Saturday, March 21, 2009

Seoul - Summary Of Day 3

One of the main streets at Namdaemun Market.

  • Woke up late again this morning, as I stayed up until three in the morning earlier. Meet up with several of Heng Chiang's uni mates and went to a restaurant to have our lunch together.
  • Took the subway to Namdaemun Market as Heng Chiang wanted to repair his camera and Wei Guang felt like looking around for cameras too. We later walked around the huge open area, which looks more like a bazaar; the closest resemblance to this place is Petaling Street in KL. Managed to grab some souvenirs from this place that is considered one of the largest market in Seoul.
  • We later proceeded to Myeongdong, the main shopping districts featuring mid to high priced retail stores and international brand outlets. Went into a few shops to have a look at their stuff, but we spent our time here for just window shopping 'coz I wasn't really in the mood to shop (yet).
  • But there was one time went I went into an Adidas outlet and I saw a set of black jacket, which caught my attention. Too bad I couldn't speak Korean, hence I asked the promoter whether it comes together with the long pants in English. He only smiled to me and I suspected he didn't realy get what I was saying. I tried Japanese, but again he gave me a smile; a wider one this time in fact. He then called over his colleague, a young girl who speak Japanese to help him out. It ended up with a Korean and a Malaysian speaking to each other in Japanese. Damn muhibbah, eh?
  • One thing that I find it obvious about the Koreans is that the guys are really tall; their average height is roughly around 180 centimeters and that doesn't make me fell like I'm really that tall when I'm walking among the crowd in the train station or at the shopping places. That is not surprising because Korean guys are dubbed as the tallest among the Asians.
  • As for the Korean girls, well what I can say is, given a choice, I will always prefer Korean girls because they do not overdo themselves in terms of appearance. which to me made them looked elegant and stylish. As for the Japanese girls, I guess I don't have to go any further here. One thing for sure is, Japanese girls will never turn me on.
  • Took some time off to have a break by heading to the food court of some shopping mall; rested and chit chatted there for a while before taking the subway back to their place. Went out for dinner with Heng Chiang at a shop they call "restoran muntah". It's not because the food there doesn't taste good, but the shop owner often add-on the side dishes in such a huge portion that they will never be able to finish them. My stomach felt like bursting after the dinner.
  • Came back and went online. Skype with baby again as we didn't get to do on the previous night, while typing this update. Will be planning my itinerary for tomorrow as I will be travelling by myself for the first time since I reached Seoul. Planning to go to the Korean traditional village at Namsangol in the day, and go up the N Seoul Tower to catch the night view of the city when it gets dark. Hope everything will be fine.
  • In a nutshell, it was quite a short day today. However, this is my style when I travel because I prefer not to tire myself too much; instead to take things slowly. After all, I am spending my time here for ten days, so the time is supposed to be more than enough for me to go around the city. Will join Lionel to watch the Fulham match at midnight after this before going to bed to start my adventure tomorrow.


=chuan guan= said... u neo try would pick on japanese language?

Kae Vin said...

so u like korean girls XD

Anonymous said...

hai ya , when wan to habis

calvin said...

@ =chuan guan=:
i don't get the second part of your comment >.<

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
i would prefer korean girls than japanese girls, if i were to choose between the two =)

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
please be more specific. thanks.