Wednesday, April 2, 2008

One Last Laugh

Okay, I admit the entry yesterday didn't really work out on most of you. She already became the first one to comment that that entry was just an April Fools prank in the comment box, although that particular comment was later deleted by herself. But to be true, it almost came as a surprise for several people who MSN-ed me when they saw my nick I put in MSN yesterday, which sounds something like this;
"although it is over, thanks for those sweet moments together"
Most of them offered me comforting words, among others are Yuen Jong, Pinksterz, Kevin Tan, Beve and a few others who I had forgotten. Sorry for my bad memory. I didn't mean to bluff you guys, but I only get the opportunity to play joke like this once every three-hundred-and-sixty-five-days a year. As a redemption, I have linked and hinted people to spam at the blogs of you all already. So, you can just forget about sending loan sharks to my room because that will only be a useless effort. Believe me. Anyway, I was thinking to play some jokes on my newly arrived juniors yesterday afternoon. It was first initiated by Joann and one of my senpai when we were on the train back to Nagaoka a couple of days ago. But since I am such a nice senior, I gave them a break this time. I am not that mean, for those of you who don't know me well enough.
However, of so many people who came and talk with me, the most interesting one came from no other than Pinksterz. This fella who will never show her own picture to strangers, MSN-ed me very late last night when she saw my MSN nick. She who has been one of my kaki crapping all this while, seemed to believe that post and was offering me nice words to someone who has just "broken-up". It continued for quite long that I was wondering and could not believe myself that how come she was so blur. Why you so blur, Pinksterz? That was until she told me that she smelt something fishy. I had no idea what struck her, but she suddenly realised that it was already past midnight and the next thing she did was to reconfirm with me that it was NOT an April Fools' prank. I denied and didn't tell her that that entry was just a joke, but I could tell that she didn't believe me anymore from then on.
Although I didn't get to tell you that moment that I had got you, I think I have got my revenge and pwned you kao kao this time, Pinksterz!
Just as if I didn't get enough of playing pranks on people, I tried to do the same on my mum last night when I was skyping with her. The first thing I told her was that I won the first prize in a lottery. Just like what I had expected, she had known my intention and she had prepared for any silly or lame jokes that I was going to play on her. She told me not to try and bluff her 'coz she knew it was still April 1st. I think I have never missed out of playing various jokes on my mum every year for the past several consecutive years already. Of course I would not want to let this infamous record of mine being broken just like that, isn't it? Even though my warm-up attempt failed but I didn't give up hope.
I chatted with her just as how I do normally after that and when she asked me if I got anything from my trip last week, I sensed that there was an opening for me. I said I bought some Japanese dolls and took them out to show her. Then, I started my so-called mission by creating some grandfather's stories, telling her that this particular doll could talk and reply to the questions people ask her. However, they can only talk and reply to people on a certain period of time and each dolls has their own period of time. The doll I was holding for example, can only reply between midnight and 1am. When she asked me the price of the dolls, I asked her to guess it first. When she said it was around RM30, I told her how could such an amazing doll that could talk and even reply to people's question come at such a cheap price. She increased the price of the dolls a few times and I continued to crap a bit more with her after that. She believed every single words of mine, until I felt it was the time for me to drop the bomb. She was damn tulan with me when she realised that I just pranked her, but I was laughing so hard that I had to hit the toilet immediately after that. Critical stage of stomachache. By the way, if you are wondering what was the reply I got from my mum when I told her it was just an April Fools' joke, it was something like this;
"You arh! Very teruk one lar!!" =.=


pinksterz said...

eh where got teruk ok? i some more cepat realised it is 1st of april! and i kept asking u about the prank on and on!

u just wait u just wait!

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
you call that fast? you should be proud 'coz you can be considered as the record holder of the person who took the longest time before realising it was just a prank.

you want me to wait for what? taxi?

pinksterz said...

nvm lar. give you face this time. let count how many times i pwned u before? hmmmm 1 2 3 4 5...... i think i lost counting d. AAHA

février said...

u cacat >_>
ignore me halfway summore T^T
i din ask to be linked oso T^T
see la
gimme real mochi first only i forgive u T^T

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
as far as my memory serves me right, it was only once. don't make it look as if i got pwned so many times >.<

calvin said...

@ beve:
i wasn't ignoring you halfway. it must be my cacat line. i will give you a real mochi once i learn how to make one, okay? =D