Saturday, January 3, 2009

Taiping Lake Garden

The Taiping Lake Garden is regarded as one of the most beautiful park in the country and I can't say I'm surprise about that. Operational since 1880, the natural lake used to be an old mining land which has turned into a breathtaking park which plays host to a variety of plants, flowers, trees, birds and a dazzling variety of insects.
These 64 hectares of exuberant green turf, trees and plants portray the good sense of environmental rehabilitation and preservation. The clean and well-maintained Lake Garden encompasses a lake, a recreational park and several playgrounds for the kids. Together with the nearby zoo at one section of this park, this whole area forms the green lung of Taiping.
The place where we took our duck boat.
The duck-shaped boat; ours was a yellow duck.
We would have love to spend more time at the lake garden, but due to time constraint, I only managed to take Michelle for a boat ride at the lake. It was a duck-shaped pedal boat and we were given thirty minutes to go around the lake. Despite the fact that I have was born and raised in Taiping, this was only my second time taking this boat ride.
The weather was kind to us, as it was a cloudy day and the sun wasn't shinning that bright on that afternoon. Nevertheless, we were sweating away towards the end of our ride, in which we had great fun doing various of silly stuff like pedaling the boat towards the half-fallen bamboo trunks until our boat hit them and of course, camwhoring.
My long legs kept hitting the maneuver every time I pedal the boat; another disadvantage of being tall.
I like this shot very much :)
Act-yeng attempt.
Our next stop was the Burmese pool, which is situated about five-minute drive from the Lake Garden, along the way to Maxwell Hill or Bukit Larut. It was a lovely afternoon and the place was crowded with many parents who brought their children there for picnics since it was the school holidays. The forest and natural plants surrounding the place makes it a cooling and relaxing place to go.
Burmese pool.
Stopped halfway for a pose under the curving bamboo trees.
We had to walked about one hundred meters from the car park area before coming to a nice spot. There are actually other spots which are much nearer, but there were more people there and we just couldn't imagine soaking ourselves in the water which had been contaminated with people bathing or even urinating, flowing down from the upper part of the river. Thinking about it is enough to make me feel disgusted.
The water rushing through the stream was not as cold as I'd expected, but nevertheless I couldn't resist the temptation to dip my feet into the water. As for her, she seemed to be interested in taking pictures of the flowing water through the huge stones along the stream.
Or was it stones, instead of water?
Me taking her picture taking me taking her picture taking me...

As usual, we spent some time to take a few pictures there before leaving.
Her, posing like a model.
Us, posing like a couple. Haha, I know this is damn lame but I was just looking for a word that rhymes with the word 'model'.
That concludes our half-day outing for the day.
P/S: I bet nobody had notice something unusual about the second last picture. Notice the rock in the middle; there is something written on the rock. It is not so obvious, but here is the enlarged version of the picture.


Anonymous said...

as of ur previous posts , i enjoyed this post as it showed me great pics of my childhood hometown taiping .As i visited taiping last week , i couldn't see much bcoz it was at the night and it was dark .I only managed to visit my favorite childhood haunt[its called circus field.pple in those days used to call this "circus field" bcoz its a field surrounded by stalls and a circus used to be conducted there, in the field itself.....nowadays there is no circus , only an empty field surrounding the stalls/eateries] to have dinner. i really hope u will put more taiping pics in the future.Thanks! .

Kae Vin said...

Why didn't both of you have fun in the burmese water?

Do you understand 鸳鸯戏水?

calvin said...

@ duke of mask:
i actually took quite a number of pictures when i was back to taiping but again, time constrain makes it hard for me to blog on a daily basis. i think i know the location you mentioned; if i'm not mistaken, they used to call it 'dulian paw' in hokkien.

i cannot remember the last time a circus came to taiping; that must be quite some time ago already. they have now made the place a parking area and there is a restaurant - borneo cafe at the corner of the junction. and again, thanks for having an interest on my blog, but i just have one question - are you a georgian?

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
i only understand the word 'water' there lol xD

Anonymous said...

actually i left taiping when i was 5 years old and came to KL. But i used to go there almost every weekend as my grandmother and other relatives all live there.My house is still there but it is being rented by someone else(its in happy park, one of the corner lots ).I have gone to burmese pool too when i was small .I even went to the old museum near the prison when i was a kid(dunno whether its still there)I hope this does not sound too soppy, but i really have many childhood happy memories in taiping .I stopped going to taiping when my grandma had a stroke and had to be transferred to KL. In fact, i have more happy memories in taiping rather than in KL.I like the peacefullness in taiping.The main reason why i was excited to see ur blog , was i knew there was another person that i could talk to that grew up there .I cant ask too many questions to my other relatives as their all way older than me.I hope u dun mind my postings here , bcoz , erm....ur blog is my only link to taiping .I mean , my other relatives are not of my generation , so i hope u understand

calvin said...

@ duke of mask:
yes, the perak museum is still there and you would see many school children visiting the place come every school holiday season.

i would say taiping is a suitable place for people who are seeking for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, especially retired people; but definitely a no-no if you are thinking to start you career in this town.

of course i do not mind at all, in fact i am glad that you are sharing your childhood memories you had in this town here.

anyway, i am just wondering if you are still studying or already started working now? thanks :)

Anonymous said...

actually im still studying now :), undergrad in E&E

calvin said...

@ duke of mask:
ohh, i see. i cannot imagine myself doing E&E; i sucks when it comes to electrical circuit and stuff like that xD