Monday, June 2, 2008

How I Pwned Someone In Stress

I know the last entry was related to exam and it will be nothing different again this time. I had my Materials Dynamics paper this morning (yes, the one that I got mixed up with Physics when I was revising it in the weekends) and I made another silly act of mine by changing my initial answer, which should have been already the correct answer, to something else. Damn pissed off with myself I tell you.

So, I decided to do some silly stuff over in MSN to release those stress and tensions. I was browsing through my MSN list and I noticed someone who put a catchy line beside her nickname. That someone happened to be poor Syaza. Yes, since you insisted me to blog about you so much, so here it goes. So, she put a line which read, "shuo ai ni" just next to her name. As far as I know, she never attends any extra Mandarin language classes, which made it rather weird on how she knew that three-letter phrase. Hence, I MSN-ed her using a combination of Chinese and Japanese characters, 'coz I wasn't sure how to type the character "who" in romanised Mandarin. Yes, my Hanyu Pinyin (something to do with the pronunciation in Mandarin) just sucks.

Calvin: 你爱誰?(you love who?)
syaza -alin-: saa... (well...)
syaza -alin-: sedang mencari (searching...)
syaza -alin-: hahahha
syaza -alin-: its jolin la
syaza -alin-: my aite <--- dunno. typo I think
syaza -alin-: masih mencari~~ (still searching...)
Calvin: hehe
syaza -alin-: bluek
syaza -alin-: kacau je! (disturbing me only!)
Calvin: got meh?
syaza -alin-: got la
syaza -alin-: tgh shuuchuu menari ni! (I'm concentrating on my dance la <--- har? o.O)
syaza -alin-: hahhahahaha
syaza -alin-: im going crazy im telling u <--- I know that. only crazy people can concentrate while dancing
syaza -alin-: too many things to hafal
syaza -alin-: all the shoumei <--- shoumei means explainations, which I hate as well
Calvin: hafat what? <--- haha, this time I came out with a new word - HAFAT
syaza -alin-: ima release tension (now, releasing tension)
Calvin: must hafal wan? (have to memorise one?)
syaza -alin-: hahhahaha.
syaza -alin-: i choose not to mendalami it. (I choose not to deepen it. haha, direct translation wtf)
syaza -alin-: its for shiken only. (it's for exam only)
syaza -alin-: hahahahhaha
Calvin: then after shiken u forget dy?
syaza -alin-: not really
syaza -alin-: haiyou <--- can see that she started to get tension with me already by this point
Calvin: but when u wan apply it, can u recall it? <--- so, I purposely tried to make her more tension
syaza -alin-: i also tatau what i want actually (tatau means dunno)
syaza -alin-: got any songs to susume? <--- suddenly wants me to intro her some song. wtf she thinks I'm the VCD seller in Petaling Street now isit?
I didn't reply her 'coz I was away. A few moments later however, before I came back and got to reply her;
syaza -alin-: BOLEH!! <--- of a sudden, got over excited
syaza -alin-: OMG! <--- more excitement in herself
syaza -alin-: im superwomen! <--- and became SS eventually =.=
syaza -alin-: hahahhaha
syaza -alin-: weyh
syaza -alin-: x d lagu ka? (you don't have any songs arh?)
Calvin: wat song?
Calvin: chipmunks?
Calvin: then rite, u got hafal lirik lagu?
(then right, do you memorise the lyrics?)
syaza -alin-: wat lirik?
Calvin: the song la
syaza -alin-: this song?
syaza -alin-: not la
syaza -alin-: words yg i tau i sebut la (I only sing words I know)
syaza -alin-: yang tatau skip la (and skip the ones I dunno)
syaza -alin-: hahahhaah
syaza -alin-: hatsuon hakkiri wakannai kedo.. (I dunno the exact pronunciation...)
syaza -alin-: asal ada bunyi ok la kan?~ (but as long there is the sound, it's okay, right? <--- no wonder now it's raining almost everyday =.=)
syaza -alin-: i want chinese songs cepat!
Calvin: u mean which song?
syaza -alin-: i mean any songs la
Calvin: that song u said mia ler?
syaza -alin-: oooo.. shou ai ni?
syaza -alin-: jolin tsai
Calvin: wo bu ai ni wor (but I don't love you wor) <--- trying to make her tulan me wtf
syaza -alin-: 私知tau (it means "I know" but at first, I read "watashi" as "wo" o.O)
syaza -alin-: hahahhaha
Calvin: u cakap u tau (you said you knew?)
syaza -alin-: malas melayan (I lazy want to talk with you already lah) <--- the signs are there already
syaza -alin-: u cakap yang mana satu pun i tatau (you said which one also I don't know)
Calvin: that wan u use wat type?
syaza -alin-: wat type?
syaza -alin-: ape ni??? (what is this??? a.k.a. wtf???)
syaza -alin-: x paham la encik calvin (I don't understand lah Mr. Calvin)
Calvin: u type which one, the one u tau
syaza -alin-: u said u dont love me
Calvin: i said wo ai ni (I said I love you)
syaza -alin-: den i said la i know
syaza -alin-: u said wo bu ai ni wor (then you said i don't love you wor)
Calvin: but i dunno what are u talking
syaza -alin-: me tooo
Calvin: which song?
syaza -alin-: hahahahhahaha
syaza -alin-: pening already (I'm blur already)
syaza -alin-: which song what?
syaza -alin-: haa?
Calvin: the one u ai wo de (the one you love me one)
syaza -alin-: its jolin tsia song: shou ai ni..
syaza -alin-: ok~ get it?
Calvin: no <--- still acting innocent wtf
syaza -alin-: den what?
syaza -alin-: weyh, mcam ayam cakap dengan itik la weyh! (wei, like a chicken talking to a duck lah)
Well, the conversation continued with me kept on bugging her with more of my lame and innocent acts, which I shall save the details here. In the end, after making one whole big round around that same song, I returned to the Chipmunks story.
Calvin: then u got chipmunks lyrics?
syaza -alin-: dont have
syaza -alin-: joann ada kot (I think Joann has it)
syaza -alin-: she very senyap jer lately (She's very quiet lately)
Calvin: she tension now
syaza -alin-: ooo
Calvin: but i see u lagi tension now
Calvin: hahaha
syaza -alin-: dont kacau (don't disturb)
Calvin: i made u tension tonight ^^
syaza -alin-: hahahha
syaza -alin-: i know!
My first encounter of coming across someone who is so happy to get herself pwned o.O


syaza said...

who said im happy ha?? nak kena ni calvin!! sabotage aku!

pinksterz said...

i still tak paham the whole thing...


calvin said...

@ syaza:
you replied me "hahaha" wert. so, i suppose you were happy lor. where got people sad but will laugh like that, right? unless you got some loose screw inside your brain =P

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
har? why are you so blur one?

Anonymous said...

kesian syaza
me finish exam
u want to kacau me??

calvin said...

@ ns29:
i know i am such a nuisance >.<
disturb you? hmmm, i have to think twice if it's you because it could end up with you lecturing me about how to lead a healthy lifestyle =P

Anonymous said...

exam staring tomorrow...
dont cha wish to kacau me?

syaza said...

how come ramai yang request nk suruh kacau ni?~ hahaha..i think. ada 2 3 screw loose dah..

calvin said...

@ amalina:
ohh no, i will only disturb people when i know that person is busy studying for the next day's paper; while i have no exam on the next day, or i am going through exam's blues ;)

calvin said...

@ syaza:
yealor, i also don't know why.
it makes me look like the naughty boy of ppktj only >.<

p/s: do you need a screwdriver from a mechanical engineering student?

syaza said...

waiting for my chemor baobei~
hakhak..a surprise is coming up this saturday..shhhh...its a secret~

calvin said...

@ syaza:
how can it be a secret anymore, when you have mentioned it here? anyway, i'm waiting for another jiwang entry from you very soon =P

syaza said...

at least 本人 tatau, then should be ok~ hahha..that type of secret..
btw, i really thought u nak puji i paham cantonese sket2 ka..ini kutuk orang pula!

Joyce said...

Syaza: HAHAHAHAHAHA.......




* rolls on the floor*




Calvin: =_='''''' Kerubin ni bengong lah. Baru sekarang saya mula tahu.

calvin said...

@ syaza;
ohh, i was doing on that entry halfway, but it looked like a boring one. so i decided to kutuk you only, since i suppose you have more things to be kutuk-ed than praised =P

calvin said...

@ joyce:
it's karubin ;)