Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Seoul - Summary Of Day 6

The Statue of Brothers, depicting two brothers fighting for two different countries - one North and the other South, during the Korean War.

  • It was the longest day going around the places since I came to Seoul last Thursday. Went out by nine in the morning and had a simple bread for breakfast from 7 Eleven. For the second time in as many days, another old lady approached me to ask for directions while I was transferring between the train lines in the subway station. I just smile and shrugged my shoulders and she smiled back to me.
  • Walked to the nearby Yeouido Park but saw nothing much there. A couple of girls asked me whether the blooming flowers of the two trees there are sakura. It so happened that they are taking up Japanese and they showed me two thumb-ups indicating that they love the language very much. Before they left, one of them gave me a sweet lol.
  • Stopped at a stall halfway to had some light snack. It was a stick of sausage rolled with doughnut like thing. Nothing much special, to be honest.
  • Next destination was 63 Building, one of the famous landmark on Yeouido island, which is considered the Manhattan of South Korea. One thing different about this building is that the glasses are not like those usual blue or black, but it was golden brown, which makes it look unique. Didn't go up the observatory deck because the weather was cloudy; so I just settled with having lunch at the food court there. Had spicy fish naengmyeon, a kind of Korean cold noodle. Very nice, I love it!
  • Took a shuttle bus to the nearest subway station after I got to know there is such service from the information desk of 63 Building. This also allowed me to save some time as I was rushing to catch the guard changing ceremony at Deoksugung Palace. However, I couldn't really catch what the bus driver was telling when he made the firts stop, so I decided to stay on board. It proved to be the wrong decision as that was supposed to be the station I wanted to head to. Sat inside the bus for two more stops before got down from it as soon as I heard the word "yeok", which means station.
  • Reached the War Memorial Museum, but I just walked around outside the museum, which has quite a few interesting spots like the famous Statue of Brothers and the Korean War Monument. Didn't enter the museum due to time constrain; but anyway I managed to take some shots outside the area.
  • Rushed to Deoksugung Palace and reached there just before the guard changing ceremony commenced. It was similar to England's famous Changing of the Guard. It was indeed a rare chance to witness that ceremony and I actually get to wear the traditional Korean dress to pose at the front gate to the palace.
  • The temperature dropped really drastically today as it was four below zero degree Celsius today. Damn crazy, isn't it? I was shivering all my way inside the palace. In fact, there were a few times when it snowed lightly. Never imagine it can still snow when it's already late March.
  • Since it was still a couple of hours to go before my night programme started, I decided to go to Yongsan, the hub for electronic devices in South Korea, just like Akihabara in Japan to get my spare camera battery 'coz I couldn't bare having to cut short my trip every day just because my camera was running out of battery. Went to a few shops to survey the price first but eventually bought one at the Sony retail store at a bargain price, in which I got it for 2,000 won (RM 5) cheaper after bargaining. That sound just a small amount, but it's still money, right? Anyway, when I came back to check the price online, it was much cheaper than in Japan.
  • Before I got my battery, stopped at one of the rows of stalls by the road to get something to eat as I was a bit hungry already. It was something like cucur with octopus inside. Was much better than the sausage I got earlier of the day.
  • It was indeed one tiring day already, but that was not the end. The final place I went was to watch the well-known Nanta Show, a non-verbal performance which has comedy, acrobatic acts, dances and singing in a show which lasted for one and a half hour. Just the prefect way to end my long day and all my tiredness was gone by the time the show ended. I was laughing all the way through the show; it is indeed one of the main highlights of my Seoul trip so far. Got three coloured plastic balls when they threw them on the audience and I had my balls autographed (pun intended) after the show.
  • One thing that is obvious when you take the subway around dinner time is that it will be full of alcohol smell. Adrian told me that is very normal as those people usually go to drink during their dinner and that explains everything. Another thing is that whenever we transfer between different line, we got to climb up and down so many staircase and floors, that it has really test my stamina every day. Apparently, there is only one floor for the subways in Hong Kong when you are transferring between the lines.
  • Came back and stopped at one fast food restaurant to have a light supper, as I didn't take my dinner. Baby was sleeping already when I reached home, and I have yet to decide which plan to take for tomorrow. Blogged this entry and will sleep after this as my whole body is aching already. Will only decide tomorrow's itinerary tomorrow, I guess.


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eeeee some teenage girl gave u sweet!! T___T

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@ michelleg:
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calvin said...

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