Saturday, May 17, 2008

Post-Golden Week Gathering 2008

"Don't cry lah.
Sure will meet again one"
what I told the girls,
who were hugging at the train station before returning
After almost three days of craziness we had, it was the parting time when everyone had to return to our respective places. Some had to take flights all the way back to Hokkaido up north, some went for the conventional train, some preferred taking buses while some just walked back to their places. The jokes we shared, the gossips we spread among all of us during the couple of days had to come to an end and it was the time for everyone to get back to our work and studies. Despite so, we still wanted to use up the remaining times together on the last day doing crazy things and what else is there better to do than karaoke. As for the other half, they decided to go to Odaima, a man-made island with the new kohai's batch. Before we started going insane at the karaoke, we had our buffet lunch at an Italian restaurant. I have lost my count on the number of times I went for buffet meals in Tokyo in the last two months and I guess I just have to stop myself from going to these buffet meals when I pay a visit to Tokyo again the next time. Otherwise, I guess I will become one of the most suitable candidate to sign up to be the mascot wearing a Doraemon suit distributing free tissues very soon.
There were nine of us there and we split into two rooms but the thing I found it uncomfortable is the size of the rooms. It looked like it is more likely to fit a couple inside the tiny little rooms. Ignoring that, we just squeezed ourselves inside the rooms and started singing and shouting away for hours. As the final song of the karaoke session, we sang Crawling by Linkin Park and we were merely shouting away, instead of singing. Even if there happened to be an earthquake at that moment, we would not know it either. Unsurprisingly, every single of us got a sore throat at the end of that song. I was just amazed how one song could take away my voice.
From left: Me, Yow Keong, Chang Yuan, Yi Fuan.
By the way, I bet most of the people didn't know about this: the word karaoke originally came from a Japanese word kara (empty) and it is combined with oke (orchestra). Now you know you are performing an empty orchestra all this while.


From left: Cedric, Wei Jian, Elvin, Bao Cong.


Similar with the picture above, but with Sii Lee exchanging place with Bao Cong.
It started to drizzle later that evening and there were not many choices of places to go under such circumstances. I bid farewell to that karaoke group because I was joining a dinner organised by the senpais who originated from Nagaoka Kosen. I missed the similar dinner last year and of course I would not want to make it two in a row. There were twelve people in total who came that evening and we went to a Pakistani restaurant for our dinner.


From left: Qian Yi, Ebby, Fong Zyin, Joann, me, Sean, Seng Chye, JPA, Kit How, Hasan, Lee Wei.
There were some fuss occurred on our orders after some miscommunication with the waiter but it was settled eventually. Putting that incident on one side, we began sharing stories and experience and it was an enjoyable dinner together. Kudos to the senpais who kept the tradition of having a dinner during the Golden Week break every year going after all these years.
Taken from a different corner, with Liew Ching (fourth from the left) inside the picture this time.
It was almost the time for the departure of our train and we just assemble around Shinjuku station with the rest. Just like the case of the first day when we played the waiting game before everyone arrived, it was the opposite this time. Everyone has different time of leaving and the huge group slowly got lesser, smaller and more silent as the clock ticked away. To fill our time waiting there, we talk, we crap, we look at people rushing and running around the station and we camwhore for the last few times.
DSC05158 copy
Mior was there and I got to meet up with him after more than a year.
DSC05155 copy
Cedric got that black Spongebob from a kiap kiap game.
DSC05151 copy
I am not that tall, right? This is just a picture illusion.
DSC05152 copy
Joyce, who was holding some silica gel inside a packet of cookies was smarter here as she asked the two of us to take our pictures on a staircase.
I don't have to mention here who stood on the higher step.
I did post up a picture of a pair of twins previously, but if there is an award for the most identical twins in PPKTJ, I am quite sure the accolade will most probably be going to this pair, hands-down.
DSC05160 copy
Chee Wei and Joyce are not related whatsoever.
Any pairs who think they can beat this twins?
P/S: This is the last part of the Golden Week entries this year and thanks for reading. Here are the rest of the earlier entries.


baocong said...

yeah, we sang for 4 hours, and yesterday i just went and sang another 3 n half hours, lol, i love karaoke XD lets sing again!

nice and good job for all the posts.

ns29 said...


Anonymous said...

u noe mior? hehe. same university is it? he's my ex senior during high school

lyk said...

似てるけどi think chan and randy look alike better.may be is their cloths !?!?

amalina said...

who is that guy?Yow Keong?
pergh..Yi Fuan makin hensem la...hahaha

lyk said...

yeah it is me yow keong=(LYK)
gotta say sorry to yan kuang who islyk too

zhenhui said...

俺最高!!!haha :p

calvin said...

@ bao cong:
you should just start a karaoke outlet in your own room soon and you can karaoke for 24-7 ^^

and thanks ;)

calvin said...

@ ns29:

calvin said...

@ - e k a -:
yup, mior used to be in the same batch as mine in ppktj last time. but currently, we are studying in different college :)

calvin said...

@ lyk:
yea, and both randy and chan were wearing the same type of attire with same colour. so, i would say it is a close call between the two pairs =D

calvin said...

@ amalina:
which guy are you referring to? if it's the guy posing next to joyce, then he would be lai chee wei, a senpai from randy's batch who came from tsuruoka kosen. both of them damn look-alike, right?

and i am very sure that yi fuan will kembang like puffer fish if he reads your comment ;)

calvin said...

@ lyk:
yea, the company of the two of you is still running strong, right? =P

calvin said...

@ zhen hui:
haha, perasan betul >.<
tak tau malu kar?

amalina aisyah said...

そうそうdamn serupa lor....
teringat what my mum used to tell me
`if two people-different sex xder kaitan darah each other- they turned up marrying each other...
hahahahaha...dunno if this is true or not....

*cucuk yi fuan with a jarum*

zhenhui said...

randy and i oso different sexes wat!!!!

calvin said...

@ amalina:
haha, you should tell this to joyce and she how she reacts. anything is impossible ^^
anyway, i used to hear people said that there are at least a person (or more?) in this world who has the same look as yourself, and this pair just proved it ;)

*yi fuan meletup jadi hanabi*

calvin said...

@ zhen hui:
you mean different sexual orientation, right? ;)

amalina aisyah said...

told her already...she went gila r....sumthing like that....

yeah..pnh dgr.the 7 org serupa rite?like people used to said that I look like Tang Yii vice versa.....

*clap clap* yay~!hanabi~~~~

calvin said...

@ amalina:
i know why she reacted that way. she must be damn 嬉しい to hear about that possibility =P

you and tang yii look-alike? hmmm, that is debatable, i guess ;)

*high 5* hanabi so nice ^^