Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Recap Of 2008

Here is a recapitulation of my last three-hundred-and-sixty-six days.
Recap of 20081 copy

  • Had a low-key New Year celebration at home, while Skyping with her at midnight.
  • Back to Malaysia for a couple of weeks and managed to catch-up with some of my family and close relatives.
  • My short trip ended much sooner than I would have hoped for, and had her to send me off at KLIA.
  • Joined a ski trip with other international students and Japanese friends at Tsunan. That was my first and only skiing experience to date.
  • My tutor and I teamed up and our robot came as the first runners-up in the robotic battle among my classmates.
Recap of 20082 copy

Recap of 2008 copy

  • I was in contemplation whether to stay in my hostel throughout my spring break, or set off to somewhere. Eventually, I chose the latter and managed to cover some parts of Tokyo, Nikko, Kamakura, Enoshima, Yokohama and Asakusa.
  • Had a simple meeting-up with my batchmates in Ueno and Shinjuku, in which we had hanami at night in Ueno Park, barbeque buffet and karaoke all the way.
Recap of 20083 copy

  • Celebrated my 21st birthday, which was one of my most memorable one.
  • Joined the rest of the Malaysian for sakura sight-seeing or hanami in Yukyuzan Park.
  • Had a bowling-cum-okonomiyaki outing with the international students and several Japanese students at the town.
  • Visited Echigo Hillside Park to enjoy the magnificent sight of colourful tulips.
Recap of 20084 copy

  • Joined the rest of my batchmates, seniors and juniors for the traditional Golden Week Gathering in Tokyo. It was a just awesome and great to meet up with the familiar faces after some time.
  • From our usual daily routine of going to lectures, we took the weekend off to visit a local vegetable farm nearby our college and planted sweet potatoes, besides learning how to make soba. Five months later, we got to taste the sweet potatoes we planted earlier.
Recap of 20085 copy

  • The annual school trip organised for the international students this year took us to Saitama, Nikko and a few more places in Tochigi prefecture, including the visit to Tobu World Square.
  • Had the dormitory festival and again, the event that caught the eyes of people was the Mr Ladies' Contest.
Recap of 20088 copy

Recap of 20089 copy

  • Summer came and it started with the Nagaoka Festival, followed by the well-known Nagaoka Fireworks Festival for two straight nights.
  • Returned home to spend my summer holiday in Malaysia.
  • Went to Kolej Kedua in Sri Rampai, the hostel where I used to live while studying in PPKTJ to give a talk to the juniors.
  • Returned to my alma mater, Saint George Institution to catch up with the teachers.
Recap of 20086 copy
How can a visit back to Malaysia be complete without indulging myself with the delicious and tempting local food. Here are a compilation of some of the food I had when I was back.
Recap of 20087 copy

  • Became the tour guide for the Japanese lecturers and students during their visit to KL.
  • Visited the new place of PPKTJ together with the Japanese lecturers and students, and watched the students battled it out during the robotic car race.
  • Spend some time of my holiday to meet-up with my friends and at the same time was taken around places while enjoying the local food.
  • Celebrated the Mooncake Festival and managed to have a taste of the mooncakes after a lapse of a year.
Recap of 200811 copy

  • Joined the rest of the Malaysians in Nagaoka to celebrate Raya together. Satay, rendang, ketupat and nasi himpit all made their presence on that day.
  • Eikawa sensei and Atsuko sensei pay a visit to Nagaoka Kosen and we managed to join them for a short event.
  • Went to Kamo city for a pear plucking trip.
  • The annual Sports Meet in college, in which the tug-of-war team comprising of the international students almost made it to the final.
Recap of 200810 copy

  • The Malaysian students in my college opened a stall selling satay, samosa, jelly and syrup during the college festival, in which we earned more than 80,000 yen.
  • Participated in a blood donation campaign in my college; it was my first time donating blood in Japan.
  • Had a trip to Niigata city in which we visited Niigata Science Museum and learned some simple skills of kendo and karate.
  • Joined four other students from my college for a homestay programme in Mitsuke town.
sepetang n burmese copy

  • Came back to Malaysia for my winter break, and travelled from south (Singapore) to north (Taiping). The remaining days were spent at Michelle's hometown in Malacca with a couple of days at Genting and KL.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!


akatsukiotoko said...

Happy new year dude!

rainen mo yoroshikune!

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So much for a year.


Kae Vin said...

11 food from Nibong Tebal out of 54 food.


Anonymous said...

great post , keep it up :)

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@ akatsukiotoko:
新年明けましておめでとう :)

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lovely post or lovely couple? =P

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@ specialhuman:
yup, it was a year full of ups and downs. but overall, it has been a great year for me, personally :)

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lol, were you really that free to count the number of food from nibong tebal? and i actually counted myself to make sure that you are correct =.=

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thanks and happy new year to you :)