Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Farewell Party 2008

The mochi pounding ceremony in this entry was held as one part of the farewell party for the fifth graders of the international students almost a month ago. It started with a short speech by one of the lecturers who is in charge of the welfare of the international students in my college, and later it proceeded with a few other short messages from the others. It was more to formal talkings which I don't think there is a need for me to go further into that.
Next was performances by those who volunteered to put up some shows to entertain those senpais who are leaving. First up was a pair of Japanese guy who rendered a few songs along with their guitar. Ironically, both of them are the fifth graders as well. But this party was held for the international students and they were the ones who were supposed to be treated. So, you could understand why is that so.
DSC02356 copy
It continued with a traditional musical performance by a group of homo. Homosapiens I meant, in which one of the member was the office girl in my college. A nice girl she was. I have to say this group is considered very integrated as it consists of group members from all races ages.
DSC02369 copy
Then came one girl, who treated us with a few Japanese traditional songs. One of the song sounded just like the parrot in Sado as she was singing at such a high pic which made my ears had some difficulties problem.
DSC02376 copy
When you are leaving a place, one thing to look forward to would be getting presents. Well, not exactly those huge and expensive presents. Just some tokens of appreciation from the Japanese students to the soon-to-be-leaving senpais.
DSC02361 copy
As for us, it was the next event which what made us got up so early in the morning - 11am (during the school break, that is considered quite early already), just to attend this party. What else, but makan time. To be honest, nothing much were served except for the pounded mochi, titbit, fruits, and soft drinks. I was thinking that food like sushi and sashimi would be served that day. A real disappointment.
DSC02385 copy
Anyway, we weren't there to merely whack the food, to be honest. This would be the our last gathering with the senpai and what better thing is there left for us to do, but to camwhore like crazy. First and foremost, joining the lecturer and take a proper group picture.
DSC02389 copy
Actually, there were a story behind this group picture. It started with me asking all the fifth graders to have a proper group shot among themselves, like the annual class photo we usually take in our schooling days. Unfortunately, the group suddenly attracted those tak tau malu ones and in the end, all of the people there end up gathering there, but the lecturers. So we thought why not if we just take a group picture straight away. A spontaneous shot was the initial intention, but I never thought it would turn out to be so formal.
Anyway, we finally got a shot WITHOUT the other buggers later afterwards.
DSC02412 copy
From then on, it was just free-style among us. From the Bolehlanders;
DSC02396 copy
The picture below doesn't really represent just we Malaysians as there is an Indonesian a Japanese getting themselves lost in no-man's land.
DSC02403 copy

Then I trekked up north to meet the China girl;
DSC02393 copy
There is someone who told me that this picture is controversial. Got arh?
And I met with a Chindonesian and also came face-to-face with a Bollywood star. I refer him as Chindonesian because he is a Chinese who hails from Jakarta. As for the latter, he comes from Bangladesh.
DSC02394 copy
My journey later made me being infected with a disease which is caused by some kind of bug. It makes some annoying sound, something like Kopkhumkopkap kap-kap-kap. I know I am such an evil person to make fun of a Vietnamese.
DSC02413 copy

Even though the party was to celebrate the senpais, there was one person who got more attention than the senpai.
DSC02398 copy
Everyone was registering their names in the waiting list to be the next one to get a hold on that baby, who was one of my lecturer's child.
DSC02390 copy
I quickly jumped queue and asked to be given the chance to hold the baby once I saw her face like this.
DSC02407 copy
Damn adorable and cute, right? And I spread my yet-to-be-tested fatherly love on her for a few moments.

DSC02326 copy

It didn't last long. The next thing I got was this face expression.
DSC02406 copy
I quickly returned her to the mummy before that kid gives me her freshly baked green cake.


mg said...

ur senpai's baby is SOOO CUTEEE!!! the 'meoww' and 'grr' soo cute... *faints*

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
horr, you didn't read properly. that baby is not my senpai's baby but one of my lecturer's baby lah >.<

Anonymous said...

you're horrible at handling babies... lol

so do i

pinksterz said...


eh sudah lulus cara pegang bayi. cepat pergi kahwin!

pinksterz said...

i mean HOR! not HOW :P

vincent said...

mana yan kuang?
will.i.am le?
wanna see yan kuang's face.hehe~

mg said...

i meant to type senSEI not senPAI. hehe.. see ppl also say about the 2 girls.. ^^

hmc said...

eh ur hand is two times bigger than the baby's head o.o can crush d x_x *shudders*

calvin said...

@ kok hong:
my case is understandable 'cos babies usually will feel scared when they saw a giant coming to grab them.
but you? how come? o.O

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
janganlah jadi batu api #2. dosa tu!
kahwin? belum ada calon lagi lah >.<

calvin said...

@ vincent:
yan kuang went back malaysia already by then.
william was busy buying his stuffs for his europe trip.
later can see his face during this year's golden week gathering =)

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
there is a huge difference between sensei and senpai. just ignore those stone fire. they are just trying to cause a disharmony atmosphere =)

calvin said...

@ beve:
yes, i know that. you are the first person to notice and mention that here. my hands can be an extra blanket and provide her with some warmth =D

février said...

wahhhhh so manly =P kero in banner acting cute, in blog acting macho, in pics acting fatherly xD

pinksterz said...


calvin said...

@ beve:
i shall drop my engineering course and try my luck of becoming an actor and aim for an oscar in ten years' time. don't you think that is such a genius idea?

p/s: you got two different blogger accounts?

Crabbed!! said...

Wait...I don't see William...

Anyway....HAHAHAHAHA at the face...i find it hilarious for some reason.

calvin said...

@ crapped!:
william ponteng that party for some personal reasons. which face? if it's the banner, then i got what you meant.

p/s: when are you coming down here?

K3ViN said...

wah th baby really cute lor.... if i were u i also wanna hold her... her eye very cantik leh....

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
but first thing you must be sure is whether you are good in handling babies xD