Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My 22nd

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It is on the seventh; April 7th to be accurate.
Yes, I share the same birth date with Michelle; only thing is that hers on January, mine four months later.There were confusions about my birth date yesterday (April 6th) because people kept on sending me early birthday wishes at my Facebook Wall. I told them that those were the early birds but still, I appreciate them a lot. Here are the messages I received on my Facebook Wall so far. I'll keep updating them as the new wishes come in.
"Happy birthday ya bro.. hope u 'year year have today' " - Yee Kong (my high school classmate) - 年年有今天? I don't really got his last line though.
"To prove that I know that your birthday is coming, I shall wish you in advance. And erm...relationship has prob? Hang in there, dude! =) Oh..And I missed out on the wishes! Happy birthday in advance!! =) We're now the two-two people!!! =) Cheerss!!" - Sze Huey (Joann's high school mate who happens to know several of my friends in Aussie) - that relationship part has nothing to do with the relationship between Michelle and me; sorry for the misunderstanding xD
"Happy Birthday!!!!" - Jane Grace (blogging friend)
"happy birthday yo... jyuken gambatte^^" - Lim Fong Zyin (senior, formally from Nagaoka Kosen)
"hmm its a bad birthday present i know.. although we are not that close, still feel sad for you. No need to say you are alright. be strong~ fighting~~~ ^^ look forward!" - Lee Xein (Heng Chiang's batch mate, who sent this private message to my inbox) - sometimes, simple things like this will make you feel that you're appreciated.
"happy birthday to u 2 =)"
Chai Chong Hong (Bao Cong's friend who I don't know lol)
"happy birthday!! cheers :)"
Eng Su Anne (the girl from the my story - My Past Revealed)
"happie birthday ~~=)" - Lee Yu Han (Heng Chiang's batch mate in Korea)
"happy birthday..... wish your dream come true.... hehe" - Chisum Chong (National Service mate)
"err... hope it wasn't too late... happy birthday~~ lol
" -
Heng Chiang (Knew him at JPA's interview in Ipoh)
"monkey....happy birthday!"
Zhen Hui Chan (class mate, room mate for like forever lol) - my reply to him was, "thanks, hippo"
"all put on the wall so i'll differ n send it as a msg;) many happy returns of the day!" - Xiang Xin (Heng Chiang's batch mate in Korea, who also sent this to my inbox instead)
"u birthday tomorrow right? i wish u now consider early wor? happy birthday. haha, i'm confused with those wishes dated 6 april while ur info there said 7 april is ur birthday....so i was thinking, am i late or early?" - ChyeYang Soo (JPA scholar in Korea)
"HappY BirthdaY!! same day wif my bro...haha..."
- Bik Ee Lau (junior in Kisarazu) - here is how I replied her, "Then you got no reasons for not remembering my birthday anymore in the future hahaha =P Thanks =)
"Happy Birthday!!!" - Joseph Lee (high school mate)
"Happy birthday!"
Kok Khek Hun (also Heng Chiang's batch mate)
"hepi buffday~~~ woot~~~ have a great time!!!"
Charles Fernandez (high school classmate)
"happy bday dude" - Gurpreet Pal Singh (high school classmate who has a favourite line, "got goncang arh?")
"hey, happy birthday oh... is kinda sad cannot celebrate with me right?? hahha..."
Ferdinand Chan (our Pengerusi Kelas in Form 5) - haha! he is damn perasan can!
"Happy birthday!!"
Jimmy Lee Chon Hong (high school mate)
"hey dude, happy b'day woh :)"
- Han Boon (high school classmate)
"hey kawan..happy birthday oo..enjoy!!!" - Ethan Seah (high school mate)
"hey...happy "cow one"...haha happy buffday lar!"
Soo Chung Min (high school classmate) - eh, what squirrel?
"caltex!!!!!!!!! omedetou gozaimasu smth smth smth i lazy google, tat's all i can rmb about bday greeting in jap hehe and i think u'll prefer a 生日快乐 and selamat hari jadi anyway XD you old luuuuuuuuuuu!!!!"
Fritz Qin (blogging friend) - this must be one of my favourite message; i thought she is that good in Japanese only for her to tell me she googled it one. nevertheless, it was the effort that counts and i don't remember there is smth smth behind gozaimasu lol.
"weyh~ gomen..ak tertido..dan ko x miscall ak pun!
btw, epi bday~~~!!!!!!!!" -
Syaza Alin (PPKTJ batch mate a.k.a my cinta haram lol) - this one was super sad case, she wanted to wish me at the stroke of midnight and went to take a nap first; in the end, she never woke up lol.
"happy birthday!"
Ben Beh (high school mate)
"Happy Birthday dude... Come, let's go makan at cha cha again...haha"
Randy Gui (senior who is now in Nagaoka Uni of Tech) - we treat this april fools' boy to a buffet meal the other day and now it's my turn xD
"happy birthday!"
- Lim Li Jia (senior whose sister is Michelle's senior too)

"happy birthday~~ *hugs* ♥"
- Jaecy Wong (blogging friend)
- Reena Tan (my cousin in Perth)
"happy birthday calvin..truskan meninggi..kihkih"
- Wan Nor Dalila (PPKTJ batch mate) - haha, I am more than satisfied with my current height already xD
"Happy Birthday Calvin san!!!!!" - Kevin Lim (blogging friend)
"Happy Birthday~!! Hav a great one =)"
- Waiyen (National Service batch mate)
"Ding dong, anybody home? Cake cake come~ 생일축하합니다,생일축하합니다,사라하는 캘빈씨 ,......."
- Chan Hang (Heng Chiang's batch mate in Korea) - too bad I don't have a birthday cake this year.
An e-card from Chee Tuck at Oyama.

"happy birthday...." - Tiong Ming (high school mate)
"happy birthday!!!!" - Wendy Ng (Michelle's brother's girlfriend)
"happy birthday..!!" - Chai Ei (junior in Kisarazu)
"happy birthday:)" - Joceline (PPKTJ batch mate in Oyama)
"Happy birthday ya fren..:)" - Pit Hui (National Service batch mate)
"happy birthday, jyukken gambarou!" - Bao Cong (PPKTJ batch mate in Kisarazu) - why only people in Kisarazu are wishing me one lol.
"happy birthday" - Mingrong (PPKTJ batch mate in Oyama) - when it is not from Kisarazu, it will be Oyama.
"hey happy birthday. aiya if 1 week earlier nia can celebrate wif u d." - Hao Wei (PPKTJ batch mate at Tokyo)

"hey dude! HAPPIE BIRTHDAY to u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Pauline (National Service batch mate, and yes, it's her)
"hey yo~ happy birthday^^" - Vincent (junior from Akashi)
"happy calvin day!" - Chin Chin (senior from Tokyo)
"happy birthday... may you always be well and happy... good day!" - Chong Jin (I have been in the same class with him since Standard One until we finished our high school)
"誕生日おめでとう!!!大事な受験(推薦??)も頑張ってね。" - Yow Keong (PPKTJ batch mate from Kisarazu)
"happy getting old! hehe" - Khairizan (primary and secondary school classmate) - this came after he sent me a wish a day earlier, "happy early bday~!! Cheers~"
"hei cal, happy belated bday. i think i m the last 1 who wish u isnt it? anyway, all the best to u... :)" - Choon Lai (National Service batch mate) - it was indeed a belated wish.
"Wei Happy Belated Birthday..sorry aunty wanted to email you on 7th but terlupa la..streamyx at home buat hal..in office..too bz till i fogotten..anyway take care and be good :)" - Shamanti (youngest aunt) - this is even belated; two days after my birthday. Streamyx is really snail.
And besides the Facebook message, I also got other messages sent to my mobile phone, Google Talk and MSN. Too bad my line was disconnected at twelve midnight sharp and hence, I didn't get any messages through MSN after midnight at MSN.
But first, here is a hand-made card sent by Kiera (Mich's childhood friend) last night. Although it was just a copy-and-paste work using pictures taken from the internet, I didn't expect this at all and I was like "OMG! Wow!! HAHAHA!! Damn cute can!"
"hepi birthday dude though it is one hour earlier than d time in msia. hope u get d uni u wan n ur wish all cum true" -
Wee Kien who messsaged me three minutes after midnight.
"Happy Birthday 2 u. 2 X. Happy Birthday 2 baby Kah Yee. Happy Birthday 2 u. May this day brings good health, peace and success in ur life lots of love frm mm, dd n ur sisters. Good night n take care. x nid reply k"
Mom who started the message with a birthday song first xD
"Happy Birthday to you! All the Best oh... Take care" - Jeansway (blogging friend, who is a close friend of Kae Vin), which is the only other message I got all the way from Malaysia, and also for the birthday song he sent me through MSN.
"Happy Birthday (e-card version)"
- Joann, although it was the same e-card as previous year =P
Happy Birthday!" - Wai Tatt, who remained anonymous at first because I didn't have his number before this xD
"hihi, happy birthday lol! wish u all d best hehe~"
- Stella Leng (a senior taking a teaching course in Saitama) at MSN this morning.
"yo yo! happy birthday man!!! 22 year old d!!! apa feeling? lower part become bigger!!! lol" - Looi (National Service mate who happens to be Heng Chiang's childhood friend too) at GoogleTalk last night - my reply was, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! KEPALA OTAK KAU! lol i feel more old? and i feel sleepy lol
"お誕生日おめでとう。。。この一年Calvinにとって最高の年でありますように。" - Sodo, who shares the same birthday with me.
"happy birthday" - Kai Ning, this must be the wish within Japan which I get furthest away from Nagaoka; all the way from Kyushu.
"naruhodo. 22 yrs old ka. hurm2. been there. nuthing happened kedo. haha. otanjoubi omedetou gazaimasu!" - Amalina (PPKTJ batch mate in Niihama) - I certainly agree with her; perhaps turning 22 isn't the best for her alone.
"Hapi birthday"
- KokahKok (blogging friend) at MSN.
YYYYYYY" - Mingrong at MSN, definitely something creative and different.
"today ur birthday right? happy birthday" - Wei Guang at Google Talk.
"Happy birthday 2 U. May you have continuous excellence ahead. 4 ee & family" - My forth aunt who sent this message to my phone from Penang.
"happy birthday to you too. sorry baru baca only. too busy. may you be well and excel in your exam. your jee ee." - My second aunt who celebrated her birthday one day earlier.
And here are the messages that I left out as they'd wished me in the previous entry. Don't be sad even though your messages are placed at the most bottom section, because like what people always say, save the best for the last.
"lol..happy birthday" - Chuan Guan (blogging friend)
"Happy Birthday to you~ ^^ wishes from Seoul keke" - Lee Xein - again.
"wow, you sweet heart mz hv given u a suprise by hacking ur blogspot n post a something special. Calvin Happy Birthday!!!" - Looi - the few one I got to know from National Service and still keep in close contact with.
oh yesterday was your bday?... i thought end of april... sorry.. ngek..happy birthday" - Kok Hong (insert the suitable relationship here)
P/S: Sorry if I had left out anyone here, because there were too many of them and I will try my best to include everyone's message here. Tell me if I missed out on anyone's message, okay?
P/S/S: Guess what was the surprise the guys gave me last night. I don't think anyone will expect them to give me such present. Anyone fancy to make a guess here, before I reveal it in the next entry?


Kae Vin said...

I knew a lot will be wishing u Happy Birthday in the mid night. To make sure the wishing doesn't stop, I hereby wish you

Happy Birthday!!

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
haha, really or not? or you have forgotten about that? anyway, the wishes stopped coming in at midnight 'coz my line got disconnected already by that time lol xD

TZ said...


=chuan guan= said...

u missed me..sad..haiz

calvin said...

@ tz:
謝謝 =)

calvin said...

@ =chuan guan=:
did you wish me? xD

kh said...

you missed me out... no presents coming this year i guess..

calvin said...

@ kh:
language tape is not considered present, right? i think it's more to educational tools. so, i'll be waiting for my language tape to arrive.

lyk said...

because kisarazian are very bored so tend to crap a lots or 38 a lot XD

calvin said...

@ lyk:
how can city boys like you guys be more bored than people who are living in village like me here lol xD

kh said...

ah yaya.. crap that best for last.. anyway our relationship is not important cos we are not related in any way at all...

calvin said...

@ kh:
facts are facts. we are somehow related, i'm very sure about that. darwin says that everyone shares the same great^n grandparents, and that is you-know-who.