Friday, March 21, 2008

Random Shots

This short and simple entry will be four pictures of four unrelated things taken from four different places.
random3 copy
Combo picture 1
A normal looking post box in front of a grocery shop. I was once told that some post boxes in Japan are green in colour, but I have yet to encounter any green ones so far. That person who told me must be bluffing on me. Meanwhile, the picture on the right is the Peace Pole in which to my surprise, was spotted in a garden of someone's house. The pole reminds me of the pole which are found in Taiping Lake Gardens, which looks exactly the same.

random4 copy

Combo picture 2
A signboard on an lamp pole telling the public, especially drivers to be aware of the children around that area. Like what we always see near school compounds, which reads "Awas, kanak-kanak melintas". However, translating that Japanese word on top of the signboard directly would make it "Kids will fly out" or should I say, "Kids will burst" which sounds wrong in some ways. Malaysian authorities should take note and come out with more signboards with cute drawings like this, instead of boring orang lidi drawings. Anyway, the next one is a vendor machine that I saw at a junction. The number of vendor machines here are as many as how often you come across rubbish on the road back home. What made this one unique was that it has a wooden roof on top of it, which I assume it was made by the shop owner.
P/S: Beve, you were telling me yesterday that pictures of Japan look cute. With these four pictures above, it just made a stronger claim that everything in Japan - be it in the consumer world or the natural word has to look kawaii, isn't it?


février said...

omg i was just thinking the same thing !!! so surprised u acknowledged me in ur post. *jaw open, still shocked/surprised*

yes yes of course. EVERYTHING looks cute! and how u get to take out only the red objects ???

calvin said...

@ beve:
i was out jogging yesterday and so happened that i came across those random objects along my way. i actually didn't post up the cutest one in this entry. i'll let you do the guessing and only be posting it up if you guessed it correctly xD

the red thing was done with some photoshop job from the tutorials i've learned. you know what? it is a huge achievement for a photoshop noob like me.

K3ViN said...

wah really cute cute lah the pic haha... anyway i have tag u

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
thanks. but why am i so prone to be tagged?

K3ViN said...

dont know.... maybe u kinda small little kid, easy kena bully lor..... haha joke only... it just happen u havent do this tag so i mah tag u lor... simply answer lor :P

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
do i still look like a small little kid? but i am exactly two weeks away from turning into an adult >.<

K3ViN said...

haha well i just joke nia lah....... maybe u look still like small kids lor.... haha Well Wish u early Bithday 1st........

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
yea, i think you are right. i still look like a small kid, but i have a matured thinking already =)

and thanks for that super the early birthday wish. it's the first time i got a birthday wish one month earlier xD