Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mexican Night

There was one time that I mentioned how pissed off I was when I was left stranded in one station not very far from where I am currently staying. Kashiwazaki station was that old and small station that I was left with no choice but to overnight there during one part of my summer holiday last year.
DSC02284 copy
Last weekend, I returned to the very same place - the town of Kashiwazaki, pinning all my hopes that the same thing would not be happening again. Putting hopes on something is one thing, but whether it will happen according to what you wanted it to be is another thing. Pretty exactly to my earlier anticipation that something bad could be repeating to me once again, I was greeted with some gale-force winds in the middle of the chilling snowing night. That was the last thing I would have hoped for.
Anyway, the reason I went to Kashiwazaki was because I was invited by my English Oral Communication lecturer in my college, Mr Mort to join them for some party. If you hadn't heard of Mr Mort before, I have blogged about this American lecturer a few times before this. He is currently living in Kashiwazaki with his family and he does some teaching sessions with the local Japanese in that neighbourhood who are interested in learning some basic English in a centre called Eikaiwa. Apparently, they hold a party every month at the centre and the public are welcome to join in.
DSC02287 copy
Mr Mort was already at the main entrance of the station when we got there and he guided us to the Eikaiwa centre. Along the way, tragedy stroked. An old man, in his sixties lost his footings on the slippery surface in the pedestrian walk and he remained lying down for some moments there. We didn't hesitate even a second and immediately crossed the road to get into him with two other passer-bys as well. We got him up and asked him whether he was okay. Fortunately, nothing serious happened to that grandpa, who was on his way to the train station. He rested for a while before some people helped him to get himself to the station, while we continued our walk to our destination.
This time I paid extra attention on every single step I took after witnessing what happened to that grandpa. However, another similar incident happened, just right in front of us - this time it was a young girl who slipped in such a stylish way that I reckon that she have had practised her fall many times already. We got that sexy girl her up and continued our walk once again. We had turned into something of the rescuers of slippery-fall victims.
The walk would not have been that long if not for the two incident along the way. After walking for 15 minutes, we arrived to the centre. It was confines in between the shop houses and was quite a small place. The people who have been there greeted us and we have short chats with them, while the girls were busy preparing the food in the kitchen. After everything was ready, Mr Mort had a short talk, thanking all who came. It later continued with a short prayer before we start walloping the food. Unlike my fellow senpai, Randy who got "tricked" into a church, I am not a Christian but I have no problem with them having a prayer before a meal. There is nothing wrong for me to just bow down while they are praying. Every religion has its own prayers and to be fair, we Buddhist by right should pray before every meal, just like the Muslims and Christians, though it is not a compulsory practice for us.
Putting that aside, we started enjoying the meal prepared. It was an opening for us to get to taste some new food other than the daily Japanese food we had here. The Mexican wrap or simply referred to as tacos, was some sort of wrapping a capatti with various filling inside, such as minced meat, onions and tomatoes, mayonnaise, tomato sauce and sliced cheese.
DSC02261 copy
Similar to the Mexican wrap, paella, a typical valencian rice dish from Spain, has not much difference either. Taking a few bites on it and you will sense the variety of spices and herbs in the cooking. The Spanish rice we had was identical to nasi tomato, but the one we had was a bit moist and excessive use of tomato sauce which made having sourly taste.
DSC02263 copy
While we were feasting on our food, the kids were having their own fun within themselves. Never in my life that I ever encountered a kid that is so comfortable with me, that she will run herself to anyone without having to call her over. That was until I met with the 7-year-old daughter of Mr Mort. I didn't have to ask her to hug me as she will do that to whoever she feels like doing to.
DSC02268 copy
The one in front on the left without both of her bunny teeth is the the friendly girl I mentioned, while the centre one in the background wearing a green shirt is Mr Mort's second daughter.
This is the two brothers who I was responsible to block their way at the stairs.
DSC02265 copy
The younger brother, who was in a red jacket, was the friendlier of the two.
DSC02266 copy
As for the rest, there were at upstairs playing with their children game. The boys were busy gambling with their cards game;
DSC02275 copy
While the girls were playing masak-masak jigsaw puzzle, which I helped them to solve it at one point.
DSC02281 copy
We left the event with one question unanswered. We were curious on why all of the three kids of Mr Mort there don't look like an American at all - they all look really like rojak. The second daughter looks like a mix between Japanese and Chinese, the third spotted a Spanish look but someone told me she looks like Malay, which I could not disagree with; while the last one looks like a pure Japanese. It wouldn't get us into so much curiosity if not for the fact that Mr. Mort’s wife is an American. Both of us were discussing about that on our way home and the most probable would be those children are adopted. I however, came out with a foolish hypothesis. Since Mr. Mort and his spouse have been living here for almost two decades, perhaps the weather here has changed his cells and genes, and hence his children look like Japanese.
I know the former is the one that make the most sense out of the two.


Eric Sng said...

yo? wassup...sry so long didnt read ur blog...but anyway..happy belated chinese new year...

Anonymous said...

mexican wrap is tacos... spanish rice is paella...

pray only la... just thank me before you

calvin said...

@ eric sng:
i reckon you were on a hiatus, no?
it appears that you have to wish me after the chap goh meh >.<

anyway, happy chinese new year to you as well =)

calvin said...

@ kok hong:
yes, i am thanking you for those info =P

k0k s3n w4i said...

Man, love your template. Wish I'm good with this sort of stuff.

I overnighted at Pudu bus station before =.="

Eric Sng said...

i never tought about it...haah

calvin said...

@ k0k s3n w4i:
thanks, but it was more to trying an error until i get the one that fits my blog =)

anyway, i would rather overnight in any train stations in japan ten times than spending a night in pudu bus station >.<

calvin said...

@ eric sng:
never mind, now you knew it =D

K3ViN said...

wah sooo poor nia overnite in train station..... if i were u, i think i piss off lioa.. dont know what 2 do..... the food look sooo yummy.. how was the taste? wah until ur lecture kids u all also discuss? so how was the final answer? :P

Kevin Tan said...

the kids are so cute... omg u paedophile.

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
even if i were to piss off at them, i couldn't do anything since it was so late already. anyway, i reclaimed what i lost in the next morning on the train ticket though =P

the food was not bad. and it was just a casual discussion between both of us. i think the kids are adopted. that will be the final answer =)

calvin said...

@ kevin tan:
i thought i will not get comment telling me that i'm a paedophile anymore, since i didn't post up even a single picture of me with the kids, but still...

février said...

i wanna play masak masak! *makes mental note* must play when go back malaysia

calvin said...

@ beve:
talking about masak-masak, i was responsible for plucking my grandma's backyard plants and made them my very own so-called "vege" once upon a time. when she found out about that, i got a nice reward.