Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Lamest Thing I Have Ever Done

I can't believe this happened to me.
Do you know how it feels when your greatest secret is found out by someone, even worse when that someone is that kind of person that can't keep secret for even one second, and the next thing you will know when you spill out your secret, it will spread around faster than the bullet train. This is by a few thousand of light years, the lamest and crappiest thing I have ever done in my life. All thanks to Pinksterz. Haih, I also don't know why I always got pwned with this girl one. Well, it started with a normal MSN conversation and out of boringness I suppose, she suddenly posted up two blog's links.

pinksterz is me says (12:47 AM):

Calvin says (12:47 AM):
no such blog ok

pinksterz is me says (12:47 AM):
THIS ONE IS U!!!!!!!!!!!
the second one is u!!!!

Calvin says (12:47 AM):
lemme check

pinksterz is me says (12:47 AM):
how can u forget it is ur blog?!

Calvin says (12:48 AM):
who is dis fella wei

pinksterz is me says (12:48 AM):
it is u rite?
hello same email and everything la
shud be u ok

Calvin says (12:49 AM):
(at least five times of my super exaggerated OMG emoticons)
if u hadnt tell me
now i know dat
i did blog b4

pinksterz is me says (12:49 AM):
Yes, now you should know that I have another blog. I started blogging there somewhere in 2005, but the thing is that I didn't even remember that I actually own that blog. That is why when Pinksterz was telling me it that the blogger was me, I cursed that fella wondering who the hell he is and also for copying my name to set up a blog. When I clicked on the first link, what came out was a male blogger based on his profile's name, who stays in KL and posting up an entry containing a set of pictures at some old folks' home. However, when I clicked on the second one, I went,
As you can see, my full name is terpampang up there like so obvious can!
My heartbeat just stopped there for no less than five seconds when I saw my full name at the top left of the blog. If that is still insuffecient, it is clearly written there on my location. It is so unlikely to find someone who shares my name and my hometown, isn't it? By that time, I was just as kan cheong (cuak) already. How couldn't I not having such feeling, when that blog has only one entry and that one particular entry was detailing about my personal experience in the National Service programme which I attended after I finished my SPM. It was almost like a personal diary and it would be an huge embarrassment if it is made public. Therefore, the most obvious thing I thought of doing is of course signing into that account and personalise the site before anyone knew about it and gain access into it. But the ONE BIG PROBLEM is, I have not been using my Yahoo account for ages and couldn't recall my username and the password for that account.
Damn crap, right?
It took me a while to figure out and try on a few passwords, but to no avail. Along the way, of course I was &^%#@&^# myself for not being able to recall my password. Fortunately for me, there is this smart invention called password retrieval application that allowed me to retrieve my password and thankfully, I managed to access into the Yahoo account in the end. I straight away changed the setting and made it a restricted site because I wanted to clean and delete any personal-related stuffs plus the story about the girl I secretly liked during my time in the camp and also some bitchings I did in that entry. Nevertheless, the blog was nothing too personal. It was just my first entry on my three-month stint for at the National Service camp in Gopeng. But when I read it again, I really feel that it was a lame entry. The last line just top off the entry and it was by far the gayest line:
"well, his bed is just by my side!"
It is quite obvious that there is nothing much to browse through this old blog, because I merely posted up one entry. The reason why I didn't continue blogging there is kinda crap actually. To be honest, I have forgotten then about the link of that blog when I wanted to post a second entry, which made me abandoned it totally until it was found out after more than three years. THREE-LONG-YEARS! Can you imagine that? This blog really looks like an abandoned site, just like quite a number of blogs out there created by these people, who will usually create a blog, post up a few entries, and just can't be bothered to update it anymore after that out of laziness, suffering from writer's block or whatever other excuses. I never wanted to become one of them when I started blogging on this current site, but I guess I just have to take back my own words now after rediscovering my old abandoned site. Things were made even worse when I clicked on the comments box. All three comments I got was spams and the best was certainly the third one, advertising on their service that offers degrees with just a few thousands of dollars. Sounds familiar, eh?
comments copy
I don't think that I owe myself a PHD: Permanent Head Damage to my future.
Now I am wondering, do I stick to my current blog link or change into the one I had created once upon a day? What do you think?
P/S: Just in case you are interested in the two other ocassions I got pwned by this same person, here is the link.


pinksterz said...

exaggeration betul! you were omg-ing for three times only!

dey i dont go blab your secret or anything ok. i just blog about it because *dramatic sigh ala certain mdg girl* the blog is obviously public in the first place. and what's the big deal?! it is just one lame post? hello? *muka ala ala certain mdg girl* xD

yes his bed was CERTAINLY by your side. kevin gonna get jealous now.

zhenhui said...

"who will usually create a blog, post up a few entries, and just can't be bothered to update it anymore after that out of laziness, suffering from writer's block or whatever other excuses"
ming rong :D
haha XD

mg said...

haha so lame, innocent and nerdy.. LOL... i cant imagine how ur thinking were like 3 yrs ago.. LOL..

yes the last line damn gay. now tht u pointed it out. i think just stick to this blog name. otherwise have to change the links..

Kae Vin said...

oh my oh good old days

I wanna read the full post! I wan i wan....hahah :P

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
was it only three times? haiz, my poor memory.
never mind lah, at least i made it looked dramatic.

which mdg girl are you referring to?
now i feel that all of them are the same species =.=

no, kevin will not going to jealous.
we have faith towards each other ^^

calvin said...

@ zhen hui:
cannot agree any more on that.
one of the best example xD

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
lame, yes;
innocent, sometimes;
nerdy, used to be but not anymore


calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
it was, indeed. and it would be much better if i had continued writing on that.

just click on the link to redirect to my old blog :)

Crabbed!! said...

Over reacting la dude...don't think that this is worth 3 OMGs.

Besides, don't you think it's fun to read back what you wrote last time? I was laughing away when I read mine...

calvin said...

@ crapped!!
perhaps you'd caught the wrong tone of the omg part. it was not meant for me to imitate how drama queens (or even kings) tend to react in such situation. instead i was just emphasising on my excitement for someone to discover my old blog :)

anyway, does that tell me that you had another blog back then?

Anonymous said...

I was @@ when i read this..
and after i finished, i am still @@ now..

calvin said...

@ ns29:
okay, next time i will write in tamil if that will make you understand me better ;)