Thursday, December 25, 2008

Day Trip In Singapore

The last time I was in Singapore, I was only five.
Those signatured white floating balls are meant for the New Year's celebration.
That was the first and only time going there and among the few things that I could still recall about Singapore was the Merlion, the cable car in Sentosa Island and the century-old giant tortoise in the Singapore Zoological Zoo.
We would have wanted to spend more time in Singapore, but due to time constrain, we barely spent much time there. I have always wanted to see myself the durian-shaped performing arts center, Esplanade - Theaters by the Bay a few stone's throw away from Suntec City. The roof is quite cool that the panels can be flipped open like durian thorns when they want the sunlight to shine into the building.
Camwhoring in front of the art center.
Her, by the pond with some fake dolphins.
Me, with the Merlion in the background.
When you are going out with a girl, nothing can separate them from shopping and which girl would not want to shop in Singapore. Too bad that we are too poor to get anything from there; but just window shopping. It was a Saturday and people were spotted at every corner you turn to. The worst was at Orchard Road in which the crowd was as much as what I always see in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Christmas decorations along Orchard Road.
Some cool-looking wall in the shopping mall.
Level One of Far East Plaza.
The cool fountain at Raffles City shopping mall.
During our short time in Singapore, we managed to try stuff which are unavailable in Malaysia - Ben & Jerry's and Mos Burger, which originated from Japan. We got to pick two kinds of flavour and we had strawberry cheesecake and chocolate therapy, which turned out to be not bad.
Double cookie euphoria.
Took some time off to camwhore =)
Oyako rice burger.
Unagi rice burger - nothing much special about this one, as it was quite plain to be fair.
Ebi rice burger - this was the best out of the three.
Frozen strawberries, coated with something sweet.
During our stay here, we overnight at my aunt's place and managed to catch up with my cute little cousin, Kilian. Just in case you are wondering why he looks like an ang moh kia, his dad is a German. I tried to talk to Kilian in German using my basic German I am currently learning in my college and guess what I got?
Herbert, Gaik, me and Kilian.
Kilian gave me that kind of smile that tells you something like, "OMG, your German is so impaired lah."


Kae Vin said...

You are so international.

Let me sum it up:

A Taiping Chinese boy with Sri Lankan descendence studying in Japan who had a Malaccan girl friend studying in New Zealand met up in Singapore and stayed over at aunt's place who has a German husband.

lol. Side effect after finished reading the world is flat. XD

mg said...

hhaa kilian is soooo cute... i miss him dy.. lol.. so kuai lor cant believe it!!!!!1

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
now that you'd pointed that out, only i realised about that. and guess what? i'm currently trying to learn some basic baba's words ;)

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
knk will be no less cuter than kilian =)