Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Past Revealed (Part 1) - Not So Puppy Love

"when da time i start reading ur blog rite
i was jz wondering is tiz da calvin ong i noe"
a comment I got from my high school classmate, Chung Min,
when I was chatting with him some time ago.
It was from the conversation that night, that I decided to share my past here. Putting it into one line, the story will revolve around my simple (and maybe boring to some) love life since my secondary school years until today. I will try to be as honest and as open as possible throughout the story, but if I feel like there are certain parts which are too personal to be mentioned in public, then I will drop those parts.
So, here is how it goes.
I came from an all-boys school - both primary and secondary school. So, chances of me getting to know any girls back then was rather low, if not impossible. However, during my kindergarten years, there was this particular girl who caught my eyes. Let's get this clear first. Ever since I was a kid, i was always the shy one among the rest, or in other words, socializing was never my strong point. So, in the school, I hardly talk to the others, be it boys or girls; which was exactly what happened between the girl and I. Believe it or not, we didn't even say "hi" to each other and I still don't know what her name was until today.
The only thing which reminds me of her is that we took the same bas sekolah (I prefer to call it this way) to kindergarten every day, as I was staying with my grandma; both of my parents were teaching in schools located outside the town. Each time, the bus will drop me down first and I will always turn back to wave her goodbye with a slight smile before my grandma opens the gate for me. And fortunately, my efforts availed me a reply from her each time.
Is this what people call "puppy love"? (I typed "monkey love" initially lol. Too much simpulan bahasa influence already)
Nothing much happen during my primary school years, because I was among the innocent ones. Thoughts about girls and love never lingered in my mind before. But, I guess everybody was about the same because at that time, we were still pretty much occupied with playing bottle caps, eraser battle, digimon cards and feeding their tamagochi pet (I didn't own one though =\).
Soon enough, I stepped into my secondary school and again, it was pretty much the same. I mean, it was still an all-boys school and the only girls I get to see were from the Six Formers. Those were the time where this guy is rumoured to be together with this girl, the guy feels shy and tries to brush-off the rumour, another guy feels jealous, and then another different guy tries to chase that girl, while the girl sits down and enjoys the drama.
In the end, I don't see any of my classmates is together with any girls mentioned during those times.
However, I was among those with a clean record. Well, ask any of my classmates and I don't think anyone has ever made-up a scandal for me. Actually, it's difficult for them to come up with one because they simply didn't have any script to write my story. I didn't attend any tuition classes back then. Attending tuition used to serve as one of the main openings that the boys in my school used to socialise with the girls from other schools, and that is already closed for me. So, stories about me attempting to chase girls were unheard at all back then because I just didn't know many friends from the opposite sex.
I know it's a sad, yet funny thing for me, when people read this. That is unless I wanted to chase guys, which were plenty in my school. Since I didn't know any girls back then, I might just fall for some guy. But that of course didn't happen; otherwise I won't be together with such a wonderful person today. In an all-boys school, it is common to see boys running around the class half-naked, or chasing each other and trying to grab the whatever-you-refer-it part of their friends; that kind of crazy stuff. But it is highly unlikely to see this happening in a co-ed school. Boys tend to behave more proper when there are girls around them because, well, they just want to look cool and impress the girls; not acting like an immature, childish kid.
In the end, I didn't get any boyfriends either. In fact, I wasn't desperate to get one (I mean a girlfriend) and didn't really think much about this boyfriend-girlfriend thing. Back then, I was still one of those so-called well-mannered students who will just stay in his seat all day long and seldom get himself involved in those rumours and latest gossips. Yes, believe it or not, when guys gossip, they can spread very much faster than girls. Furthermore, my mom kept telling me to concentrate on my studies first. I think every parent tell their children the same thing. Why arh?
Fortunately, although my chances of socializing with girls were limited, I did get those rare opportunities whenever I was chosen to represent the school, for some quiz competition for instance. That was the time I got the chance to do some picking ups on the girls from other schools, but I was too chicken to approach and get to know them. Still, it needs a lot of guts for a guy to approach a group of girls whom they don't know at all. Besides, the accompanying teachers who stick to us all the time didn't make the job any easier. So, it is comprehensible.
Albeit all that, I managed to get to know a girl.
~ to be continued ~


MichelleG said...

sobs.. it aint me =(

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
how sure are you? xD

koh said...

what did u mean "In the end, I didn't get any boyfriends either"?

Anonymous said...

cant wait for the 2nd part

calvin said...

@ koh:
i was trying to say that i didn't end up liking a guy either, since i didn't get to know any girls during my secondary years.

anyway, there's no significant meaning in that line; it's just a teaser ;)

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
stay tuned =)

Duke of mask said...

i always liked it when the posts are poetic , really tak sabar for part 2 , altho im pretty sure its gonna be a lot bout michelle .anyhow ur blog will make a good book , as it will tell a good story to its readers :that follow ur progress from the first day u blogged

Duke of mask said...

and by the way , were ur parents english teachers , as that will explain a lot

Duke of mask said...

sorry for being long winded in my comments , i keep forgetting wat to say to u .I wanted to ask u to read a LAT comic called city boy(it is the sequel of the kampung boy), it narrates LAT's story of life and erm... in ur case, love, quite poetically .When i mean poetic , i mean that u will take a reader thru a process of up and down thru ur story/post , and the reader will come to a pit stop at the end ,where YOU(the author), decides on ur own finale, that can either leave the reader happy or ponder on the complexity of ur story....i am quite an analyzer huh?(im sorry), but i urge other readers to follow the story like im trying to say , and u will be amazed on how a persons mere posting on his life(in this case , calvin) be a sort of enrichment in the thinking and emotion of us all.

=chuan guan= said...

lol...i wondered wat is this purpose of this post actually...
love post perhaps?hahahaha

specialhuman said...

lol boy-school guys! XD

Well this post is intriguing :)

calvin said...

@ duke of mask:
it doesn't do any harm to anyone for commenting more than once here. feel free to comment as much as you like :)

i'm not suppose to spill the beans here, but it will take some time for the plot of the story to build. that's the most i can say for now, as i don't want to reveal more than that and i prefer to keep you guys waiting xD

both of my parents are teachers, my dad teaches english, but my mom teaches bahasa most of the time. but i don't really get it when you mentioned the fact that "both of them being english teachers will explain a lot". mind clearing me on this? thanks.

i read kampung boy before, and i've come across the sequel - city boy; too bad i haven't read the latter yet. maybe some time in the near future?

but yea, hopefully the readers out there will enjoy reading this personal story of mine. if they find the story captivating and managed to intrigue some thinking on them, i'll take that as a compliment :)

calvin said...

@ =chuan guan=:
i don't really think it's a love post, dedicated to anyone in particular. it's just a chronological recollections of my personal life and experiences, and the main theme is about my love life :)

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
i suppose you've been through that experience before, haven't you? =P

KOKahKOK said...

how bout KH? haha

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
kh is out of equation all-together, for now, at least. but wait, i might include him somewhere in the story. we will see ;)

Duke of mask said...

when i said "both of them being english teachers will explain a lot", i meant that it would explain the good english that often is in ur blog .Words such as "albeit" and "comprehensible" , dont simply crop out unless ur command is good . by the way , ur dad is an english teacher ? i wonder if u have kena denda for not finishing an english novel , lol .And p/s , i hope u dun mind me taking ur blog seriously , bcoz i cant seem to help notice some pple write comments that are light , compared to the erm , more heavy stuff i write

calvin said...

@ duke of mask:
more often than not, people will just leave a light comments in blogs they read - i do that at times too, but whenever i receive those heavy comments, i really do appreciate them a lot :)

before you heap more praises on me, let me take this opportunity to acknowledge my younger sister, whose opinion I always look upon, and her patience for helping me to read and edit my drafts for this particular story.

by the way, my command in english is just average and nothing to shout about. i don't read, though i'm trying to start that habit with this book i've just started recently.

that explains why i've never got punished for not finishing my novel, because i've never read one xD

Cieri said...

make me remember how I met my crush.
I was 12.
and now,
I am 22
and I still had this crush on him.

calvin said...

@ cieri:
did he know about this?
and do you still keep in touch with him now?

Cieri said...

he knows.
yep yep yep~
what will be will be~

calvin said...

@ cieri:
hehe, that is some story long time ago, and i'm sure you don't emo because of it anymore now, do you? unless you still like him, maybe? =P

juntatt said...

I am also thinking whether is this the Calvin i knew....the past and present is completely different.haha

Cieri said...

THAT story?heh.long forgiven n forgotten~
are to kore ha betsu yo.
I will write about this person.someday.

or maybe not.


write novel la~

calvin said...

@ jun tatt:
hehe, people change. good thing i'd changed for the better xD

calvin said...

@ cieri:
looking forward to your story, if you decided to write about it. and by the way, are you asking me to write a novel from the last line? just curious xD

Cieri said...

yep.YOU write a novel la.the editor will edit your grammar mistakes~

He reads my blog.
he keeps track of my blogs whatsoever.

well..just wait n see...
at the meantime,finish your story first~my popcorns are running low already~

calvin said...

@ cieri:
you now what? now the editor is demanding for a pay already, for editing the story lol xD

i guess you gotta reload your popcorns for a few more rounds, 'cos the story ain't that short =P

Cieri said...
do you know that popcorn are loaded with calories???

tulis la cepat2. You r quite hima right~

calvin said...

@ cieri:
then take salted popcorn =P

yeah, the story will be up by tonight ;)