Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year

Short note: The reunion dinner and countdown we had last night was great. Will blog on it soon.
Happy Chinese New Year everyone.
But here I am, typing this from my room in a cool winter night, thousand of miles away from family, relatives and friends. It has been two year; two straight years that I couldn't get to celebrate CNY at home. And it will continue for the next three more year, at least. Not getting the chance to welcome the New Year back home, the feeling is slowly fading away.
I miss the time when I went to my grandparents house to collect ang pow from my grandma, aunts and uncles.
I miss the time when we had steamboat using a charcoal stove on the New Year's Day.
I miss the time when we will clean the house until the last minute, while my mom is busy cooking at the kitchen, but the hard work is worth it because we would have the reunion dinner later that evening.
I miss the time when we celebrate the birthday of the Jade Emperor of Heaven on the ninth day, considered the actual New Year for Hokkiens. Just ask my mom how excited I will be come this night that even until today, I still love it very much.
I miss the time when my sisters and I will race and see who would be the first to light the huge josstick.
I miss the time when we will stay up until three or four in the morning to enjoy the food after the prayers are done. When I was much younger, my grandma used to stay up the whole night to chop the roasted pork to be distributed to everyone, while the kids will play with firecrackers till non-stop.
I miss the time when we gather on our grandma's house and it was during these times that I get to see my cousins who stay at outstations.
I miss the time when I will do silly stuff with my mostly young cousins. Here's Kilian proudly posing with his Power Puffs ang pao. Just in case you are wondering why he looks like an ang moh, his dad is a German.
I miss the times when I got to play bunga api with my little cousins although most of the time, I will end up being the babysitter.
I miss the time when my friends and I would go out for a gathering and makan together.
But most importantly, I miss the time when I get to be by the side of my loved ones.

But hey, today is suppose to be a happy day. So what if I don't get to be at home now? I know I am not alone. Everyone studying or working in oversea surely share the same sentiment. Three years will be over in no time. I hope so. I'll make my wish simple. May the Year of Ox will bring good health, good fortune, and good luck to all.
Gong Xi Fa Cai.


Anonymous said...

nice post

mg said...

wanna celebrate cny wit u too.. huhu T_T

=chuan guan= said...

wherre to stole tat pizza hut's glass?lolz

calvin said...

@ duke of mask:
thanks :)

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i'm afraid by that time, we won't get to collect ang pao anymore lol xD

calvin said...

@ chuan guan:
just go to any pizza hut restaurant ;)

Kae Vin said...

I haven't got the taste of not able to celebrate CNY at home.

Anyway, I bet you will be much much more excited when you actually have the chance to celebrate it at home next time.

and the reunion friends photo. Is that guy Yin Pong or his brother? I mean the one at the left on the top row.

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
i'm sure one day you will regret for making this statement. and yup, i can't imagine the excitement and joy the next time i get to celebrate it at home, which i'm sure i'll appreciate it more than ever. the question is, when will that be?

i think you've spotted the wrong guy. the guy on the back row on the left is my high school classmate, li xiang and currently doing medic in sarawak. i don't remember him having a bro; he has a sister though ;)