Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Camwhoring While Harvesting Jackfruits

This is going to be one of the most silly post I will come out with.
My house is in between the two jackfruit trees, with light blue awning.
When my grandma used to stay at my house to take care of my younger baby sisters many years ago, she would fill her free time planting various kinds of plants at the end of the field, just opposite to my house. A green finger like my grandma who loves gardening very much, she planted many kinds of fruits which include bananas, jackfruits, rambutans and durians. However, only one survived until today - the two jackfruit trees.
They are so low that a little kid can even touch on the fruits.
My mum has been telling me that they have bore some fruits and would be ready to be harvested soon. We did not want to wait for the fruits to be too ripe, otherwise strangers would just pluck them away and we have encountered a lot of such experience. There were times where some Indians came and chopped off the banana trees that already have fruits on it just like that. When we asked them why did they simply chop people's tree without asking, they told us that they were using it for some temple ceremony and they did not know that there is someone who planted the tree.
Aiyoyo, karawaleh, common sense lah right? Do you think the tree will grow by itself there?
Anyway, just ignore those nuisances and back to the jackfuit story. I was actually going out to jog, when my mum asked me to follow her to check out on the jackfruits. So, the two of us went to the field, equipped with a knife and two empty rice bags. Before anything, we started to camwhore. Behold, the art of camwhoring to the silliest level.
Haha, my mum was wearing my sunnnies while showing the two thumbs-up.

Michelle said this is one of my stupidest pose ever, which I agree.
We checked on the fruits, and identified two fruits that were already ready to be harvested. Technically, it is best to harvest the fruit when the star pattern on its skin has turned flat and wide, and when it has come out with the unique odour of jackfruit. There were insects making holes on both fruits and if we did not pluck them, it would only let those insects to have a party in the fruits. We usually wrap the fruits with cloths to avoid them being exposed to direct sunlight, and also to protect the fruits.
My mum call it 'wearing jackets for the jackfruits.'
That red cloth is actually my mum's old shirt.
However, when the fruit grows bigger, this is what will happen.
Jackfruit showing an Incredible Hulk's act.
While I was busy putting the harvested fruits into the rice bag, my mum was at another corner, doing something else. I looked over at her direction and she seemed to be looking for something else.
She looked like a serial killer with her knife on her hand.
Ooo, rupa-rupanya she was cutting banana leaves to be used to wrap nasi lemak.
I almost lost my balance and fell into the big drain while taking this picture.
Although the distance of the place from our house is just less than 50 meters away, I drove her Kancil there. Yes, that shows how lazy we were. No lah, actually we know we would be plucking our jackfruits already, so it would be easier to take them home. One fruit is almost five to eight kilograms, and by the time we finished transporting them back using our body energy, I might as well forget about going for my jogging session anymore, since I have done some jackfruit work-out.
My asked my mum to pose for this actually. Haha.
Here is the harvest of the day.
Two medium-sized jackfruits and some banana leaves.
Thank you for reading this lame post.


specialhuman said...

Lol. Like this also can make one post? Plucking jackfruit? But isn't the place a padang = public area? hahaha U can't blame the indians la. They thought someone ate banana and threw the seed there. lol

Endoru said...

Where got lame ? Ok what. Very Malaysian post. I like. So your mom drives a Kancil also ar. It is a Kancil right ? My mom also drives one and I drive it too when I go back. Nangka, missing the taste. Like the part where you said that it turned into incredible hulk. :)

A Human that does not discriminate said...

Wow! That post by specialhuman is so NOT-racist , congrats specialhuman ! And these days pple seem to call the government racist la , not colour blind la.....etc....i wonder how can we change the government when we ourselves start to stereotype....

A malaysian said...

haha....that guy from utar la ....dont expect him to understand other races, must put him in public Uni , baru tahu.....

Anonymous said...

yaya ,dun expect anything from pple like tat....for them only got a case of "ME,MYSELF AND I" ....other pple /races they cant register....

Manchurian candidate said...

LOL....calvin teach ur fren some ethics la....

A guy that mixes with all races and best fren is not of his race said...

i dun really get wat specialhuman is trying to say....either he is extremely ignorant(dont u know that bananas cant be planted with their seeds?)or ...well....he is discriminating la(then u should start mixing with other races ok! , im chindian ok!).... ....but to future bloggers, i dun think u should condemn pple by starting with their race ....u could use sentences like ....the (insert race type) man ,the (insert race type) guy , rather the simply stating the persons race, bcoz it will anger all those pple of that particular race....if u dont know how what u write will reflect yourself.... , try putting urself in that particular race ur writing about and see how it feels .....


i was born a chinese girl in a small village in kuantan in the 70's ....unfortunately my parents could not take care of our family and decided to sell me off when i was 4 years old ....i was then adopted by an indian family and was led a happy caring life i grew up speaking fluent tamil and i go to temples ....even though i am 100% chinese by blood i have an indian name and follow the indian tradition.....what the earlier person said saddens me greatly as i was taken care by foster parents of indian heritage and they brought me up full of love and care and made me a successful doctor anyone that likes to stereotype , think of me , and see how race is no barrier in this world....and P/S : I DONT KNOW WHO MY BIRTH PARENTS ARE UNTIL TODAY

K3ViN said...

jack fruit? yummy... it been soon long i didnt taste it...... this weekend sure will go n grab some........ so bad lah u say ur mum like serial killer when she hunt down some banana leaves.... haha i sure she will kill u when she saw ur post :P

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
why not? of course the field is a public area, but common sense will tell you that those banana trees must surely belong to someone, and they do not grow there by itself.

calvin said...

@ endoru:
i was just worried that some people might find it to be something lame and silly xD

yes, she drives a kancil. i will be the one who drives it the most whenever i am back home :)

too bad i would not be able to taste the two nangka we plucked that day =/

calvin said...

@ a human that does not discriminate; a malaysian; anonymous; manchurian candidate; a guy that mixes with all races and best fren is not of his race; a race free person:
thank you for using you precious time to post up those comments, because i suppose you are of the same person. i am elated, for having a 'doctor' who reads my blog. if you are thinking of posting up such comments again, i hope you can just forget about doing that, because i do not need those nonsense in my blog.

thank you very much :)

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
but she really looked like she was looking for something to kill. never mind, by the time she reads this entry, i will be back to japan already =P

Why Oh Why? said...

who is the doreen chew u keep asking to appear in kae vins blog? do u know her?she seems to be very vulgar .....