Monday, December 15, 2008

My Journey - Photobook Edition

After less than a couple of weeks, the thing I have been waiting for had just arrived this afternoon.
Nope, it is not a love letter or something like that.
Not a very distance back, I saw this Photoback thing from my senior, Clement's blog. Basically, they allow us to publish our own photographs into a booklet in a CD's size (12cm x 12cm). After looking at his professionally taken pictures in his blog, I got interested of trying out with my pictures as well. They allow you to have thirty-three pages of pictures plus one as the cover. It was never an easy task to look through thousands of my pictures and only pick the best, or I should say, my favourites among them. It took me more than two hours in fact, to trim and discard pictures one by one and come out with the final thirty-four pictures.
The next thing was to pick a theme and arrange them accordingly, in which I let it be a loose theme. The first four pictures depict the four seasons in Japan, and it was random pictures that shows the colourful experience I have gone through in Japan within this short period of less than two years, in which most of them came from my travels around Japan.
Limited edition - Only three copies are available.

After looking through the booklet, I am quite satisfied with the quality and I would say it came at a reasonable price. After all, how often you can get your own pictures being published into a booklet and besides, they allow you to order as few as one copy, up to unlimited copies according to your preference. If you had noticed, I have put up the widget for my artwork at the left of this blog since several days ago.
Feel free to have a look at it, or you can just click here.


kh said...

eh? i was bout to do the same thing ..but using iPhoto.. some software in my mac... but my theme is much different....ngek

ns29 said...

nak jugak!!

Anonymous said...

how long does it take to reach u after ordering ..?

Anonymous said...

oh just saw ...' less than 2 weeks'..paiseh

calvin said...

@ kh:
never mind, i know we share the same thoughts all the time. and i'm guessing that your theme would be 'my white stuff' =P

calvin said...

@ ns29:
go get one for yourself ;)

calvin said...

@ chaiei:
haha, i was just gonna ask you to read the entry properly. it was mentioned in the very first line already lol xD