Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who Has The Biggest Brain?

I am never a Facebook freak unlike someone, who will spend hours and hours of my free time playing with the applications available there. Okay lah, I admit there was one time when I was so addicted into playing on my Fluffy friend for a few months, that I will make sure I feed my pet and race him to get more munnys daily without fail. But since then, I have never visited my Calbit anymore and only God knows what had happened to my poor little virtual pet. Haha, I know I am such an irresponsible owner of a bunny.
Anyway, apart from that and a few other common applications like Super Poke! and Compare People, which I play occasionally, I will usually just ignore the others I got. In fact, the tons of invitations I got have nearly reach 600 invitations. On my last check, it was 581. However, while I was just about to start to make myself study a little bit last night, Amalina MSN-ed me with a message, "sapa nak cabar aku". Just like any other guy which has that certain level of egoistic, of course I felt I was challenged and I decided to take a short break from my study and give a shot on this game.
Basically, this game is more to an IQ test which test on your ability in four different categories. It will test your analytical ability (they put two things together, say a rabbit and two carrots, then ask you which one is heavier), how your brain can calculate (2+3=?), how good your memory is (they put one row containing a few types of things and ask you to rearrange them again in the same order after some time), and lastly it tests your visual process ability (spotting missing pieces from a jigsaw puzzle). For every categories, there will be a time limit of sixty seconds and you will have to try to answer as many answer correctly as possible and in the end, your score will be calculated.
So, I gave my first attempt to see how big my brain measure up. The questions asked were not as tough as you thought and it depends more on how fast your impulsive reactions to every questions given. So, in other words, the faster you do the test, the more questions you will get to answer, and the higher points you will score. I am not sure whether there is a penalty for wrong answers though. Anyway, I managed to answer every question correctly in all four parts. I must have taken too long doing too much of thinking during the test because in the end, the score I got looked nothing like convincing enough.
Apparently, I got the best score at the calculation part. Can become taukeh kopitiam liao.
They will later calculate your score and it will be translated into the size of your brain. During that time, you will see your brain grow from a tiny little nut-sized brain and the size will increase gradually, overtaking brains of snakes, elephants, hippos, goats, birds, chimpanzee and many other animals. I hope you made it pass all those animal, otherwise I will know that you possess a smaller brain than those animals. And I will have every reasons to call you a person with a bird brain next time ;)
My brain is so big that it won't fit a 1.5 litre water bottle. Actually that's very small 'coz somepeople got more than 4 litre!
In the next stage, they will compare you with your other friends in Facebook who had played this game and compare you with them to see where you stand among the rest. As for me, I didn't make it to the Top 3 in my first attempt, but at least I didn't got the last place and even managed to overtake one person. I know. This is so damn pathetic, right?
Haha, just look at Joyce's tulan and heartbreak face.
Anyway, I gave a second try on this game and the score I got didn't give me a significant increase. Haiz, you all just wait lah. When I have found the time, I will make sure I will overtake all of you one day. Anyway, when I went to my Profile page in Facebook afterwards, at least I know I am getting smarter already.
There goes my time that I should have spend on doing my revision for my mid-term exam. I am so gonna kill you Amalina. You will be held responsible for my result this time, be it a good one or a bad one. If you think you can do better than me, give it a try and tell me your score ;)
*edited*: My best score at the moment is 1903cm^3, which means I have a scientist's brain.


mg said...

horr!!! din study!!! notti!!

Anonymous said...

aku tarak facebook so tak jadi main

BC maybe can get full marks for calculation part..

Anonymous said...

sorry beb....
my latest score 2266litres.....

やったやったやった~~~calvin pun men~

I wont be responsible for any thing...
ego laki xleh kna cabar eh?

Anonymous said...

haha, i hv tried it 3 times, and so far my best is 2084. i'm not good at the memory part >_<

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
oppss, kena tangkap liao =P

calvin said...

@ ns29:
i will find some games you can play without joining any friend's network site for you next time :)

you should do very well too, if you play this ;)

calvin said...

@ amalina:
haha, yeala yeala. trying to tunjuk belang now right? you just wait for the day >.<

guy's ego? no comment =P

calvin said...

@ baocong:
since your memory is bad, i can say you have a goldfish brain =D

Kae Vin said...

hey add me in facebook. (my gmail add)

I got 3000 lei blek and that was long ago.


pinksterz said...

i beat you.

2100 cm3 xD


Anonymous said...

u think 200+ is hi??

i got the last place for getting 255 alrite

syaza said...

i beat amalina i paling terer la! my god, im tensai-er than u..who knows~ hahahhaha

Joyce said...

yeeerrrr.....this guy huh.Ppl main one time nia then kena say edi.

Cis.....*putting on a more tulan face*

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
yeala yeala, very smart already hor? for someone who is on his holiday break, that is the only thing you will be doing, since you re having all the time to your own, right? and by the way, i have added you ;)

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
this just confirms even further that i am not born to be a gamer >.<

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
i don't know who are you, but i never said scoring 2000 above is considered high. the only reason i can figure out about your placing is that all your friends are nerds =P

calvin said...

@ syaza:
you two too free no need to study isit? never mind, i will try again next time ;)

calvin said...

@ joyce:
i also played a few times only.
so far, i played only three times ;)

*adjust joyce's tulan face and make her smile like a tortoise*

syaza said...

release tension~ terlebih study...
yesterday main golf! hakhakhak..habis sakit bahu~

calvin said...

@ syaza:
you can also try my way of releasing tension like what i did last night =P
never mind, we will soon have our own harimau kayu ;)