Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Visit Into Mahathir's Two Penises

It is bright and shiny.
That is what k0k used to call Petronas Twin Tower, and I was there on a mission to hijack the building by posing as a student attending some meeting there. Well, if you think I am that free to have nothing better else to do by doing that, then you are as wrong as a dead as ikan bilis. I was actually there to see one of my aunt, who is currently working at Tower 2 of the building, although it was still well-within her working hours that time. As you might not know, outsiders who have no business-related job with the companies based in the two towers are not allowed to go up the building just like that. However, I was already in KLCC and I know that my aunt is working there. So, I gave her a call and asked my aunt whether I would be able to sneak into the building.
Calvin: Hey, I'm at KLCC now. I go find you can arh?
Aunty: Harh? Want to visit me? But you also not the staff here. They see your face like small kid, sure won't let you in one.
One of the entrance to Tower 2.
Me? Small kid? Speechless...
Anyway, after persuading her and getting some information regarding the company she is currently working, just in case the security staff asks me the reason I am going into the building, I went to the receptionist and handed my identification card to get a visitor's pass. They were rather strict towards outsiders who are entering the building, as I was required to have to stuff to go through x-ray scan. Good thing that there was no bodycheck on me.
There were quite a number of places for the elevators, depending on which floor you are going to. Initially, I had problems to locate them but in the end, I found the one that I wanted to head to. This trip to the tower was an unplanned one, as I took a detour on my way back to Taiping since it was still early. I have once visited the sky bridge - the one that connects the two towers at level 41 and 42, but I reckon it would be different experience altogether from a different spot. How different was that? You shall see it later.
The sky bridge, located on level 41 and level 42. Only the one on level 41 below is opened to the public.

There were not much difference actually, but I tried to be funny by attempting to go as high as level 81 - the highest you can go, out of the 88 floors. I asked my aunt whether that is possible and she said yes. If you follow the free tour to the sky bridge, they will only allow you to go as high as level 41; that is the sky bridge and that is all about it. I thought of seeing Kuala Lumpur from the highest point possible but sadly for me, there was no observatory deck at level 81 and when the door of the elevator opened, I only saw offices.
While I waited for her to come down to level 42, I wandered around the open area, ignoring the walking staffs there. Almost everyone there were wearing their coats, carrying the briefcase. In contrast, I was only wearing a black t-shirt and a jeans, carrying a black bag behind me and holding on a huge blue plastic bag. No wonder they gave me some weird looks, although I continued ignoring them and enjoy the panoramic view of the city.
My sixth sense tells me that Zoo Negara is located somewhere in the background.
Kuala Lumpur Conventioan Center at the bottom left and Mandarin Oriental Hotel on the right.
KLCC recreational park and water park.

What I saw was almost what you get to see from the visit to the sky bridge. Anyway, I was there just to know how is it like from inside the tower. Several minutes later, my aunt came to see me and we chatted a bit; could not chat too long because she will be in hot water if her colleague or boss sees her coming out from her office just like that. We did not just talk, but we camwhored there as well. It was super awkward because people were busy walking around and we two clowns there still camwhore like no one's business.
Need I say more?
My youngest aunt. She looks more like my sister.
My aunt followed a work-trip with her company to the Netherlands last month for several days and she brought back some food and souvenirs for us. But no, she did not bring back a windmill though.
Chocolates with nuts and apple pies.
Decorative stuffs and sea shells.
This is an entry about the Twin Tower and I realised that there were more other unrelated pictures, compared to pictures of the two towers. Here are the rest of them.
Merdeka mood decorated the building.
Twin Tower in the day.
Twin Tower at night.
Talking about the elevators in the two towers, most of them do not stop at every floor. In fact, the one I took went up directly to level 42 without any stops halfway through the journey. That is why when I took a look at the electronic board, it showed XX.
Mystery floor.
Worried that something might not turn out right, my facial expression turned into something like this.
Baby said I look like terkejut with mata terbeliak =.=


KOKahKOK said...

later kena ISA ah u baru tahu.....somemore his penises where got so looooong?

anyhow, better than nothing! better than "lah lah lah".

so when are you going to erect up your penise in Malaysia?

Endoru said...

Haha, your title did catch my attention. Freedom of speech and obscene metaphors, I am all open for it. *hehe* Thumbs up to you junior.

K3ViN said...

haha funny face expression..... really ur title really catch my attention lor.... i tot what the hell of this post is haha..... anyway u really look like u enjoy ur trip to err.... what should i call? errr... i scare kena ISA lor haha Twin Tower lor :P

Anonymous said...

skybridge.. i myself haven't been therebefore :-(

anyway nice post, gonna show it to some of my classmates who asked
"malaysia got roads one ah?"
"got tall buildings?"
"1st time took elevator?"
.................. -_-||

well, those were last year, before i changed those kids impression of land of bananas (i do not know why they call it that.. maybe because of wang pisang during their grandfathers 3 years occupation here? well.. they do not even know that that had happened. simply just because i love to eat bananas and they do not :P) most of them do not even know about the existence of Mahathir's Two Penises (i'll remember this term ^^)

P/S: the souvenir your aunt brought back from Holland, the one with 2 ppl kissing.. i got one at home too, which my grandmother took it back from Holland too before i was born.. :P

mg said...

haha.. really terbeliak k =P

pinksterz said...

wah wah i want to tour the building like you also!!!

can i be your cousin now nobita? *shiny eyes* i promise i will be a good cousin! O:-)

fritz said...

i cannot tell if u look scared or constipated XD

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
there is more than one mahathir in this world. anyway, how you know he is not that long? have you seen it before? =P

one day ;)

calvin said...

@ endoru:
i knew it from the beginning that the title would catch people's attention, especially guys. by the way, k0k is not my junior, but he is two years my senior, doing medic in india.

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
was it funny? yes, that means you are a normal guy since you were curious to find out more about the entry from the title =P

calvin said...

@ bao cong:
i have been there only one and a half time. this time is not considered one trip 'coz i did not stand on the sky bridge.

i will post up more entries after this about our country and show them what malaysia is. then they will know how great malaysia is :)

well, i think that souvenir must be very common in the netherlands then ;)

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
only my animal's drawing =P

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
since now is fasting month, you suddenly turned an angel?

calvin said...

@ fritz:
well, lets say both? xD