Sunday, May 18, 2008

Classic Video From Golden Week Gathering 2008

Attention Jong Kai Ning:
Your more-than-a-friend friend have something to tell you and you shall watch this video below which was taken during the Golden Week gathering early this month. Other ex-PPKTJ-ians should watch this video as well as I can almost assure you that you will burst into laughter in the end. No effence the person mentioned in the video, but I tell you this is one hell of a classic video taken during the gathering this year, which we shall always remember it ;)
Cameraman: Wan Ying is cutting... carrot. Hallo Wan Ying!
Wan Ying: I am Kai Ning! *peace sign* Mingrong likes me ^^
(Everyone burst into laughter)
Wan Ying: Sorry, sorry!
Mingrong: Apasal everyone simply talk one? You all cannot talk like this one *tulan-while-smiling face*
Cameraman: You like Kai Ning isit?
Mingrong: NO!! NO!! =.=
Our YB sounded so cuak with his goat's smile. Malu-malu kucing yer? ^^


Anonymous said...

classic indeed :D

so was our mr AJK suggesting he has a new target by denying the question? :p

calvin said...

@ bao cong:
i think it's the opposite. people usually tend to beat around the bush when they talk about this kind of topic, right? =P

Anonymous said...

haha, actually i'm still trying to figure out who is the kohai he is going after (according to uwasa)

anybody with info? ;)

calvin said...

@ bao cong:
if the rumours are true, it is not that hard to guess it. two have been taken and one 微妙, which leave you with only four left remaining ;)

but if you include younger kohais, that would be another different story =D