Monday, June 9, 2008

Another First Of Mine - Okonomiyaki

I may be living in Japan and cook on a daily basis, but I have to say that the number of times I cook Japanese dishes can be counted using only one side of my fingers. But after making curry puffs the other day, I thought of making something different again. I had my first okonomiyaki during the last summer break, when I was in Hiroshima and since then, I had not eat it for more than five times. I thought of why not I try making it myself considering that it doesn't look as hard as it seems to be. For you who have no idea what okonomiyaki is all about, it is a Japanese dish consisting of a pan-fried batter cake and various ingredients.
It is actually quite simple to make this dish. I just used a packet of okonomiyaki flour which comes in the exact measurement already. Here are the rest of the ingredients needed, where you will get three medium size of okonomiyaki:

DSC05310 copy

Now I only realised that I have two egg and sausages there, why didn't I arrange them in some other way.
¼ chicken breast
5-6 sausages
2 eggs
¼ cabbage
Okonomiyaki sauce
Bonito flakes
There are a few types of flour inside the packet of the flour. Basically, I divide them into three parts as follows:
DSC05314 copy
Clockwise from the top: the base, the topping and the meat.
  1. The base, consisting of okonomiyaki flour and yam flour.
  2. The topping, which includes eggs, cabbages and flakes from the flour packet.
  3. The meat, consisting chicken fillets and sausages. Other types of seafood such as prawn and squid or crab can be used as well, according to your own preferences.

The instructions are already written at the back of the packet of the flour, but I will explain the method briefly.

  1. Mix the two types of flour with 160cc (1/2 cup) of water.
  2. Break the egg and mix the topping ingredients together.
  3. Heat the flat pan and add minimal oil onto the pan.
  4. Pour the batter for the base, followed by the topping.
  5. Add the meat on top and leave it for one to two minutes before turning it.
  6. Cook it for five minutes and you are almost done with your okonomiyaki.

So, you should get a piece of okonomiyaki something like this.

DSC05319 copy

I know it looks like some fried eggs, but wait till you see the next picture.

The only thing left is to decorate it. So, just pour the okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise on top of it. You can pour it in whatever way you like, whether to draw a smiley face or even draw some animal shapes on it. Then top it up with bonito flakes and you are done.

DSC05329 copy

I was eating my first piece of okonomiyaki, when I realised that I forgot to pour the green aonori on top of it. So, I made my second piece and this time, the aonori certainly made it look more appealing and tasty.

DSC05342 copy

Any orders shall be placed in the comment's box. Thank you very much ;)


mg said...

i want one... lol...

Kae Vin said...

If u wan any of the laksa with crackers on top, make sure u make one for me! BY HOOK OR BY CROOK! hahaha :P

Anonymous said...

your plate says tomato

Wee Kien said...

not bad by the look but prefer malaysian food recipe.

zhenhui said...

don't tell me..i know...
u whack up the first one in record time so that you can use the same plate for the second one!!!!


jahat sial didnt reply my 元気だしメール。。。


Anonymous said...

cannot order from u as ur using not halal meats..

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i will make you not one, but a few with various special toppings one day, okay? ^^

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
okay, deal!
one bowl of crackers laksa for me, one piece of okonomiyaki for you ;)

calvin said...

@ kok hong:
yeah, my plate can talk wtf =.=

calvin said...

@ `chwk87:
malaysian recipe? hmmm, i will do it next time. too many entries on food in a short period of time will make people get bored >.<

calvin said...

@ zhen hui:
correct! correct! correct!
why are you so smart again har?
yeah, i tried on the first piece first, before proceeding to my second piece. just in case i need to do any modifications =P

and why are you sending mails to everyone so early in the morning? =.=

calvin said...

@ amalina:
you made a point there.
you know what? it actually had happened when i was doing my curry puffs earlier. everyone was asking why didn't i use halal meat to make it. so, i felt kinda guily lah. it's not that i didn't want to share with the rest >.<

Anonymous said...

len kali just use halal meat la...maybe nnt others will belanja u plak...

yeah...ape kena ngn chan?pagi2 antar mail? -_-+

zhenhui said...

that wan is 元気出しメール。。
jahat sial calvin tak reply...
merajuk sial..

mg said...

i think wat kh meant was tomato written on ur plate, not the plate saying out the word tomato. lol.

calvin said...

@ amalina:
i have no idea what's up with that boy o.O

calvin said...

@ zhen hui:
firstly, you have to know i do not wake up that early. secondly, i do not send messages during my lesson ;)

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
it's just kok hong being kok hong xD

KOKahKOK said... fabourite....i shall go and look for those flour from jusco or anyplace...and follow ur step n try.

or else i gonna order from u and pls deliver to my doorstep! hehe

syaza said...

susah la macam ni calvin..everytime masak masuk blog..hakhakhak..jeles siot!! bak sini sket!

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
i think there was a time not long ago when you ask me to deliver my nasi tomato to your doorstep but until now, i have yet to do so, right? expect the same thing this time as well =P

calvin said...

@ syaza:
where got? i never publish the rice i cook everyday also =P

Chuff said...

that just looks too delicious! have a n awesome weekend.

calvin said...

@ chewbies:
thanks for dropping by and i'm glad you enjoyed it :)

K3ViN said...

wah no bad on ur 1st try...... look yummy nia....

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
not only does it look yummy, but it taste good too ;)