Monday, August 11, 2008

Shopping Like One Crazy Girl

Girls will never get bored from shopping and I thought that is one of the most mysterious questions that elude most guys until today. Try asking any girls if they will ever reject an invitation for a shopping spree and I bet there is a fat chance any girls will not accept the invitation. I was out almost for the whole day yesterday for an unusual shopping spree. Unusual, because unlike doing my weekly groceries (which make me sound like an aunty at the same time), I do not go shopping that often – it is like once in three months maybe? I am pretty sure that it sounds like a real sad story for girls, especially. Anyway, I was shopping for stuff that I will be bringing back home to my family, relatives and friends, or in other words, souvenirs. It is never an easy thing to get them, mainly because whenever I ask them what they want me to bring back for them, the most common answer I get will be "Buy something that you cannot get in Malaysia". So, are they telling me to get a sakura tree, for instance?

After walking around a few shopping malls, I finally got several stuffs which I suppose should be alright as souvenirs for them. Here is what I got, which might give you some idea on what you can get to be brought home from Japan. If you have any other ideas, do drop a comment and let me know and I will appreciate them a lot.

DSC06924 copy

Several packets of Japanese green tea, commonly known as ryokucha. Some people who are not used to the heavy smell and flavour of the tea may not like it very much but personally, I love it and I think it is even better than Chinese tea at times.

DSC06919 copy

Five packets of snacks of various flavours made of rice.

DSC06929 copy

This might look a little bit lame, but my family wanted to try Japanese ramen and the easiest way of letting them try on that would be instant cup ramen.

To be honest, I have never frequent any Japanese restaurant in Malaysia. Not even any sushi restaurant. It might sound unbelievable, but that is the reality. Hence, I have no idea at all how they taste like compared to the authentic Japanese meals here. I will try some when I am back and comment on that later on. One more thing would be the fact that I hardly eat their instant noodle here as well, because I prefer to have the non-instant one from restaurants, although they cost more. However, I think they are worth it, provided you go to the right place for the right food. Take my recent trip with my Japanese classmates to a local ramen restaurant recently. The ramen was just organismic, which I will blog on that on another entry.

DSC06918 copy

Three pairs of scarf. When I flipped it over and took a look at their labels, all three of them have the word "Made in India" written on it.

Anyway, I wasn't out just to buy those because I was looking around for stuff for myself as well. Yes, sometimes I just feel that I should treat myself to some stuff that suit my liking although they could be costly. However, I do not do that as often as how girls go to shop (like once a week?), so I guess that is alright. It so happened that there were summer clearance sales going on and I spent some time looking around if there is anything that caught my eye.

And some did.

DSC06931 copy
Pink is not gay. Purple is.

In the end, I got myself two pairs of collared t-shirts. Both of them have been reduced to half of the original price, but yet when I buy two or more items, there will be another 50% less on the already reduced price. So, it is like more than 70% discount on them. Now, let me reveal one embarrassing moment that almost happened when I was paying at the cashier. Before the discount, both of them would cost me almost 3,000yen and when I took out my wallet, I saw only two pieces of 1,000yen notes inside and I was like "CRAP! I am soooooo screwed up this time!"

I was almost going to tell the women, "Okay, I will take only one of these 'coz I don’t have enough cash with me now". Luckily for me, there were the second 50% discount and I managed to settle the payment without having to go through that embarrassing moment. In the end, I walked away a happy guy smiling away for getting a great deal on that day. Now I know why girls are so obsessed with shopping because through just one shopping session after a long time, I could say here that it is orgasmic exciting and gives you a great feeling of satisfactions. Despite so, you will never know how much I spend in more than seven hours of shopping. A whopping 10k. Anyway, I do not do this often, but here is a camwhore picture I took inside the fitting room.

DSC06890 copy

Sorry in advance, if it is geli like this entry.


pinksterz said...

stuff that can be found in japan but not in malaysia:

1. used panties (are being sold in those vending machine i heard)

2. porn mags featuring pre-pubescent girls around 12-14 years old

and many others stuff related to this field. japan got lots of them rite!!! :P


p.s. i am thinking of the "paying 3000 yen to let a girl pee on your" service too but then takkanlah you nak bawak balik that girl to malaysia hor?

p.p.s. didn't i just amaze you with my general knowledge. i even amaze myself wtf as i am typing this. hauheuaheuaheu!

Market Martini said...

great blog.......

Anonymous said...

ei calvin..i wan sakura tree..!thx yea..
i wait u at tpg next week kie.

Innocent^^Guy said...

didn't expect pinksterz to be a super pervert

btw, can I get a ninja suit or something that comes together with shuriken and kunai

or can you get me one of those feels like real human sex doll?

K3ViN said...

wah souvenirs.. i wan also.. got my share? haha......

Anonymous said... can get the scarves in malaysia ler.............

I bought most of the things from daiso...
like bento set for my sisters and brothers...
uchiwas and sensuis....
some chawans for my mum..
nd last haru,I bought a set of katana back...
aku langgar peraturan..mana bley bawak katana even a fake 1...hohoho

Endoru said...

Hey purple's not gay and so is pink.
Rainbow color is. *hehe*
Anyway, it's not true that only girls love to shop but I prefer to say "Guys like to spend money in a wiser way". *hehe*

pinksterz said...

i am just helping him to list out things that cant be found on sale in malaysia mah! :P

Reeny said...

buy me a big giant sushi shaped cushion!!!!!!!!!!!

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
you don't expect me to give those crazy stuff to my grandma, do you?

i am not amazed with your general knowledge. i just got to know that pinksterz is so perverted xD

calvin said...

@ market martini:
thanks and glad you like it :)

calvin said...

@ chung min:
haha, sakura tree is not allowed into the plane ler. you better make sure you are in taiping when i ask you out next week. otherwise, you will know what you will be getting ;)

calvin said...

@ shi han:
yea, i didn't know that people who is studying in such place, who is supposed to be pure and innocent can be like that.

real human sex dolls? well, that makes you having no difference with pinksterz, eh?

nickname "innocent guy" konon >.<

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
haha, we shall see later, okay? ;)

calvin said...

@ amalina:
yes, i know. but getting them here at least allow them to be exposed to the japanese air a bit. you will not get them in malaysia xD

nobody will know whether you go against the rules. and even though you get your stuff from daiso, as long as you know how to choose the souvenirs, they will look like they are expensive stuff, just like what i did =P

calvin said...

@ endoru:
i have to agree 110% on that last statement =D

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
then, are you saying that these stuff are available when there is a summer sale in japan?

*throw rotten frog's egg at pinksterz*

calvin said...

@ reenybob:
haha, i know i still owe you that thing, but i have yet to come across such cushion. so, keep waiting as for now, okay? xD

Anonymous said...

ei mini size sakura tree oso dont have ka??
haizz...make sure u call me if not u will get from me too!

calvin said...

@ chung min:
well, there are plastic ones, if you don't mind =P
no problem, i will surely ask you out for a yamcha session ;)

Anonymous said...

" exciting and gives you a great feeling of satisfactions"

shopping is another substitution for XXX when u need an orgasm.. 知らなかったなあ XD

i gtg to do some shopping spree now ;)

calvin said...

@ bao cong:
well, you don't have to look for XXX everytime you need an orgasm. try something different; shopping being one of them ;)