Monday, July 21, 2008

I Am Turning An Aunty, Soon

Just like how the title suggest, I have a slight feeling that I have picked up all the traits of an aunty lately. A couple of weeks ago, I was told that a new hypermarket has just been opened near my place and the stuff there was kinda cheap. The name of the hypermarket is quite catchy as well - Challenger. Since I was already in the town, I decided to check out on that new place, which is located at the basement floor of a building which was almost left abandoned all these while, although it has gone through some renovations work recently.
And when I stepped my foot into the first section of the hypermarket, I was like wtf-the-price-is-so-cheap-I-feel-like-grabbing-all-the-stuff-there. I don't know if it was just an early gimmick to attract the customers there, but seriously, the price were damn cheap. One big onion is usually priced around 50yen (RM 1.60) and the cheapeast I have ever got is 19yen (RM 0.60), But the one I saw was one onion for only 8yen (RM 0.25). With that price, I could buy like six onions using the same price I usually get for one onion normally. But I knew I already had some onions at home, so I just settled with four of them that day, although inside my heart I really wanted to buy more. Even when I was walking away from the onions, I still take a look at them 'coz I know I wanted to get more. Buying onions also want to emo like that as if I am going to open a shop selling onions wtf.
DSC06216 copy
Saw the 88yen tag in the middle? That is for one loaf of bread but I didn't buy it 'coz I can get a cheaper one at 78yen.
I later proceeded to the dairy section and again, I saw cheap things. You know, when you are a cheapskate like me, the first thing you will see are the price tags, no matter how tiny they put them. But rule #1 in running a business tells you that the cheaper a thing is, the bigger the size of the price tag. So, this will allow people like us to spot them easier, faster, less energy, cost effective, higher productivity and something like that lah. Don't ask me what am I talking 'coz I also don't know what am I crapping now. Okay back to what I saw at the dairy section, I saw a cow on promotion. That cow, still moo-ing while showing his tak-tau-malu face to the customers, was on offer for 150,000yen.
Japan is really amazing lah. They even sell cows which are still alive in their hypermarkets.
DSC06219 copy
How that uncle on the left reacted after he saw that cow. He must be thinking, "Want to buy that cow or not leh?"
Yes lah, as if you would believe me, right?
No, I didn't see a cow, but I saw chickens instead. Chicken meat that is, not real chicken, okay? Normal price of boneless chicken breast is about 79yen (RM 2.60) per 100gram and the cheapest I could get is 49yen per 100gram. But they were selling it for 39yen that day and again, I couldn't resist on not getting some of that. I ended up buying three pieces of chicken breast that day. I hardly eat any other meat here, apart from chicken as they are quite pricey. Maybe it is harder to grow pigs and goats here, compared to chickens because chicken can withstand the four seasons. And I am crapping once again wtf. I won't go on and on talking about how cheap the things were but I promise this will be the last one. Ten eggs was for 50yen (RM1.70), compared to the normal price of (RM3.30). That is like half the usual price. But I didn't buy that 'coz it was only for customers whose purchase is more than 1,500yen (RM50).
Just when I was heading to the cashier, I remembered something I wanted to buy earlier - cornflakes. I went around searching for it and finally found what I was looking for, just beside where I was standing. I am not sure whether you have seen this entry before but I saw a new addition to the two Temmy's cereal called Honey Pops. Sounds so similar to Nestle's Honey Stars, but I have no clear idea who copied who. Anyway, the bear on the box was too cute and I decided to try it. I never thought I would fall for such illustrations, meant to lure the kids into forcing their parents to buy it for them.
DSC06181 copy
I have these with milk for my breakfast when I am not taking my bread.
DSC06191 copy
Looks more like a pigeon's food.
When I had my first taste of the Honey Pops several days ago, it was not as nice as the Honey Stars I have tasted before. It was quite dry and not that sweet, although it is called Honey Pops and supposed to be sweet. See it also not that it would make me feel like eating it. But when I take it together with milk, it was still not that bad. By the way, when I thought that almost every thing has the Made-in-China tag behind them, Temmy is a product of Egypt, of so many countries. Soon they might come out with another new flavour for their cereal using camel as the mascot.
I never thought of buying much that day, 'coz my initial intention was just to take a look at the new place. In the end, I spent more than 1,000yen there, although it didn't exceed 1,500yen or I would have get to buy my eggs for 50yen. Haha, still lamenting about my poor eggs (pun unintended). On a different note, I went to pay my phone bill the other day as usual and when that Japanese girl was returning my paying slip, she gave me a small packet of something, which I never get before. Apparently, they will be moving out late this month (or was it early next month, but who cares) and instead of giving out flyers, they came out with something different. Nothing much inside the small package but a few sweets and a chewing gum.
DSC06221 copy
Ohh yea, plus a jelly too. Strawberry flavour.


pinksterz said...

cara kau tulis entry ni pun dah macam makcik ok. hahaha.

angelyee said...

Got a picture of the cow?
Should be really interesting to see it.

Endoru said...

Cheap cheap.
I don't mind being aunty if they have a place like that near my area. *hehe*

Kelly said...

What's wrong with buying cheap things?I enjoy being an 'aunty' myself.Sometimes buying cheap things gave me a sense of self-accomplishiment =P..

But the stuff you bought really cheap-lar.If only there's one shop like that here..

MeLia said...

erm... i dont think doing this kind of stuff make u like an aunty..... now is modern d.. o... evryone r the same...

Pam Song said...

Hahaha. You also bloody kiasu like me. Haha. If see cheap stuff then wanna buy a lot a lot. =p

And yes, it's damn aunty lor.

KOKahKOK said...

aunty .... get something for me hor from japan?


buy cheap= smart consumer!!

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
dalam zaman IT ni, mak cik dah maju. dah moden. tulis blog pun dah pandai xD

calvin said...

@ angleyee:
didn't i mention that i was just bluffing only? >.<

calvin said...

@ endoru:
but when the stuffs are so cheap, you will tend to buy more than what you need if you don't limit yourself =P

calvin said...

@ kelly:
i didn't say there is anything wrong with being an aunty. but i agree on you about having that self-accomplishment feeling after getting to buy cheap things, 'coz i feel the same too everytime =D

stuffs here are cheap 'coz here is just a small kampung mah =P

calvin said...

@ melia:
but some people see this as an aunty's act. anyways, a husband doing the housework, while the wife working hard to earn a living for the family is nothing unusual anymore in this age ;)

calvin said...

@ pamsong:
that is why i always feel guilty everytime i went for groceries, 'coz i will buy so much stuffs just because they are cheap >.<

what to do, i am turning into an aunty wert =P

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
call me aunty and still want to ask me get some stuff for you? you continue dreaming lah xD

akatsukiotoko said...

Oh great aunty calvin, u were so lucky enjoying cheaper goods there.

The onions here in Tokyo costs like 120yen.(i mean one onion) 12 eggs for 210yen. 250gm of poultry on 320yen, etc etc...

double your price there..

U were so lucky! (while we tokyo people suffer)urayamashiina....

Anonymous said...

I already a cheapskate! hehe
Now i hoping there's one shop like that here..

calvin said...

@ akatsukiotoko:
haha, don't call me a great aunty lah. make me sound as if i am a retired housewife >.<

that is why staying in a small town is not that bad =D

with the price you mentioned, i could make a big kenduri here with the same amount of food you will get for just a meal in tokyo.

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
i think there is a shop like that in your place. and by the way, i think i know who is this =P