Saturday, October 11, 2008

Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge

This thing is nothing new, but I will do it anyway.
Before I start off with this entry, allow me to voice out my dissatisfaction on the customers' service in Malaysia, in which I experienced myself at the reception counter at the KLCC Skybridge tour. My mood was actually already affected earlier that day, when one taxi driver tried to be funny with us. Three Japanese and me took the fourth and last taxi from the Yayasan Selangor building and we wanted to get to KLCC. When I asked him whether he would charge us according to the taxi meter, he just signaled us to hop in. So, I assumed that he would use the meter.
But I was so dead wrong.
Less than ten seconds after that, I realised that he did not turn on his meter, and I asked him about it. At this point, he told me that he was not using the meter, and giving me excuses that it was rush hour at that time that they usually charge a flat rate. I was furious, and started to quarrel with this guy, telling him that he should not do business in such a way. I even demanded him to let us down straight away, but again, he said he could not do it in the middle of the street. My loud tone in fact caught the attention of the three Japanese sitting behind the passenger's seat, and they were quite stunned I think, because they did not speak a voice, nor move an inch. Feeling fed-up with him, I just shut my mouth, looked straight in front and had an emotionless facial expression for the rest of the ride.
It was less than ten-minute ride and usually it would cost around three to four ringgit. When we arrived at KLCC, he demanded for six ringgit just like what he told me earlier, which prompted me to have some words exchanged with him earlier on. Feeling my displeasure towards his action, he stopped and walked to the taxi in front which also carried four other people from our groups and have some short disccussion. Finally, he asked for five ringgit from us. I was going to say something nice to him, but since we were late already, I chose to forget about it and walked away. By the way, he is a Chinese driver and I must say, of all the rides we took throughout the trip when I took the Japanese around KL, he is easily the worst driver. Given a choice, I would happily prefer to have a Malay or Indian taxi driver anytime because the Chinese drivers tend to be calculative and money-minded most of the time. I do not mean to be racist here because it is a fact.
After making a head-count and making sure everyone's was already there, we walked to the entrance of the skybridge. That is when another person tried to be funny with us. I admit sometimes I lose my temper very easily, but this is totally ridiculous. Let me explain it here. Just when I tried to forget about that taxi incident minutes ago, I came to the reception counter to hand the over-sized lady with the booking slip I got from them earlier, only for her to shout at me.
"Cepat! Cepat! Mana kertas??! Cepat bagi, kalau tidak saya takkan bagi kamu semua masuk!"
What the heck, right? Who do you think you are? Do you think your grandfather own the building, by shouting like a mad dog at us like that? If you are having your PMS, then too bad for you, and that is your problem. She was just trying to raise my temper and straight away, I fired her back. We know we were late to the counter, that is why we walked there as fast as we could but only to get such treatment from her. Pure nonsense. I told her the reason we were late only to get her like-I-care facial expression in return, which made pissed me off even more. If not for the fact that the other visitors were already inside the video theater waiting for us, I would have settled with her properly. What I could not comprehend is that after letting us in, she gave a five-star treatment to the two ang mohs behind us. Clearly she was practising double-standard on the locals, when she is supposed to treat us as good as the foreigners. I do not see anything so great about the Westerns. Besides, after the video session, we were made to wait for more than fifteen minutes before we boarded the lift to the skybridge and yet, she shouted at us just because we were late for six minutes earlier on. She was lucky, because I could have gone to see her manager, and she could lose her job on that day itself.
I left her counter by saying to her, "You are giving a bad image to Malaysia and I feel sorry for you."
While waiting for the lift, I had a short chat with a young guy who was doing his practical there and at one point, he admitted that that lady is the bitchy type. You think you are so great, then why are you still showing you bitchy antics at the counter? Just go become a CEO of some company which has offices in the building, if you are that capable. When I recall those moments again, it only makes me feel pissed off again. This is how customer service is like in my country. It is in a critically sad state. Pardon me for my rantings in this post. I was just making a statement based on my personal opinion on some particular people, and not a general assumption. So, please do not get me wrong here. I shall put the two incidents to rest and start on the main topic of the entry.
After queuing up and got pass the security check, we boarded a special life to the 41st floor, one of the two floors which has the skybridge connected between the two towers. It was less than one minute that we arrived at the 41st floor of Tower 2.
The skybridge.
We were given ten minutes to wander around the area, and it is actually my second time there. Everyone, especially the Japanese were amazed with the panoramic view of the Kuala Lumpur city in the daytime. They had seen how the city looked like at night from their visit to KL Tower, and now, they got to see it in daytime. The weather was clear and it was a great chance to take pictures from the skybridge.
# 1
# 2
One of my Japanese senior came out with an idea of making our body shape to resemble the Petronas Twin Towers, since my Japanese classmates is almost as tall as me. We carried our senior and let him be the human skybridge.
Twin Towers in Twin Towers.
One of the purpose of the construction of the skybridge is to serve as an emergency exit in case one of the building is on fire. Many people might not know about this, but the visit to the skybridge is free-of-charge, based on the first-come-first-served basis, but there is a limit of the number of visitors in one day. However, they only issue tickets on the day itself and it is advisable to get the tickets earlier in the morning. As for people coming in groups, they can make reservations as well. The ticket counter is located at the concourse level of the twin towers and the skybridge tour is closed on Monday.
Yan Kuang, me and Aoyagi Sensei.
One group photo before we leave the place.
Another of our many group shots.
The tour did not end there, because we got to enter a gallery-like place, where there are a few interactive stuff that we could try on. It includes a machine where you sit on it and it allows you to feel the shake on different towers around the world when there is strong wind blowing on the towers. Another one is where you stand on a platform and they will measure your height, in which it is later calculated by computer and the result will indicate how many multiple times your height is compared to the few towers that you can choose from.
That lady on the red jacket, is the one who tried to be funny with me earlier.
One man trying the height measuring machine.
My result.
That is how much I measure.
But there is one thing that caught the most attention of the visitors there - a simulation of a lightning strike on the twin towers. The towers are built in such way, that it provides a designated path for the current to flow, in which it will later being guided harmlessly to the ground when there is a lighting strike on the tower.
The so-called live video broadcast to report on the thunderstorm.
It lasted for several minutes that some got bored of waiting; my Japanese mate became blur.

The lightning simulation.
That was the end of our trip to our Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge.


stevelee67 said... are only 1.61 m ?!! Im taller than u then

Anonymous said...

U know the reason why i didnt go up to the bridge that day?its because of that fat lady at the counter.When i wanted to book the tickets for the Japanese it was so hard!She made simple things harder.So cerewet! I had to wait at the counter for about half an hour while listening to her blabbing about the so called 'right' procedures.She said that i had to make an official letter and so on. I got so fed up with her! These people are the ones who gives Malaysia the bad images. Not just her but our services are quite unsatisfaying to say the least.That much i know.

Kae Vin said...

apparently that was not ur result. Not at all. LOL

mg said...

haha obviously not his height measurement!!!

i wanna go also in dec.. =P

calvin said...

@ stevelee:
you know that is not a fact, don't you? xD

calvin said...

@ sheffwed:
too bad that these people are working at the reception counter, and that is the most important place because that is where visitor will go to when they visit a place. first impression is very important and if you get such treatment even before you get to visit the place, it will certainly tarnish the image of the place, and the people as a whole =/

she won't escape that easily if she tries to be funny again the next time i see her. i will make sure she learn how to be more courteous to local visitor like us.

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
that is what shown after i hopped onto that machine. i know that is not my real height, but well, maybe the machine was faulty then >.<

anyway, being 161 cm is still taller than you, no? =P

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i swear that was my result. lets say the machine was bluffing =P

you want to go there in december? but it is not a romantic place at all lol xD

Endoru said...

Wow, she's really that bitchy ay. Sigh, why they hire people like that in the first place. Can't they get a beautiful lady to do that ? *hehe*

K3ViN said...

Calvin just 1.61m? i cant believe it lor... he? i guess 1.90m or 2m lor :P If i were u... i sure report to her manager or demand her to ask her manager 2 c me..... She really over liao this time..... Wah this is ur 2nd time go there wor :P sure nice lor :P

Anonymous said...

hi , u dont know me but i was blog hopping , nice blog , i was also staying in taiping last time !lol, in a small taman called happy it true they developed the town already ? is it true they now have cineplexes and shopping malls?hope to exchange stories about taiping with u , btw i last went to taiping in 2004....:)

Anonymous said...

i forgot to ask u , when u asked "You are giving a bad image to Malaysia and I feel sorry for you." , what did the lady do then?Did she give u any witty remarks back?And actually i would advice that u dont quarrel too much with the taxi drivers ,bcoz they might call their frens and assault u later, especially at has happened before to my fren too...

calvin said...

@ endoru:
actually it was worse than what i have written up there. just too bad that the manager was either blind, or he was possessed by that girl during the job interview.

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
that was my result. i was surprised as well to see how much i measured after i hopped onto the machine =P

well, different people have their own way of dealing with things. i just hope she will not know such antics again to the other visitors :)

calvin said...

@ duke of mask:
hi, nice to meet you too :)

i know where happy park is. and yes, taiping is very much different already today. when i went back recently after just less than a year, there is a new shopping mall with cinema being set up at the old site of an istana near the railway stop on the way to kamunting. they call it taiping sentral.

i guess you will be surprised with the new changes when you go back the next time ;)

calvin said...

@ duke of mask:
well, lets just say her attitude that pissed me off. she handled the situation in such an unprofessional way and yet, she could make us as if we have done something wrong, when the true fact is that we were only late for six minute, with a reason.

well, it is not a fierce quarrel with the taxi driver as you might have imagined, nevertheless, like i have mentioned, i was fed-up with him and i just kept quiet in the end.

Crabbed!! said...

281 Calvins....imagine that. You will make us all feel so much shorter...and looking for a friend standing around you will be so much much more difficult.

BTW, the best way to make bitchy person feel bad is smile and say "You know, it doesn't hurt to be NICE". Then stare a long time...with a smile on your face. Works everytime...

Endoru said...

Haha, use black magic. :)

calvin said...

@ crabbed!!:
of so many people, only you who are able to make something different out of that result. i didn't get it at first, until i have a look again on it and it gave me a real good laugh.

smart way of handling someone bitchy there. i will use that next time ;)

calvin said...

@ endoru:
i am not surprise if she is a bomoh as her part-time job, as she has the bomoh look with her hairstyle like that >.<