Monday, September 1, 2008

Calvin Meeting Kevin And Kae Vin

I went down to KL over a couple of weekends ago, mainly because I had some event with my juniors in PPKTJ (Pusat Persediaan Kajian Teknikal ke Jepun), the place where I did my foundation studies before I went to Japan. I took the chance to meet up with several friends, also bloggers which I got to know them through the blogsphere. First was Kevin a.k.a. Taugeh, whom I came across through the Penang Hokkien (PGHK) Podcast. The link to that site was given by one of my former secondary classmate a few years back and I used to listen to their weekly new topics, mostly hilarious with an overdose of crappings inside. There was one time when I became their guest in one of the shows and that is when I got my nickname Ker Lor. Translating it directly from Hokkien would mean Chicken Road. What a silly name, of all name, right?

Here is the story behind the nickname. Most of the time, they will require you to give yourself a nickname and as I told them I did not really mind about that, and when I asked them just to call me Kero, given by another friend of mine, Beve not very long ago, the host of the show misheard it, as Kero and Ker Lor share a certain degree of similarity. From there, the nickname Ker Lor was born. The topic when I was in the show was Ban San (Market) but I will not be talking much about it here. Just listen to the show, if you are interested. Guess what? I have just given out another opportunity for people to laugh at my silly talking in the show. However, it was my first time, so I guess it was not that bad.

Back to this guy Kevin, we were suppose to meet for lunch at The Summit in Subang but I had something on earlier. I don't like to mention this, but I made him waited for more than two hours. How ironic is that, when I always talk about other people for not being punctual for meetings and appointments. Good thing was that he was patient enough to wait for me and we headed to the food court almost immediately to have our super late lunch. We didn't want to waste much time looking for food and just settled for KFC, although it sounds quite lame. Initially, we planned to have our lunch at the famous mamak at SS2 but we didn't give a damn about it, because we were already too hungry at that time. After having some chats while eating, we took a picture together before we leave.

Kevin and me after we finished our meal at KFC.

During my three days stay in KL, I crashed at another friend's place whose name is almost the same as mine. Not Kevin, not Kelvin, but Kae Vin. What a unique name, isn't it? So, how did we end up knowing each other. It is complicated, according to him. Not that complicated, actually. Apparently, he was blog hopping and ended up at my blog, saw and was attracted by my super huge face at the header, which is no longer there anymore today, left his first comment on an entry about sakura and the rest is history. As he is having his exams in a couple of weeks' time, we didn't really get to go around many places, just had several meals together. Nevertheless, it was great getting to know a new friend although we just get to know each other for barely four months. It was not about how long we had known each other but to me, the more important thing is how we connect to each other, as we clicked almost immediately. I better stop here or else it could end up sounding rather gay.
Anyway, thanks a lot for accommodating me for two nights and driving me to places although you were rushing for your assignments.

Kae Vin meeting Calvin.
We were supposed to head for dinner one night and one of my course mate, Yow Keong who was with me for the same event wanted to hitch a ride to the nearest LRT station at Wangsa Maju. Since it was on the way to our dinner's place, he tagged along with the two of us. During the short conversation in the car, one of Kae Vin's course mate happens to be Yow Keong's secondary school classmate. This friend, which I will refer to as Mr XX, is practically everybody's enemy. People just cannot stand his attitude and dislike the way he bring himself around his friends. It was funny hearing to the two of them before they started their conversation, as they were making sure neither of them are Mr XX's spy. By the way, I just found out that Kae Vin also know the sister of my secondary school's classmate, Shin Yau when they attended a Malaysian Idol event a couple of years back.
Seems like everyone is connected in some ways.
It was rather interesting to hear to the stories between Kae Vin and Yow Keong about Mr XX, and that is when I saw something for the first time. Kae Vin told me that his younger brother and him share a similarity despite their many differences and that would be the way they laugh. I saw him laughing while he was driving one evening and I have to say it was really different than usual. It is not that kind of laugh that is so loud like an ambulance, but more to something like a giggling person. With my limited vocabulary, it is just hard for me to describe his way of laughing. That is what I remembered the most about this boy. Now I know why his nickname is specialhuman.
I thought it should be much better to have it as special-laugh? No offense, though xD


Endoru said...

The first time I listened to Penang Hokkien Podcast, I really had a good laugh.

mg said...

so so kae vin aka specialhuman, what do u think about calvin after meeting him? lol.. =P

Anonymous said...

The world is just too small and everyone is connected :)
haha,it was quite funny for both of us making sure neither of each other is XX's spy.
well,got to say thanks to Kae Vin again:)

KOKahKOK said...

haha......u looks innocent in the pic!

calvin said...

@ endoru:
some of the topics are really funny and hilarious.
good for releasing stress =D

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i don't think he will reply to this question until he finishes his exams =P

calvin said...

@ lyk:
it is a small world afterall :)

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
i am, and always be one :)

KOKahKOK said...

always be one! keep maintain it!

K3ViN said...

well tat ok... since u bz with thing..... n i was after work.. then i just wait 4 u lor.... anyway really happy 2 met u up on tat time....

Kae Vin said...


just finished my first paper today. Gotta take a break. lol

and what's so wrong with my laughter???? lol

and my only photo with u is the one we took after i rushed for my assignments till late night and forgot to shave....hell...should photoshop first ma. lol ;P

and i also made u waited for me for about an hour ma. ;p

u r welcomed and add me in msn k? :)


and the way he talk, so soft!!! I thought so tall should talk like godzilla ma. XD

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
yup, and always proud to be one ^^

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
yes, and i hope we will be able to meet up again in the future :)

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
yes, you have to. otherwise you will be the next patient to be admitted into hospital bahagia ;)

it is just funny xD

yes, i know. so, faster find some time for another meeting so that our picture will be much better than the one and only we have =D

p/s: please do not talk about my voice or my size in public lah weh >.<

Anonymous said...

lol... specialhuman's bro here .. he really told u abt our similarity in laughing pattern ? haha... it is pity tat i din laugh much during the time we met... hehehehehe~

calvin said...

@ anonymous a.k.a kae min:
hello. thanks for dropping by :)

yes, he told me about how the two of you share the same pattern of laughing. make sure i get to see you laughing the next time i get to meet you guys =D