Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Would You Hire Me?

Last night, I received a SMS from my sister out of a sudden which prompted me to check the message immediately as the first line reads something like "Need ur advice and help...". The first thought that came into my mind was that I thought she was having some problems in her love relationship and need me to give my opinion from the guy's point of view. I was hoping and thought that I could help her out on that matter, not until I finished reading the whole message. Now, I guess I couldn't help her by myself 'coz her problem was too complicated.
Here is the message and I hope someone, whether boys or girls could assist me on the problem.


And this morning when I was checking my inbox, I received a resume from someone familiar. Here are the details.

Untitled-1 copy

Anyone interested?


février said...

LOL xD i'm starting to believe what my history teacher says about MPs also applies to PMs in malaysia. xD all voted for because they know how to do nothing and will agree to whatever the rest say because they're scared to lose their jobs - because once they do they're worse off than most people - since they know how to do nothing xD

=_= who works at 72? what happened to all his money from before =.=

février said...

Hos is INCREASE toll fee an achievement? xD wth

calvin said...

@ beve:
your first comment sounds more like a tongue twister to me. or should i say, mind twister?

why someone who is 72 years-old can no longer work anymore? he can still be a babysitter babysitting his grandchildren, no? but i'm afraid he will only make them cry the moment he tries to go near them. my youngest sister used to address him as "ghost"

of course raising the toll rate is considered an achievement, he is the only one doing it all this while >.<

Kevin Tan said...

highest education srp.. lol!!!

yerr i cant stand his hair laaa

Anonymous said...


writing me needing ur advice on love relationship????
please la.
whos the one that always come to me on that huh?!?!?!

février said...

LOL at calyn's comment xD !!!

why would anyone want tolls to rise -_-"" make everyone's life difficult, goverment's life easier -_- if he's getting all that money from tolls then need to work for what? did so much damage just sleep the day away and wait to die lah =P

my first comment meant that my history teacher was right. MPs are employed because they know nothing except have the ability to say "yes". or agree la basically to PM etc. they're all so scared of getting ostracized because once they fall, they're like a nobody. and once they're out and they don't have that high qualifications, they won't be able to get better jobs than most of us normal people, which means they would basically try prevent their downfall?

pinksterz said...

ish how come uncle sam forgot to add in creating unforgettable quotes under achievement?!

calvin said...

kevin tan:
old people won't understand if you tell them pmr. that is why it is stated there as srp. by the way, that's not even his hair but just a huge black forest cake >.<

calvin said...

@ calyn:
you chose to post your first ever comment here in such a way, and now claiming for a credit? you should have saved me from the blushes first instead =.=

calvin said...

@ beve:
just ignore that kambing's comment.

i think he should thank his lady luck 'coz he didn't suffer a heart attack after coming to know that his people has voted him out that night.

i'm not sure whether you have seen it before, but there was a time when the malaysian politicians are compared to their singaporean counterparts in terms of their academic qualifications and it was just so sad how highly qualified our locals politicians are. like you said, they have turned into "yes-man" or more colloquially "kaki bodek" (apple polisher) knowing that they won't get a better job than selling kuih at pasar malam if they quit from politics.

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
he has became senile already >.<