Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This Game Really Test My Nerve

"Ahh, stupid stupid! Ishh, stupid eel!"
someone's reaction
while playing the fish game
There was one time not very long ago, there was this online game which was a hit among most of us, especially bloggers. This game is called Kiap Kiap, basically taking the sound made when you use a pair of chopsticks to catch flies. It was quite interesting that it even got a non-gamer like me to end up getting myself stuck to playing this game for a few days consecutively. However as expected, a game noob like me didn't manage to kill that many flies in every round I play it and this is among the highest I managed to score.
1 - Copy
Twenty poor flies became my victim in this round.
You will never get to spot a single fly in my clean room and that is why I didn't get to master the skill of catching real flies. Otherwise, I would have got better scores. I know you will laugh at my low score but at least I didn't fail the game. I passed the game with a C, which is already a good result for me considering that I know nothing about the gaming world. Recently, there is a new game introduced to replace this Kiap Kiap game.
Introducing, FlipFlop Flippy.
Looking at the main page, you would probably think that we are only required to use the mouse and move the cursor on the fish and catch it, just like how I used to kiap the flies. So, I just skipped the instruction part because I could not wait to get my hand on the game straight away.
That is the score I got after the end of the first game. So stupid, right? I thought I did everything correctly already but apparently, after reading the instructions, I have to pull the fish out of the water after I caught them. Just some common sense, but my gorilla brain just seemed to fail me. So, I went back to the previous page and read the instructions given.
Lesson of the day: Read the instructions before you start doing anything.
To play this game is very simple. Just use your cursor around to fiddle the rod and at the same time, target and aim the bait at Flippy. I got it right until this step but not the next which is the most vital step. After you have caught Flippy, you have to drag your mouse upwards once Flippy are caught to make sure you will not finish the game without any points. Since it sounds so easy that even a small kid can play the game, they set a time limit of 90 seconds for you to catch as many Flippy as possible. And there are three sizes of Flippy - Papa Flippy, Mama Flippy and Baby Flippy, each offering different points according to the sizes. The bigger sizes of Flippy worth more points.
The only challenge in this game is to overcome the Electrifying Eel. These eels are damn annoying and irritating because they will usually appear some time after the game begins and they will slow you down to catch more Flippy. Besides, even you have caught you Flippy but once you are electrified by the eel, you Flippy will escape that you have to catch them again. So, it will be down to you technique to avoid them and at the same time, get to catch other Flippy. One more thing is that the Flippy will swim faster as the game progresses.
I began playing the game and I tried to make sure that the Flippys I caught are evenly distributed and not only concentrated on Papa Flippy. Fair and square konon.
Such a nice combination, but not the same case for the score though.
However, it didn't work out as what I would have wanted it to be. The score I got was quite a bad and embarrassing one.
4.5 kilograms of fish can cook one pot of fish curry already, but I still got a C.
So, I changed my game plan and reverted to something different. I took some time off the game and spent it on drafting my next plan to make sure it would succeed the next time I play the game. Yes, it really made it sound that I was so serious about the game as if I was setting off to a war zone. This time, my strategy was to catch as many Papa Flippy as possible because it offers the highest points. Smart or not?
Much to my relieve, the result got much better than my previous attempt.
With this amount of fish, I can cook for the whole class already I think.
However, I am still not satisfied because I had yet to get an A for this game. So, I continued playing the game because I die die also wanted to get at least an A, if not a few A's.
It slowly kept on increasing and increasing.
It lasted for almost an hour and instead of completing my loads of assignments which were approching their datelines, I wasted my time catching Flippys. During the process, there were a few times where I played the game so zealously that I almost pull the cable of my mouse off my laptop, because I was imagining that I was fishing real fish and I thought of pulling the rod out from the water. Lucky thing that I didn't spoil my mouse. I also hardly moved my body to make sure that my concentration level remain on the highest level. Both of my eyes were practically focussed on the screen in look-out for any new Flippy to be caught. I tell you this game is really addictive and you will just feel like making your score better each time. If not for my class which was just about to begin, I would not have stopped playing the game that day.
And after countless tries, this is the highest score I managed to get.
That's it. I gave up on this game.
I think I will never get an A for this game. If you think you can do better, try out this game and tell me your best score.


pinksterz said...


KOKahKOK said...

me 2...play long long time "ag"...trying to show off your high score ah haha.....

Kevin Tan said...

engineering students very free one hor?

cl3m` said...

i got 10k on my 2nd attempt...

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
next time go apply to become a fisherman ;)

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
how could you say that i'm showing off? my high score is actually one of the lowest score if you compare to people who are good in this game >.<

calvin said...

@ kevin tan:
you think engineering students are like medical students meh? so tension and stressed-up twenty-four-seven >.<

calvin said...

@ cl3m`:
it will be a big asking for me to match that score =P