Monday, June 23, 2008

A Short Update On Myself

I have been blogging so much about my travels recently and the events that unfolded for the past few weeks that I realised that this blog has turned into a travelogue once again. Hence, I will take some time out from that topic and post up a short updates on what I have been going through over these several weeks as a whole. I expect it to be full of words, but you can always choose not to read it and press the red button at the top right corner anytime you like ;)
My mid-term exam has officially ended last Thursday, which spanned over more than two weeks. Like I said, it could be a good thing or the opposite, depending on how you see it. Since there are gaps of a few days in between the papers, so the preparation time is more, but when it lasted that long, you will always wish that the last paper finishes as soon as possible. Talking about exams is boring, ain't it?

More so when you are studying for an exam =.=

Anyway, there was a school trip sandwiched in between my exams and it was over the last weekend. I will not be blogging on that yet as for now though. It was only so so, compared to last year's trip to Sado Island. This time, we ended up spending most of the time in the bus, because the locations are separated quite far apart, and hence we didn't get to walk at the places as much and as long as we would have hoped for. Anyways, it was a free trip sponsored by the school and I shall not complain much either.

It is heading towards the end of June and that means summer is coming. Am I excited about it? Yes and no. Yes, because I am going back this August and no, because I will have to endure the heat first before that. Of all four seasons here in Japan, I guess I loathe summer the most. I know the condition in Malaysia at the moment is not much different, but when it is summer here, you will sweat like hell and the high humidity makes your body feel sticky like elephant glue. No matter how many times you bathe, it will still be the same thing. I will sweat so much that I feel like staying in the shower room for the whole day =.=

Talking about the heat, I had a sudden headache last night. I guess it must be due to the hot weather nowadays. And just like girls having their monthly PMS, obviously my mood changed. Who said guys cannot have PMS? It was quite bad that I quickly went to wet my hair and I found out later that I was not the only one having headache. The rest were complaining about the same thing as well.

Is this due to the global warming problem that is getting more alarming these day? I guess it does. That is why starting from a couple of days ago, there is this annual event called Candle Night launched in Japan. The objective is to reduce the usage of electricity within this two-week period and it is actually very simple to contribute to this campaign. Just turn off the lights for two hours from eight to ten every night and imagine the quantity of energy saved within this period. It started last Saturday and will continue up until July 7th.

As if I haven't had enough on the killing heat nowadays, Pinksterz have the heart to make me even more stressed by giving me a link of a game called Po's Awesome Appetite. Unless you are planning to increase your blood pressure, I advise you not to try this game because it is damn addictive, and also it will make you feel tension. Seriously! Stewpid black bear. I tell you that panda is damn bengong and mangkuk tandas can! (sorry, I don't have a translation for both terms).

panda copy

That someone always tease me being a noob when it comes to games. So, try beating this score, although I guess most people will surpass my best score easily wtf.

Football fans out there who are following the EURO '08 tournament, do you notice that all the group winners have crashed out? Is this a coincidence or what? Holland has been beaten soundly by the Russians last night and I don't think I will be watching the remaining of the tournament anymore. More so when there is a possibility of a repeat of what happened four years ago.

A Turkey-Russia final, anyone?


mg said...

yeay i might watch the movie.. hehe

Anonymous said...

and one thing..
i realise that Japanese dont use fan..
we have more than one fan in msia but not in japan!!
even in class also no fan!!
i guess maybe they scare it will drop when earthquakes occur huh..

Anonymous said...

haha,brilliant guess for the reason not to put fan above .
i m having headache too,yesterday and today.just donno know y?too tired??

ceddy said...

spain's still in the tournament as group winners... hahaha... :P

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
don't watch it. later you get stress. lol xD

calvin said...

@ ns29:
i have realised that since the first week i'm in japan. and i feel like stripping off in the class because it is super damn hot =.=

you made a good hypothesis there ;)

calvin said...

@ lyk:
yea, you shouldn't club till late night. no wonder you are tired. haha =P

calvin said...

@ ceddy:
having ah sheng posting up a comment on a blog entry is as rare as having russia winning the european championship ;)

pinksterz said...

my last score is 70190.


Anonymous said...

no way! Russia and Turkey must not win! else Ah Boon will take all our money! :P

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:

calvin said...

@ bao cong:
you guys are betting is it?
"how macchi?"