food Restaurant, situated just two blocks away from the train station.
It is read as O-ba-ke Pa-fe.
The arrangements of the interior decorations was a bit different from my last visit here.
Sylvester squeezing poor Tweety Bird.
Some of the toys can be scary.
Stepping into this restaurant at the first floor will give you a retro impression. There are many toys, antique and modern ones decorating the shelves at almost every corner of the restaurant. At the end of the restaurant, there is a karaoke room for anyone who wish to karaoke. Besides that, there is also a tortoise, Kametaro swimming in the aquarium just next to the cashier.
It certainly give a mysterious and strange feeling when you are inside the restaurant.
Kametaro the tortoise.
This restaurant is managed by a pair of husband and wife.
The husband in particular is an interesting guy to talk to. Not even once that he will never fail to praise our Japanese, and how he enjoyed his vacation in Malaysia many years back whenever we pay a visit to his restaurant. He has been doing this business for the past 45 years and it's open all year long, 365 days a year.
With the proud restaurant owner.
This restaurant is famous for its Obake Pafe, literally Ghost's Parfait. I have no idea why it is given such name, but I guess it is meant to let it have a mysterious feeling on how the parfait looks like. One thing for sure is, the obake pafe is humongous. I have never seen suge a huge amount of ice cream for a serving at anywhere else besides this restaurant. So, our visit to this restaurant is to let the new juniors experience the obake pafe. However, let me explain the three main rules before you order it.
  1. Obake Pafe is only open for orders if there are five or more people in a group.
  2. For each person, they have to order at least a side menu, most of the time drinks, to accompany the obake pafe.
  3. A cover charge (席料) of 400 yen (RM 15) will be charge for those who choose not to order any side menu.
Usually, most of the people who come in big groups usually will only order the obake pafe alone. Taking that into consideration, it will be pitiful to the restaurant owner for them to only order that single thing despite the big number of people in the group. That explains why rule #2 and #3 are set up.
"Rather than paying for the cover charge, it would be more worthy to order at least a drink because the price doesn't differ much," according to the owner.
This the the drink I order almost every time I go to this restaurant - ice cocoa.
There are various sizes of obake pafe that we can order, ranging from level 1 up to level 5. Most of the time, we will order level 2 to 2.5 depending on the number of people we got. This time, there were 18 of us and we got a level 2.5 obake pafe, a serving meant for 25 people. So far, we have never an order as huge as level 5 because that will be too much for us. Besides, an order of that magnitude requires us to make reservations at least a day earlier.
Four of the five new juniors.
Yan Kuang, playing with Azie's camera.
It usually takes roughly half an hour for the guy to prepare the obake pafe. So, we used this time to start the event of the night by having the juniors introducing themselves. It was from this session that the seniors found out why they kept calling us senpai, instead of just our names during the first week.
The seniors were kinda curious too why they still call us senpai because honestly, I personally don't feel comfortable to be called in such manner. It is like placing a gap between the juniors and seniors, and we aren't Japanese who emphasis a lot on this thing. Respect towards the elderly can be shown in many other manner. Rupa-rupanya, it's because they didn't recognise our names and to play it safe, they called us senpai in turn.
When we asked the next question why they chose Nagaoka, all gave the same answer - because Nagaoka Kosen has many seniors. So we tried asking whether they knew anyone before coming here, and nobody knows any of the seniors. Damn sweat, right? Our plan to play some naughty games on the juniors were interrupted because our obake pafe was ready to be served. Here comes the order of the night.
Pouring various kinds of colourful syrups and chocolate milk onto the ice cream.
Obake pafe
level 2.5
Here are some interesting figures of the ice cream.
  • 1.5 kg of raw cream.
  • Total weight of 5 kilograms.
  • Serving for 25 persons.
  • The cost of the ingredients is nearly 5,000 yen (RM 150).
  • We only pay 1,980 yen (RM 55) for it.
  • At the back of the menu written two other types of obake pafe - 裏お化けパフェ (back obake pafe) and お化けパフェレジェンド (obake pafe legend), weighing 10 liters and 15 liters respectively.
Banana choco.
There are also a few kinds of side serving that comes together with the ice cream like plates of fruits, banana choco and chocolate flakes. First timers will usually start eating the ice cream at a fast pace, only to feel full and slow down very soon. That is why it is better to start slowly and take breaks in between. On average, a person can eat about two to three bowls of ice cream before feeling full.
This time, I think I ate nearly five bowls of ice cream.
His happy face says it all.
We had difficulties to finish the whole thing last year but this time, having a junior like Bai will offer extra options in making sure the whole bowl of ice cream is completely finished. At the end of almost more than an hour stuffing our stomach with ice cream and cream, we threw in whatever remaining of fruits, choco flakes into the huge vase and have Bai to finish it, which he did proudly.
Last but not least, a group picture of all eighteen of us in front of the restaurant.
One big family of Nagaoka Kosen.
This time, everyone was inside the picture.


Cieri said...

tiq told me bout the infamous obake parfait yesterday.and she asked me to usha your blog as `calvin will blog about it later or soon~`

n yappari,you did!

syaza said...

hima gila ok!!!
ak 'struggle' nak mati kat sini...

=chuan guan= said...

its so yummy yummy..omgwtf

Crabbed!! said...

Have heard of a few of my friends talking about it but damn...

Kae Vin said...

i want i want i want. :(

how i wish i could eat that

Wan Nor Dalila bt Wan Mahmood said...

oh kalori sgt tinggi!!syaza,jgn makn,nt pipi besau..hahaha

syaza said...

pipi memang besau dah..macam kena pam

calvin said...

@ cieri:
haha, infamous? but why?
everyone who visit nagaoka usually will be brought to try this ice cream tau.

calvin said...

@ syaza:
struggle what? people who are struggling will not have the time to make burgers lah =P

calvin said...

@ =chuan guan=:
yea, but when you eat too much of it, then you will feel sick with it.

calvin said...

@ crabbed!!:
you should try it at least once, provided you have the right numbers =)

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
how sure are you? i thought you are on a strict diet? xD

calvin said...

@ shah_ila:
i never know eating too much of high-calorie food will make your cheek grow big lol xD

calvin said...

@ syaza:
never mind lah, at least your height balanced everything up =)

mg said...

means ill nvr get to try dat since not enuf numbersss =(

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
we can still order a mini version of obake parfait, or bring knk together plus the pet, which will make five of us =)

Unknown said...

really enjoy reading your blog and you experiences in Japan as an engineering student... but too bad i can't join or follow yer footsteps coz.......


Hope to see you around and thanks for dropping by~

May you be well and happy always~

calvin said...

@ binn:
it's rare to find guys who dislike physics. now i know not only girls dislike this subject xD

ven said...

that is one hell lot of ice cream and for the price. I think it's worth it.

The girls there must be on a very strict diet after this meal eh?

calvin said...

@ ven:
yes it is. we usually will think that with such a big group, we will have no problem finishing it, but everyone often stop eating by the time the ice cream reaches the final third of its height.

not just the girls, but the guys too actually xD