Sunday, January 4, 2009

Taiping Rojak

It was Michelle who suggested the title, as I didn't know how should I name this post.
Basically, it is a miscellaneous stuff, tiny and small little things that I did when I was at Taiping, in which I find them to be too short to be made as one blog entry. So, I gathered them all together and blogged on them in one single entry. I will let the pictures and captions to do the talking this time.
# 1 - Now I learn why girls take forever to get ready before they go out. Guys can just get themselves ready in like five minutes, but as for girls, they will take at least five times longer. This is Michelle who was busy with her make-up in my room. By the way, that blue wall was painted by myself several years ago.
# 2 - The two of us, while I was driving in my mum's little Kancil. Here is a challenge for people from Taiping; try to locate which road at the background and post your guess at the comment box.
# 3 - Three generations in one picture; me with my grandma, girlfriend and mum.
# 4 - My grandma from my Dad's side came to my house as well to do some catching ups.
# 5 - My last home cooked lunch before I left. As I won't be celebrating Chinese New Year (for the second straight year already) this year, I consider this as a reunion dinner lunch.
# 6 - Michelle trying out the wat tan hor which I cooked for lunch.
# 7 - As she'd promised to bake for me, here is her busy mixing the batter for the almond brownies. She successfully baked the brownie without any mishaps even though she was using my mum's oven where we couldn't control the temperature.
# 8 - Celebrating my youngest sister's birthday with a chocolate mud cake from Secret Recipe.

# 9 - Posing in front of my high school I attended for five years, Saint George Institution.

# 10 - Even though my stay in Taiping was relatively short, I managed to attend a simple gathering with my high school mates. Every one still looked pretty much the same; only Shin Yau looked a bit different with his hair dyed. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the Christmas Eve party and a badminton match with them.
# 11 - Her indulging with the roasted chicken wing at Restoran Taman Tasik.
# 12 - Posing while having my bowl of Lor Mee.
That's all about my time at Taiping. Coming up will be posts from Malacca and Genting. Thanks for reading.


Kae Vin said...

Typing this type of Taiping or typing that type of Typing. lol Taiping rocks! yeah!

Although i m no Taiping-ist/ite/er/ian, I still wanna give it a try to guess the location's.....

Taiping zoo? (The only place i know :P)


Anonymous said...

hey Calvin, is in the town or sumwhere inside kampung area 1??

is it da road around TMGS (Taiping Monkey Gorila School)???

Innocent^^Guy said...

if its malacca, u post the grass also i can tell you where you are :p

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
i don't really get your first line, but yes, it rhymes anyway ;)

you know i'm lying if i tell you that you'd got the correct answer xD

calvin said...

@ chung min:
i have to say that you are a true taipingnite. yes, your third and last guess was quite accurate. it was along the small lane beside TMGS, near the army camp =)

calvin said...

@ innocent^^guy:
next time, i will post a combo picture of grass taken at kampung empat and kampung lapan, then i will ask you to tell me which is which xD

syaza said...

comel la kamu~~~

Anonymous said...

why all ur food cooked at home all vege? no meat?

calvin said...

@ syaza:
i'm flattered lol xD

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
well, actually there is another table next to the light blue table which has all the meat dishes, but i couldn't fit everything inside the picture. anyway, the red chinese sausages (lap cheong) can be seen in the picture. that's considered meat, no?

Anonymous said...

i m getting diabetes soon~~
too "sweet":p

calvin said...

@ lyk:
never mind, there are two types of diabetes and you are getting the good one xD

Extreme Power said...

Nice stuff about Taiping man.
Pass to your kawan to enjoy the food.

calvin said...

@ extreme power:
thanks for dropping by and cheers :)