Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shopping With The Girlfriend

Yup, it's every boyfriends' worst nightmare - following their girlfriends for shopping. But yea, sometimes it's fun, as long as they don't shop for the whole day and the poor boyfriend will have to follow the girlfriend to every single store. Worst still, they will start asking if this design is nice, or that is better, or complaining that she is fat and will not look nice in a dress.
Anyway, you must be wondering how am I suppose to go shopping with Michelle when I am living in Japan, while she, on the other hand, is currently in New Zealand, a few thousands of miles away. But we got our own ways of doing it. Curious to know how? Read on.
Late last year, I went out thinking to get a good winter jacket for myself, since I didn't own one prior that. So, out I went to a few clothing outlets in the town, and I tried on several jackets that suits my size. Yea, size is more important to me and not my taste because my arms are super long like a longhouse (lame pun) that it won't look nice if the sleeves is too short. Same thing when I shop for my shoes =\
Well, I would admit my fashion sense is not the best, but it had improved a lot, thanks to that someone. Anyway, since Michelle is not here to help me out to pick the right jacket, I usually consult her first whenever I shop for my clothes. My younger sister used to be my personal consultant last time, but I have fired her because she just wasn't up to my expectation lol. Now, I have Michelle to take over that job.
Unless we are together, there is no way I would be able to consult her directly. So, the only way is to grab a few jackets I feel are nice, and get into the fitting room to try them on. I will then take out my mobile phone and take a few shots before emailing her to ask her opinion. This will be followed by a few more messages when we are discussing about which is the best to choose. Most of the time, I will tell her whenever I go out, whether for groceries or just normal shopping to make sure she is online and able to reply me.
An example of our messages will be like this;
Calv: size is not bad but da price n design not okay. now going another shop to c. hehe ok la if wanna ask ur opinion again, i email u again k...
haha so many pics... camwhore freak :P
Using the camera of my phone will be my last resort most of the time, because I prefer using my digital camera when taking pictures. But since I got to email her the pictures, I will use my phone camera during this kind of situation. But on that day, not only I got a jacket and a pair of gloves for myself; I ended up getting her a pink jacket as well, because it's hard for her to get a nice one at her place. I already passed it to her when I was back to Malaysian last December, but I don't think she's going to wear it so soon as it's still summer over there.
Then last week, I was supposed to go out to get some groceries. Remember my 5km walk to the town? Yes, it was that same day. Anyway, I didn't plan to do any shopping, the most would be window shopping. But somehow, something triggered me and I walked into one of the Uniqlo outlets in the town. I did some survey around the store and realised there was some weekend's sale going on.
Too bad I brought some extra cash that time, so I couldn't resist the temptation and ended up trying a few T-shirts there. I know spring has just begun here and it will be kinda silly to wear just a T-shirt out, but I can still wear it some other time of the year; so yeah, I took a few pairs into the fitting room.
Stupid winter that at the end of the season like now, I look nothing different than a round potato. But I still love eating potato. How ironic is that. Whatever-lah, just have to do some work-outs very soon, when the temperature starts to get warmer. So like usual, I took out my phone and snapped a few pictures before sending them to Michelle, when I was not even sure if she was already back home and online that time.
At the same time, I notice there were some sweaters which look not bad. I already got a white one which is similar, but I thought the pink one looks nice, but too bad there weren't any suitable sizes for me. So, I ended up taking the light brown one.
Thanks for spending your last five minutes reading my crap here lol.
P/S: Part 3 of "The Past Revealed" will be up pretty soon. Or are there anyone who doesn't wanna read the next part? Whichever way, do drop me a comment, 'kay?


specialhuman said...

like that also one post.

no wonder ur blog post so many la XD

calyn ojc said...

condemn my taste!wanna die ark?!?!?

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
but still, i will never beat ah guan's "100th post!!"; he could make that particular single line as one post =.=

calvin said...

@ calyn ojc:
i'm just being honest =P

syaza said...

perut boooolllaatttt~
g undo la..asyik nak tangkap gambar ja~

Innocent^^Guy said...

ban the long sleeve one...guys cant wear shits like that...if wanna buy also, dun buy those that the wrist there is tight those dun have the shits at the wrist there!

calvin said...

@ syaza:
i know, i know. don't have to make it so obvious here lol >.<

calvin said...

@ innocent^^guy:
you are condemning without giving a reason.
where can like that-lah?

Eric Sng said...

Shopping with girlfriend not good meh? Can spend time together somemore. Haha.

Anonymous said...

i think there is one pic where ur stomach is ... i mean big, i mean humongous.....and yet ur thin?!

kia said...

please continue ur story la, i want part 3 and would not mind if got part 4 and 5 also

calvin said...

@ eric sng:
that's true, but you also got to follow her to every single shop, try on every single dress that interests her, give your opinion on the dresses, and that's kinda tiring, you know?

in return, as long as the girlfriend follow us to mamak for our football, we won't complain already =)

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
am i thin? you must be kidding. you better look properly, because i am fat =\

calvin said...

@ kia:
yes, the continuation of the story will be up, once it's done. give me a lil bit more time, okay? it could be more than five parts; so stay tuned if you wanna find it out ;)

Eric Sng said...

lol. True ture.

In exchange, maybe you should try to bring her there, for a game of football.

calvin said...

@ eric sng:
so far, i haven't done that yet. i'll try and see how it goes next time =)

MichelleG said...

haha i dont mind watching football while rooting for the team which is against MU for that match! XD

Cieri said...

I also cant understand football/soccer.

hey~cepat2 la post the thirt part~I am waiting yo~

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
hahaha, never mind; as long as i get accompanied to watch my team, i won't mind xD

calvin said...

@ cieri:
you don't have to understand it; watching it will be good enough =)

third part? hehe, be patient, okay?

Cieri said...

huwaaaaaa...watching it would be a torture........


calvin said...

@ cieri:
no, it won't torture you. how bad can it be, when you are watching the beautiful game =)

KOKahKOK said...

u got perut buncit weiiii

calvin said...

haha, yeala, yeala. you don't have to tell the whole world one lol =P