Saturday, March 1, 2008

What Election Means To A Kid

Disclaimer: This blog is politically neutral and does not endorse any political party.
Forget about all the manifestos and promises by any parties contesting in the upcoming election. It is not in my agenda to touch anything about that. What caught more of my attention is the conversation I had with my mum last night when she mentioned to me that my youngest sister out of a sudden, showed some interest in politics. I mean, how often would you come across a young girl who is still studying in a primary school who ask you thing related to politics and elections, wouldn't you? Nonetheless, putting her innocence into considerations, you will expect innocent thoughts from that girl at the same time. My mum had warned me beforehand that I will laugh my ass off when I listen to her story and indeed, I was gasping for air when she was finished with the whole story.
Here are the conversation between my mum and my youngest sister, which I have tried quoting them as exact as I could from like the original conversation (which was mainly in Hokkien), happened several days ago. Pardon me for the broken English used in the conversation as it would make it more natural for me to quote them in such way.
Mum: So Cindy you see, all these petak-petak thing hanging around nowadays, they called it perang poster.
Cindy: Ooo... I know, I know, 'cos got election rite?
Mum: Yea, and this lam ee ch'in kin. It's Abdullah one lor.
Cindy: Harh??! What is ch'in kin? (My youngest sister has the poorest command in Hokkien among my siblings)
Mum: Ch'in kin is dacing. You know what is dacing?
Cindy: Dunno...
Mum: Never mind. But that ch'in kin or dacing is kerajaan wan lor. Then you see this one. Got like rocket shape one. This is DAP.
Cindy: Ooo... Ei, ei, I hear hor, the green one is bad one wor. Like musuh lah means? (I have no idea whatsoever where did she got that idea)
Mum: Ooo, that is PAS.
Suffice to say that the conversation continued with some curious questions on a few more parties before she come out with the ultimate final question.
Cindy: Got so many to choose hor. Then, we must vote which one wor?


mg said...

i know dy, at the voting booth, close ur eyes and just tikam one la.. hahha.. just jk. =P

stevelee67 said...

answer to her is no need to vote...

pinksterz said...


i quote you ar! :P

K3ViN said...

haha ur sister kinda cute lor......

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
every person does that and you will get a government that tikams the rakyat in return >.<

calvin said...

@ stevelee67:
technically, she is still too young to vote yet =D

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
next time if you want to quote me also, quote properly. terbalik already lah!

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
it shows the innocence of a small kid =)