Saturday, March 21, 2009

Seoul - Summary Of Day 2

The guards who stood at the entrance of Gyeongbukgung.
  • The initial plan was to wake up at nine to ten in the morning, but I ended up waking up at eleven and by the time we got ourselves ready, it was noon already. Adrian was free today and he took me around to two main places.
  • Before anything, had our lunch at a restaurant located just a few stone's throw away from the Engineering faculty of Korea University. Main dish was bibimbap which is a mixed rice with various kinds of side dishes. Tried a kind of fried fish with a lot of long bones too, which is that restaurant's specialty.
  • Taken around the Engineering campus and saw the lifestyles of the Korean students there. The architecture was impressive and the underground passage even has restaurants for the students that it made it looked almost like a shopping mall.
  • Took the subway for the first time to visit Gyeongbokgung or Gyeongbuk Palace. The place was so huge that we took almost two hours to walk around. Noticed that the majority of the tourist there were Japanese. Tried to join one group of Japanese tourist who had a tour guide with them and we listen to her as she explained about a section of the palace. I will then translate it into English to Adrian who doesn't understand Japanese.
  • From Gyeongbukkung, we took the subway again to City Hall station to Cheonggyecheon or Cheonggye Stream, a man-made stream which flows through the heart of the city. There are approximately thirteen bridges along the stream which stretches for almost six kilometers, and all the bridges has their own unique design.
  • Went into one of the largest and most famous bookstore in South Korea around that same area to refresh ourselves by looking through some book, while waiting for the sky to get dark for some night shots at the Cheonggyecheon.
  • Returned to Cheonggyecheon to watch a laser performance along the stream which lasted for six minutes. It's an hourly show and the performance was accompanied with some music which rhymes with the lights.
  • Had dinner at a restaurant around that City Hall area. Barbecue was on the menu and we had pork ribs called galbi; my first time trying it in my life. It was definitely something different from the yakiniku I usually have in Japan.
  • Went to another section of the city at Yongdap station to meet almost the whole batch of them to celebrate one of their friend's birthday. Everyone there were super friendly and managed to chit chat and we had fun there, underneath an overhead highway along a river, something which I think is a cool place to organise such party.
  • Took a taxi (also my first time) back to Heng Chiang's place but before that, stopped at one small stall to have a late supper. Reached home at one and had my shower before going online to type this entry. Will be going to Myeongdong and Namdaemun tomorrow. To the girls who have been Seoul before, they will surely know what these two places are famous for - the heaven for shopping.


Kae Vin said...

ya la know ur nihongo very strong la xD

they are not having holidays?

mg said...


calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
haha, not really actually. just enough to survive in japan =)

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
no matter how much guys shop, they will never be as good as girls xD

m4pl3garden said...

hey i am hc's fren tat went for the birthday party tat nite too ^^ hope u enjoy ur trip in korea!!

calvin said...

@ m4pl3garden:
may i know who is this? it was only my first time meeting the whole batch and i can't really recall every person. hope you don't mind introducing yourself here xD

yes, i am enjoying it very much so far =D

m4pl3garden said...

ermmm... i'm yuhan ... we din really talk tat day actually^^ ermmm sumone wif long wavy hair n spec?! ^^

calvin said...

@ m4pl3garden:
hmmm, yuhan? i think we did chat a bit, didn't we? never mind, we can still keep in touch after this =)

p/s: i've added you on facebook already.