Friday, July 18, 2008

The Day I Turned Into Gulliver

Checkered, Eventful, Historical"
the almost humanly impossible to create models
DSC05497 copy
Does the two towers on the right look familiar to you? Well, I traveled to the past and managed to capture the picture of the World Trade Center when they were still standing proudly before the 9/11 incident. And yes, I am just bluffing only.
While we were on our journey to Tobu World Square, our tour guide gave us a brief introduction about the place and what we were going to expect when we reach there. When she mentioned the word "Gulliver", I could almost guess what kind of location it would be. It was exactly the same thing as my earlier guess when we stepped into the theme park. After walking through the Japanese Zone, there are a few other zones including Americe Zone, Egypt Zone, Europe Zone and Asia Zone. Captions that follow every pictures will explain briefly about each and every picture below. This will be the last entry for the school trip we had this year, but a warning beforehand. This entry is one of the heaviest entry I have done for some time, so get set for tons of pictures.
DSC05470 copy
Fuji-maru on the left and a fishing port on the left. Both are actually located in the Modern Japan Zone. As for the background, the Statue of Liberty could be spotted and that aside, the once stood tall World Trade Center and the Empire State Building are among the skyscrapers from the States.
DSC05484 copy
Flatiron Building on the left and Chrysler Building, which has a unique flat design on the right. Both of these buildings were destroyed along with the World Trade Center as well.
DSC05481 copy
New York Harlem, just within the proximity of the area around the World Trade Center.
DSC05485 copy
We didn't pay attention to the tiny plastic human figures placed around the area, until one of us realised that some of them depicts various everyday human events in the hustles and bustles of the city. Take this for example. An accident involving four cars in the middle of the city and people are crowding the area to kepoh. They even have ambulance with the paramedics too.
DSC05482 copy
On the other side, three robbers were trying to escape from the police during the broad day light. But the posture of the policeman is so weird and funny. There is even one guy, which I suppose is a journalist, who still have the time to take a picture of the robbers.
DSC05475 copy
As for this one, one driver got stopped for speeding on the bridge I supposed. And he could still stand in such posture when he got himself stopped by the policemen.
DSC05483 copy
I came across this unintended. Honestly. The picture explains everything and I don't think I have to make a caption for this one.
DSC05489 copy
The White House, one of the buildings that looked very realistic. That guy standing in the middle I suppose is the Mr. President.
DSC05508 copy
Mention Egypt and what is the first thing you will think of? Certainly not Pinksterz, but the Pyramids. Haha, sorry yea Cik Merah Jambu ;) There are three gigantic pyramids here, grandly standing in the vast expanse of desert showing the enormous power of the ancient Egyptian rulers.
DSC05516 copy
The Great Sphinx in Egypt. This poor statue, which is supposed to be a cat, apparently has lost its nose. But when you are Egypt, there is just going to be one animal which you will come across as often as how you come across the creature which very much resembles black sperm (I mean tadpoles) in the drains.
DSC05504 copy
DSC05514 copy
I didn't count how many smaller camels there were there, but what I know is that they are lots of them around the pyramids.
DSC05513 copy
Like this camel, where its master is trying to speak German to a Polish. No wonder he looks blur.
DSC05511 copy
Some even chose some secluded area to spend some private moments together. Do this in an Arabian land, later got tangkap basah only know.
DSC05519 copy
The Great Temple of Abu Simbel, also in Egypt. This one is worse than the Sphinx because he lost his whole head straight away.
DSC05532 copy
The Parthenon in Greece. It reminds me of my first chapter of Sejarah Tingkatan 4, where we learned about the early civilizations in the world. Mesopotamia, leukemia, Mama Mia and all those stuff.
DSC05524 copy
The Colosseum in Rome, Italy.
DSC05609 copy
The Leaning Tower of Pisa. They have this tower from Italy, but not ours from Teluk Intan.
DSC05542 copy
St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. My senior told me that he was touching at one of those plastic figures and accidentally broke one of them. So I suggested to him why not he just take it back as a souvenir, since they have thousands, of not millions of them around the building.
DSC05600 copy
The Doumo in Milan, Italy.
DSC05678 copy
Notre-Dame Cathedral in France.
DSC05672 copy
The Arc de Triomphe in France.
DSC05654 copy
The Eiffel Tower in Paris.
DSC05528 copy
St. Vasilie Church in Russia.
DSC05566 copy
The Windmill in Kinderdijk, Netherlands.
DSC05572 copy
Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, after which Disney's "Cinderella Castle" is said to have been modeled.
DSC05584 copy
Buckingham Palace in England.
DSC05587 copy
According to the legends, that figure on the left is a real person and was cast a spell by a witch. That is why he has stood there for years without moving even an inch. Was my story convincing enough?
DSC05666 copy
Tower Bridge in England.
DSC05706 copy
Big Ben and Houses of Parliament in England.
DSC05675 copy
Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona, Spain.
DSC05709 copy
Masjid-e Emam in Esfahan, Iran.
DSC05710 copy
Ananda Temple in Myanmar.
DSC05713 copy
Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
DSC05715 copy
Taj Mahal in India, a white marble mausoleum built by Shah Jehan to show his true love to his beloved wife.
DSC05719 copy
Forbidden City in China.
DSC05716 copy
The Chinese in the older days are much shorter than I thought.
DSC05725 copy
Yungang Buddhist Caves in China.
DSC05726 copy
The Great Wall of China, extending as long as 2,400 kilometers, which represents a history of hottest battles between the then Chinese people and the then equestrian people.
DSC05727 copy
I bet not many people had noticed these figures in one section of the Great Wall of China. They are the characters from the legendary "Journey to the West", but from this picture I could only recognise the Monkey, called Wukong, the Pig and Kuan Yin Tan San Zhang. I wonder what that green creature is. Incredible Hulk, perhaps?
DSC05732 copy
The South Gate of Seoul in South Korea.
DSC05730 copy
The Dragon and Tiger Pagodas in Kaohsiung in Taiwan.
If you might notice, there is not a single monument of building coming from Malaysia. And for most of us who will never going to afford to travel around the world to these places, I think coming to Tobu World Square will at least make up for that. After all, you will need less than two hours to visit those places under a minimal expenses. At the end of the day, you will be able to say announce proudly that you had gone around the world in eighty days two hours.
And thank you for reading it up till the end :)


pinksterz said...


haha ey the sphinx memang really sudah hilang its nose and so is the abu simble temple's head. auehauehuaehauheua. so funny! XD

and of cuz people wont think of me when anyone mentions egypt. i ain't that fehmes. T^T

but then no use for you to put my link there since i close my blog temporarily. so you can remove it if you want. ;)

Anonymous said...

kenapalah anda selalu dapat pergi tengok pelbagai benda..

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the 'journey to the west' pic...omg the guy's not kuan yin la...hahaha..he's tang san zhang

Anonymous said...

nice post, thx for sharing :)

omg.. i can't remember that i read about eukemia in Sejarah Tingkatan 4 .. haha :P

mg said...

ahah yala not kuan yin okay.. the blue guy is the cow one. lol..

but so cute lor the figurines. i also will steal if im ur senpai. =P nice post, since i wont be able to see anyone of them in real life.. not now anyway. ^^

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
your pink terrorist simply go to people's land and chop off the statute head wtf.

alah, want to show low profile now.

by the way, now that your blog is back, good thing i didn't take off your link there xD

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@ michelleg:
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with people like you, no wonder the number of figurines keep on missing =P

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your blog is interesting...I like travelling so much and I really like ur blog...Great job for you..^^

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