Monday, March 31, 2008

Welcome Back

I left the rest guessing where I went for the past one week. This should give the exact answer.
DSC04316 copy
To be honest, my trip went quite accordingly to my itinerary until towards the end of the trip, when I decided to return to Nagaoka a day later than my initial plan. It was a change of plan at the eleventh hour to be fair. After thinking and considering over and over again before this whether I should set off for a trip, I think I have made the right decision as it was a great trip and it was worth every yen spent although the first day wasn't that interesting. Tiredness is one thing but on the other hand, getting the opportunity to visit the places which I have not been to before this was an exciting yet enjoyable experience. The trip didn't stop at just going to those places as there are a few of us from my batch who ended up having some sort of a gathering together with the senpais and new kohais who just arrived in Japan a few days earlier at Ueno Park in the proximity of Tokyo. I will not be blogging so soon on the places and the craziness which I have had for the past six days as the new semester is starting very soon and I expect it will be a busy week from now onwards.
Anyway in this entry, I will be writing another experience that I encountered in the middle of my trip. I was walking around Harajuku and I sort of lost my way to the train station because I exited from a different gate of Meiji shrine, just a stone's throw away from the station. It took me some time to wonder around and while I was walking, I sensed that someone was trailing behind me. In fact, I have noticed that that guy has been trailing behind me since I was walking out from the shrine. I just ignored him initially, thinking that he might be gheading to the same place as me. However the longer I was walking and looking for the station, he appeared to be following me, keeping a distance between himself and me about ten meters behind. As I realised that I was beginning to walk into some quiet alley and he was still trailing behind me, I began to have the feeling that this guy is really following me after all.
So, I increased my walking pace and I tried to play some game with him to see if he was really following me. It was very simple. I just made him walked one big round and when I turned to the initial point at a junction, he stopped going after me. I breathed a sigh of relief. I continued walking and it so happened that I came across a small police station and I went in to ask for the way to the nearest train station. Nothing happened after that as I managed to direct myself to the station without coming across with that guy along my way again. Honestly speaking, I do not think that I was being trailed that day but luckily no untoward incident happened. Although I feel much safer when I am in Japan, but I still believe we should not become too complacent about safety and take things for granted no matter where you are. I guess I have been talking negatively about Japanese in the past two entries without even realising it.
On another note, there was an entry before this where I was asking the rest to guess where I was heading for my holiday and there are some clever and cheeky responses from some. Nobody got the exact answer - Tokyo being the closest one but I did mention that I will be presenting a mystery bag to the person who got it correctly. Here are the places that I went for the past one week.
DSC04032 copy
A few guessed it was Tokyo. What should I do with the mystery bag? Divide it equally between those with correct guess?


zhenhui said...

arghhhh...i know..
u're gonna end up posting the mystery bag all the way to mg because she took care of ur blog...

calvin said...

@ zhen hui:
no, i won't be doing that. she voluntarily asked me to make her the guest blogger when i was away. so that doesn't make the count xD

Anonymous said...

fujikyu highlands is somewhat near tokyo... so i get a piece of it too ,... dont you dare send me another love 'big boy' is okay...

calvin said...

@ kok hong:
that was not even a proper love card from me. wait till i make a nicer one for you some time in the future.

i hope you are using that 'big boy' for the right reason xD

Reeny said...

u shd send the bag to me the awesome ka chng.

and... wah lao even silver pole at staircase also must camwhore! ahahhahaahhahaha

calvin said...

@ reenybob:
give me ten good reasons why should i send the bag to you.

by the way, that is not a pole. it was just a curved mirror which i came across along the way when i was boarding the subway train.