Saturday, September 27, 2008

My New Nickname

September 2007
I went to Hokkaido for my summer trip, and I stayed at my friend's hostel at Tomakomai Kosen. However, I realised that I left my external hard disc in his room halfway through my journey back to Nagaoka. Knowing that it would be almost impossible for me to head back and take it, I asked my friend to post the external HDD to my kosen.
The parcel from Hokkaido, with my external HDD inside.

December 2007

It was my winter break and I came back to Malaysia for a short two-week holiday. I was at Michelle's place in Malacca for a few days and this time, I left my red towel there. However, instead of sending it to me, I asked her to keep it and I will collect it some time in the future. I later found out that she had took it to New Zealand and it is resting in her room at 14, Gloucester Street.
Early-September 2008
Two week before I came back to Malaysia for my summer break, I found out that my laptop was giving me some start-up problems. That is why I had to send it for repairs in Kuala Lumpur when I was back early this month. However, I left the laptop bag at my aunt's place after sending the laptop for repair, and when I collected it several days later, I was rushing back and totally forgotten about the laptop bag, together will all the power cables and stuff, still left at my aunt's place. By that time, I was already in the bus and I had no choice but to either ask for someone (junior or friends) who will be coming back to Taiping to help me bring it back; ask my aunt to parcel it back; or I will go down to KL and take it back myself.
In the end, I went all the way to KL just to take that laptop bag.
Late-September, 2008
I went to visit my aunt in Penang island for two days, and she took me to have great food and it was nice getting the chance to play with my seven-year-old cousin. Before I returned to my hometown, I stopped by Nibong Tebal to see Kae Vin for another couple of days. While we were having our dinper (dinner + supper) at the pasar malam, I received a call from my aunt, who told me that she found my adapter and camera charger still stuck to the power socket, underneath a table rack. Realizing that it was already too late that night, much more when I would be returning to Taiping the very next morning, I asked my aunt to parcel both devices back to my house in Taiping.
That was the time when Kae Vin gave a nickname to me.
This one was delivered from Penang.
Late-September, 2008

Kae Vin dropped me at the bus station before he left for Cameron, and when the bus was just leaving, I felt like taking some pictures. My left hand went to my left pocket and immediately, I realised that my camera was not there. At the very same moment, I recalled that I took out my camera and placed it on the dashboard of his car. I told him about that and fortunately, he was just going to enter the highway and managed to make a u-turn to pass me my camera.
Among the stuff I left in Penang.
Late-September, 2008

Just when I thought I have had enough of leaving so many things in every places I go, I realised that my specs was missing when I wanted to wear it. I checked for my specs in my bag but there was only the container without the specs. I suspected that it could be left in Kae Vin's room when I stayed at his place two night's earlier. I tried confirming it with his brother, because Kae Vin was still holidaying in Cameron that time.
Kae Min told me there was an extra specs on the table, which he was not sure who it belongs to, and I knew that it must be mine. Since Nibong Tebal is just less than an-hour drive from my hometown, I went there yesterday. In the end, not only I took my specs from his place, we ended up watching two movies - Dark Night and Vintage Point, had a badminton game with some of his friends, and have a dinner with his family.
Perhaps you are still wondering what the incidents above have anything to do with the title of the post. Well, there is a common thing that relates every single incidents above, and that cannot be that difficult to spot it, can it? Yes, my tendency of leaving my stuff everywhere I go, which I do not say it is a good thing either. Of course I did not do them on purpose, because who would want to go through all those troubles of trying to get back those stuff left behind. That is why I was called dai thau ha by Kae Vin.
And I guess it is time for dai thau ha (big head prawn) to make a checklist very soon, while he is packing to leave for Japan.


Kae Vin said...

hohoho. Don say i never warn u ha. Later ur parents have to waste money to post ur undies to japan. XD

Anonymous said...


August 2007.
you left your pencil with its mitsubishi pencil cover with me during the trip.

Dec 2007.
you left your toothbrush at my house.

the next time you see me... i hope you leave some cash behind....

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
if i happen to leave my undies behind this time, i don't think i will be asking my parents to send it all the way to japan. i will just get a new pair in japan, and leave that one at my house for future use. lol.

p/s: thanks for your warning. i hope it will be useful.

calvin said...

@ kh:
haha. you got a great memory. i never thought you can still remember all those. so, you can rename me as hou dai thau ha now.

i am wondering if i will ever leave my money behind one day xD

p/s: do you still have my toothbrush at your house?

K3ViN said...

wah new nick name... hope u wont left anything at malaysia when u on ur way going back 2 japan :P

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
hehe, i am at klia waiting for my flight now, and so far i have nothing left behind =P