Thursday, March 19, 2009

안녕하세요 서울에서

Hello everybody!
Guess where am I at the moment? I think not many who knew about this, but I am currently blogging from Heng Chiang's place in the suburb of Seoul, which is just about thirty minutes away. You know, people always say the first person you met in a new country will give you a rough reflection of that country. Too bad for my case this morning, I was going into a toilet after to release my natural tea immediately after I touched down on Icheon International Airport. Seeing all the cubicles were full, I walked passed one Korean guy clad in a suit, and he signalled me with his hands - "no, no". As if I was cutting the queue; I was just going into one of the vacant toilet room =.=
Anyway, not everything is bad here because there were a few incidents which had saved me from getting lost here. I'll blog on them in another post because for now, I'm gonna have my tea break and dinner with the rest later this evening.
Oh yea, that title about literally say "an nyeong haseyo seoul e so" or "Hello from Seoul". Just in case you are curious that I know some Korean, no I don't. I straight went to the Google Translator page and typed in the word "Hello from Seoul" and tada, came out those boxes and circles wordings which I don't think I will never be able to read for the rest of my life lol. The only Korean word I know so far is "saraheyo", "annyeong haseyo" and "kenchana", which is my favourite 'coz I always say that repeatedly to annoy Michelle. Haha, I know I am such an annoying and bad boyfriend lol.
Oh yea, another new word which I just learned recently is "kamsahamnida", which means "thank you". Ignore the spellings of all the words above, because I just simply whacked them according to how I think they are supposed to sound like.
Okay, I guess that's all from now. To boayo! (Sounds like I'm going"to buaya" lol)
P/S: That is supposed to mean "see you!", if I didn't get it wrongly.


Endoru said...

Try out "shikuro" and "pabo".
I know an ultimate one, want to know let me know. *hehe*
Anyway, I think it should be "saranheyo".

Have fun there !

=chuan guan= said...

ahh..souvenir pls...currently in crazy in some of korean, songs, gals..lolz..and u already been there before me..T_T

Kae Vin said...

senyap senyap go kankokku. =_= somemore say me always go travelling

mg said...

haha i know pabo, it's like calling someone u like bhaka but more like teasing/flirting way. LOL. eh all those words sounds like im watching some korean drama, kinda miss watching actually. haha!! there's one my mom followed everyday! i think ur cheryl always watch one. haha!!


calvin said...

@ endoru:
trying out those words without knowing the meaning first can be suicidal lol.

yeah, i think it's supposed to be "sarangheyo" too xD

and thanks!

calvin said...

@ =chuan guan=:
you this kind of guy, one day crazy for japanese girls, then the next day, you change your taste by going for korean girls =.=

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
i travel only once in a while, unlike you - almost every other weekend xD

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i don't watch korean dramas as i find them sound very similar to tamil lol =P

yes, kenchana here =)

Anonymous said...

u watch tamil drama ?

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
yes, i used to watch a lot of hindustan shows when i was younger. my mom played an influential role on that actually haha xD

syaza said...

come back safely wif omiyages!!!!

calvin said...

@ syaza:
bogoshipda too! haha, don't even know whether it is correct or not =P

any good suggestions for souvenirs?

Endoru said...

Yes, pretty suicidal for the ultimate one. :)

calvin said...

@ endoru:
i'd love to know about the ultimate one! that doesn't mean i'm planning to use it though; just curious xD

Cieri said...

u said that u dont have any plan for haru yasumi???

calvin said...

@ cieri:
told you sometimes i tend to do things very spontaneously. this trip was kinda last minute plan, so it's pretty random and unexpected for some people xD