Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Sweet Potato Tale

There was one time not some distance back, that I was longing for the autumn to come.
Roughly five months ago, the international students in my college went to a nearby farm to plant sweet potatoes. We were told that we would get to harvest them in the autumn. A few days after I returned from my summer holiday, one of the staff in Chikyu Lab, Mr Haga Ryosuke handed me a huge brown paper bag, which was full of the sweet potatoes we planted several months earlier. It was only that time that I remembered that we had planted the sweet potatoes in early May. That was a few weeks back, and these are the last batch of the remaining sweet potatoes.
Purple skin outside, yellow flesh inside.
Having such a huge amount of sweet potatoes, I tried to make as much stuff from it. The most simple method is to just boil it in water and eat the soft potatoes with sugar and salt. It would be much better to have it together with machined coconut meat, but too bad I couldn't get them here in Japan.
Another common way would be sweet potato fritters or tempura in Japanese. I just prepared the batter from wheat flour, some corn flour and a pinch of salt, coat the sweet potatoes with the batter and deep-fry it. The only caution here is not to use too much of corn flour, otherwise the batter will become too crispy and the feeling when having a bite on the tempura would not be that nice.
Boiled sweet potatoes with sugar and salt.
Besides the two common one, I thought about doing some type of traditional cake (kuih) which is similar to cucur kodok. My junior read my mind so well that on the same day, he made some keria and offered us some to try. It was really nice, because he coated the keria with gula Melaka. So, on the next day, I thought of making the same thing too. However, I tried to be too smart, and just went ahead making the keria without checking out the recipe properly.
Well, I actually had a quick look from the online recipe sites, but I did not bother much about the measurements of the ingredients. That is where I went wrong. In the end, I came out with something that looks quite horrible. Damn sad can.
Mission failed.
Michelle said to me that it is not often for me to fail in my cooking. I am not trying to boast myself here, but that is a fact. However, there are those rare times in which my cooking don't turn out like what it is supposed to. The reason why my keria became so soft is because I didn't use enough flour. Initially, I tried to use as little flour as possible, in order to get the maximum taste of the sweet potatoes. To redeem myself, the following day, I added more flour into the remaining mixture which I have not fry them yet.
Finally, I got what I wanted.
Mission accomplished =)
It was just soft and fluffy like dunlop pillow.


Duke of Mask said...

can u really cook , wow, i only can do maggi mee....:(

krubashen said...

hi calvin , i am a malaysian student in form five now, i was wondering , what is the criteria to get sponsored by JPA like u did? is there any special criteria?how many A's will do ? how will the interview be like ?thanks

Tau Sar Phneah said...

chef calvin lo.... :)

calvin said...

@ duke of mask:
yes, i do. but just enough for me to survive here lol =D

calvin said...

@ krubashen:
well, i would say your result alone is not enough, because luck plays an important role as well. i guess it would be better for you to email me regarding the matter, and i will try and explain to you the details over there :)

calvin said...

@ tau sar phneah:
haha, don't praise me like that. later i kembang too much xD

krubashen said...

can i know ur email add then?:)

calvin said...

@ krubashen:
email me at :)

Endoru said...

I love kerias ! :)

calvin said...

@ endoru:
me too =)

elaine said...

wasai!!geng!! geng!!
Your r so geng in cooking!!
OMG...I only know how to mix all the vege and meat together and heat them..

calvin said...

@ elaine:
at least you know how to work with vege and meat, not just know how to fry an egg lol =P

K3ViN said...

wah look yummy nia.... i haven't take my breakfast yet... sooo hungry nia..... toooo bad

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
hehe, too bad for you =P