Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Food

These are what I have been doing for the past few weeks.
Curry puff - second attempt.
The skin turned out to be crispy yet soft, just like the curry puffs I used to buy from the mak cik in my school canteen. I made this because there were leftover of potatoes which was meant to be used for making samosa during our college festival. Without margarine or butter at that time, I searched for alternatives and I found out that the dough can be made using wheat flour and oil, as a replacement of margarine or butter.
**************** *** ****************
Instant pizza - random attempt.
I call it instant pizza because the crust is made of bread and I was too lazy to search for the recipe for making a proper dough. There were some leftover of cheese, so I thought of putting slices of cheese, onions and chicken fillet and toast it for a couple of minutes. When it's done, sprinkle some pepper and mayonnaise plus some chilly sauce and you are done with your instant pizza in less than five minutes.
**************** *** ****************
Mashed sweet potato - first attempt.
This was made using the leftover of sweet potato that we planted last May. It might look disgusting and like a baby's food, but it was not bad. After all, I will never have any problems taking anything which is made of potatoes.

If you notice, all three food above are made because I wanted to finish the remaining ingredients in my fridge and not because I purposely spend my time on the kitchen to prepare them. But there is an exception. All this while, I only help my mum to beat the batter when we are making cakes at home, but I never do it myself even once. I thought of trying to bake a cake recently and here is the result.
**************** *** ****************
My first cake - Milo was used to replace chocolate powder.
What I learned from my first baking attempt:
  • Always remember to separate the ingredients after measuring the required amount needed for each of them in different bowls. I only realised that after I pour the sugar into the flour after measuring it. So, I quickly scoop out as much sugar out as possible from the bowl of flour while cursing myself at my stupidity.
  • Never beat the sugar with only the butter, because the whole kitchen will turn into a room which look as if it was just hit by a tornado. The wall and floor will have butter sticking on them. Lucky thing I wasn't that dumb this time when I saw some of them started to spill out everywhere. My solution - beat them while pouring the beaten eggs and milk into the bowl.
  • Bake the cake for thirty minutes, not thirty seconds. I didn't see properly the timer on the oven when I turned it on. I thought it was set to thirty minutes already when I saw the three and zero digit on the screen. Just when I stepped my foot out of the kitchen, the oven made it's "ting ting ting ting" sound. I thought Japan's oven is damn high-tech because my cake was done that fast, only for me to find out that I set the timer wrongly. Damn sweat you know.

Anyway, it was a happy-ever-after ending. I'm glad my first cake was neither too hard nor wet.


Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to comment , .....did u really cook all that ? if u did , wow!!! u really are good la , a guy like me is ashamed .....sigh

calvin said...

@ duke of mask:
yes, i did. no worries, i used to be the-guy-who-only-knows-how-to-fry-an-egg-and-cook-a-bowl-of instant-noodle in the past ;)

Cieri said...

kena creamkan sugar ngan butter dulu la....xpernah I bake a cake sampai splatter around......

elaine said...

geng wor~~~
upload more recipes^0^
I want I want~

Anonymous said...

Looks like your cooking skills has improved a lot eh
when u back..remember make curry puff for all of us at home ok?=)
i now lau nua see the food but me cant eat anything for past 3 days..kena measels....wuahhhhh

MeLia said...

wow.. erm seem that u hv been baking and cooking lot of foods... wonder will u be a good chef in future.. :D

Kae Vin said...

lol. At least I can cook spaghetti :P

Anyway glad that you didn't bother to photoshop the photo this time.


calvin said...

@ cieri:
that's because i am a first timer, and a guy lol xD

calvin said...

@ elaine:
sure, when i feel like trying on new recipes, i will post them up here =)

calvin said...

@ sj:
i thought i'm already good in cooking all this while, eh? =P

just one down point about my curry puffs, they always get pimples on the skin when i fry them >.<

you will get to eat whatever you want when you have recovered. get well soon, okay? ;)

calvin said...

@ melia:
that is an option, if i fail to secure a decent job in engineering field lol xD

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
okay la, die die also you still want some mentioning here, don't you?

by the way, are you to free to analyse through my pictures and see if i photoshopped them? xD

Anonymous said...

hi calvin , i think i know ur fren yow keong , his name sounds so familiar , he is from wat school?thanks !

calvin said...

@ nicki:
hi nicki :)
yes, we used to study together when we did our preparatory course back in kl for two years. unfortunately, i couldn't recall the name of his high school but i know it's in kajang ;)

Anonymous said...

hey , how did the cake taste , too sweet? too bland ?

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
i would say it was just nice and not too sweet. it was soft just like any cake you get from the cake house ;)