Friday, September 19, 2008

KL Tower

KL Tower used to be the most prominent landmark in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, well before the Petronas Twin Towers was built. Majestically poised at a breathtaking height of 421 meters, the tower tower stands boldly atop Bukit Nanas. It was build to improve the quality of telecommunications and broadcasting transmission, and was completed in May 1997. Two months later, it opened its door to the public.
If you have read this entry before, you might agree that this was Mahathir's first penis.
I have been there twice - the first time was during my school trip when I was in Standard Five, the second a few years back. It was during the day time during those two visits, and I sometimes wonder how would it look like during the night time. After the one-whole-day visit to Universiti Malaya, I thought of letting the Japanese some time off for some relaxation and I picked KL Tower as the other destination for the day, considering the fact that it is within walking distance from their hotel. But no, I did not stay with them at their hotel during their trip here.
I was not alone this time, as one of my fifth year senior, Idris tagged along as well.
Mind you, we were not standing on the same level.
It so happened that when we reached the counter to purchase the tickets, it was exactly the time for breaking fast and the counter was closed for fifteen minutes. The Japanese, especially the lecturers were at a lost, on why the counter was closed when the closing hours is still a few hours to go. They even asked whether the vendors are not worried that their shops will be robbed because they leave it alone without supervision just like that.
So, I gave them a short and brief explanation regarding that matter.
KL Tower at night.
While waiting until the counter reopen their operation, others just wandered around the compound and took pictures of the tower from the bottom. It was not long after that that the counter recommenced their business, and we went to queue-up a couple of minutes earlier to avoid the crowd.
My senior and me chose not to follow them up the tower, because the ticket is priced at RM20 for adult and there is no discount for a group tickets, unless we have a group which comprises of more than 20 person. It was not too bad even thought we did not went up to the observation deck, because my senior went to perform his prayers, while I made it my turn to wander around to camwhore.
Century-old tree.
One of the well-known spot is the 100-year-old Jelutong tree (Dyera costulata), which was preserved with a retaining wall constructed at a cost of RM 430,000 to protect the tree during the construction of the KL Tower. That shows that the nature surroundings of Bukit Nanas were cared during the construction of the tower to ensure balance in development and conservation of the environment. Surrounding the tower is the Bukit Nanas forest reserve, an area of 9.37 hectares located in the heart of the city of Kuala Lumpur. It poses as the oldest gazetted forest reserve in the country. The use of the spotlight form the bottom of the tree gave that extra illuminating effect on the trees, which makes it looks more captivating.
And I took some time to camwhore too, under KL Tower.
Poser =.=
There are steel plates paced on the floor that lead towards the entrance to the tower. Those steel plates represent famous towers from all over the world, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I saw Tokyo Tower among those plates too, but when I look at its height, it is almost 100 meters shorter than KL Tower.
333 meters only lah.
I am sure that the Japanese will never think that we Malaysians are people who lives on the tree anymore, after the visit to the KL Tower.


mg said...

lol.. i havent been there at all!!!

Endoru said...

Tak pernah pergi yet. :) But nice pics.

Anonymous said...

i've nv been there either :p

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
well, it is not the most romantic place to go. we can go to somewhere nicer xD

calvin said...

@ endoru:
does 'yet' mean that you are planning to go there one day? by the way, thanks :)

calvin said...

@ sakura:
why not pay a visit there one day? =)

K3ViN said...

KL tower? i went there as well but on tat time is was my 1st time..... y no KL view pic from the tower?

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
it was a nice trip there. no pictures, because my senior and me chose not to go up to the tower as the ticket was quite expensive.

i thought i wrote in the entry already >.<