Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eye On Malaysia

Short note: This is a pre-written entry which is so long back that I might forget totally about it if I don't post it sooner than later. There have been too many events over the last four-month period that I didn't manage to post this up, but here it is, a sequel of my winter break in Malaysia with Michelle late last year. Well, a lot of stuff happened for the last few days, but I hope this entry will be able to put a break to everything.
P/S: I love you.
During our last few days together, we let our schedule to be loose and practically just do whatever we felt like doing. After our first time meeting at Hoe Kee porridge stall in Petaling street two years ago, the next place we went was the Eye On Malaysia at Titiwangsa Lake Garden. However, it has since been shifted to a new home, the historical town of Malacca, late last year.
That is why you will notice that they had replaced the word "KUALA LUMPUR" to "MELAKA".
This gondola is actually a counter ticket in front of the main entrance to the giant Ferris wheel.
We wanted to try something different this time, so we chose to go there during sunset. However, it was so cloudy every evening that we kept on postponing our ride from one day to the next. because it would be almost impossible for us to watch the sunset when the sky is covered with thick clouds. Fortunately, it was a clear weather in the evening on the second last day before I return to Japan.
Perhaps we were given a chance after all, and we of course, didn't let it go.
Unlike the previous setting at Titiwangsa Lake Garden, they tilted the Ferris wheel at a certain angle to give it an artistic look.
There are 42 gondolas in total, including one VIP gondola.
Standing at 60 meters high, Eye On Malaysia is still considered a small one compared to the Singapore Eye which measures 165 meters and is the current world's tallest Ferris wheel. Well, it is not surprising for a kiasu country, isn't it? Anyway, it has since been closed indefinitely due to a breakdown at its control room late last December.
Who ask them to build such a giant one? Kiasu so much some more, see now who are the kiasi one now?
We requested the guy to take a picture for us before we hop into the gondola.
Ticket girl.
Tickets are priced at RM10 for adults, and RM5 for children, provided you are a Malaysian. But on that day, we only paid RM16 for two because we got student's discount. Not sure why is that though. Anyway, the price is double for foreign tourist. The school holidays has ended on the day we were day, and it was a weekday. So, we were the only one there, and were later joined by another family. For that, we got a gondola to our own without having to share it with other people. In other words, more space and privacy.
Imagine how crowded it was during the Christmas and New Year's Day. I bet it was crowded like crazy.
It was still a bit cloudy, but it was not too bad. That's the Straits of Malacca in the background.

From the top of the Eye, we could see almost all famous landmark in Malacca town, including the Porta de Santiago, St. Paul's Hill, the Stadhuys, the Clock Tower, Independence Memorial, and Menara Taming Sari. In fact, Michelle's house in Taman Kota Laksamana is so near that we managed to spot her house as well.
DSC040411 copy
Blurry picture due to the zooming I made.
I tried to make a bet with Michelle about how many rounds we would we taken. During our previous ride, it was four, I think. So, both of us agreed that it would be the same again. if not more. Every time our gondola passed the bottom station, we kept hoping that it won't stop and we would be taken for another round. I suggested one stupid way by acting as if we were enjoying ourselves looking at the scenery around (although there is nothing to be seen) and when the worker see us, he might decide to let us have another extra round. Yes, damn lame, right?
But it worked. My stupid actions got us a fifth round and our money was well worth spent.
That's the gondola we took - #23.
Before going back, we took a picture with the Eye in the background and yet again, Michelle forgot to bring along her tripod. Left without any option, I just placed my camera on the ground and used the timer to have our shot taken.
We ended our day by walking to the seaside nearby and watch the sunset together. How I miss those moments.


=chuan guan= said...

this post must be super long ago....hahahaha

mg said...

wei i brought my tripod leh =.=!! and it was 16 instead of 20 cos we had student discount.

Crabbed!! said... pointed out Michelle's house so clear.

Are you not afraid I'll harass her when I go back??

Kae Vin said...

donno put that at malacca for wat XD. it's not that Malacca really has a marvelous city view :P

our gahmen really like to learn ppl

Innocent^^Guy said...

siao...forgotten all the important details, kena sound, and hope to put a break to things? break as in break up issit? LOL

calvin said...

@ =chuan guan=:
yes, it's almost four months ago xD

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
haha, sorry for my poor memory. although this entry was written much earlier than this, i still couldn't recall much already that time.

now i remember that you brought your tripod, and the discount was because we brought our students' card =)

calvin said...

@ crabbed!!
hehe, i know you're a malaccan, but i doubt if you know how to get to her house by relying only on that picture.

even if you know, i'm not worried because i know my senior is such a nice guy, no? =P

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
trying to hint that penang is much better is it? anyway, i think you meant "copy", not "learn".

calvin said...

@ innocent^^guy:
haha, good thing she has a better memory than me. but she's used to me already; so that's not a big deal xD

break-up? what break-up? taking a break from blogging-lah =P

Crabbed!! said...

Oh ho ho...don't be too sure!!

Huargh huargh huargh....

calvin said...

@ crabbed!!:
now that is something disturbing =P