Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gone Are Those Days

DSC02090 copy
Sometimes, the thick snowfall could turn something into another thing which serves other purpose in-turn. Take this two dustbin for example. It is a common thing to come across two dustbins at a same spot in Japan as one will be used for burnable trash, while the other will be for non-burnable trash. The thick layer of snow covered more than half of the height of the dustbins and the public could no longer use them to dump their trash into them. However, they could use them as benches. Despite so, who will be that crazy to spend their time sitting outside and go through the freezing condition, right? I reckon that only crazy people would do that though. Picture was taken during the Nagaoka Snow Festival in my place last month.
The snow has made a Houdini's act;
The sun has come out shining brightly to replace the snow;
Temperature is slowly rising;
Birds have come out from their hiding place and begun chirping happily away;
There is only one message from this change;
It marks another season change in the land of rising sun;
Sayonara winter, as we welcome the spring.


février said...

why do pictures of japan always look so cute ?!?!?! T_________T i dont understand - how can the cuteness spread over the consumer world into the natural world ?!?!

my friend took pics there too - except that she was doing photography a levels la so she got some skill - YOU MUST HAVE SKILL TOO. japan cant be that cute =.= *talk rubbish*

calvin said...

@ beve:
the only reason is because the japanese worship kawaiism in their daily life.

i don't have any photography skills, more so when i'm just using a cheap camera. i will buck up on my skills to take more cute pictures in the future =)