Monday, February 4, 2008

Last Hiatus For This Sem

Eight papers, five days.
DSC01954 copy
That is what seperating me from freedom at the moment.
Anyway, just some recap from today's two papers. I guess I have given up studying English in Japan based from the paper this morning. The paper today just summed up everything why the Japanese will never improve in the English. Basically, the questions were set based on the passages which were taken exactly from the textbook. They asked us to select the first sentence to come in each paragraph. Indirectly, they expected us to memorise the passage, which I didn't give a damn about doing that. Another section required us to rearrange several jumbled-up words to make a sentence. What I couldn't comprehend was since it was MCQ questions, each of the arranging question only wanted us to locate the fifth word that comes in that sentence after you are done arranging it. Confused? Never mind, just forget about that. Nevertheless, that is just pure nonsense and time-wasting.
Anyway, the final straw was the last section of the paper. They gave us few English words, and asked us to match with the synonyms of those words which are written in Japanese kanji. And they call this whole shit as an English exam. Perhaps the only bright thing that I could take from this is that it will be my last English paper for the next three years, at least. Okay, I am done with my ranting.
Two down, six to go.
P/S: Just like what the title of this post suggest, I will be on hiatus for the whole of this week. However, saying and doing it is completely two different things. I hope I can restrict myself to come online only on a limited period of time. I have doubts in myself though =P


Anonymous said...


you have 6... after 3 wks, i still have 5 (just finished one 2 hrs ago) ,... and 2 reports !!

then got saishi... stuPITT!

calvin said...

@ kok hong:
sumimasen. mmm yew kong canto dekat sini. ngor mmm sek th'eng ger.

anyway, i'm not surprised you have so many papers since there are so many cow's breed and species for you to kaji them :)

mg said...

hahaa... exam still can tembak ppl hor? hehe.. *hugs* ^^

Anonymous said...

8 papers only??ok what...I got 11 papers........neway..goodluck!

Anonymous said...

i missed 2 years i only have to copy the answer from sensei..
and left 10 papers for me...
and i finished 8 so far!!
1 left..which will be on wed..and then i will be free!!!!

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
where got tembak anyone. just feel beh song with the way they test us ma >.<

calvin said...

@ amalina:
thanks, and good luck to you as well. ganbatte ne ^.-

calvin said...

@ ns29:
your exam seems to be the earliest among all, isn't it? that means you will be free on the first day of chinese new year. jealous sial >.<

mg said...

i mean tembak kh.. lol

syaza said...

this week i have 3 papers..hehehe..jgn jeles..but then, how come u x balajar 応用数学? not fair!!!!

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
ooo, you mean him? biasa la =P

calvin said...

@ syazalina:
i don't know why, but i have great respect for girls who take up mechanical engineering. no sexist here though :)

you only have three papers? when would the rest be? next week? we only have 微分積分 (differential and intregration) and 確率 (probability) in the third year. that is more than enough for me already XD

cl3m` said...

i totally understand your feelings bout the english paper. i once asked my teacher about the possibility of teaching everything in english. cause i was shocked to find out tht english papers for uni entrance exams require u to read an english passage but answer it in japanese! WTF! if u don't write, u'll never improve... my teacher's only reply was 'shouganai, if they dont do that, the japanese can't answer but if they don't start somewhere, they'll never be able to!' and btw, that paper was todai's i think.. talk about quality..

syaza said...

ooo..we have 確率 next year..the rest of my shiken akan dimampatkan next week..killer paper bakkari..if i die, send me flowers k..white roses only acceptable..hahaha

t@ng_y1! said...

shiken gambare!

I believe u can do it!
coz ur one of the elite of our batch !

akatsukiotoko said...

Wow,few more papers to go? Ganbare! I have finished my exams since 31st. And about the English classes in Japan, i agree completely with you that they would not improve much if chages are not made. I am the only foreigner in the English class. My english level as a Malaysian has already surpass them a lot. Thus, making me left aside by the teacher. Do you know what the teacher did to me? While the others were doing English worksheets, i was doing japanese language worksheets given by my english teacher. That is why i do not even bother to go to her class as long as i did my best in my exams.


Reeny said...



KOKahKOK said...

wahsai~ cant imagine... anyway, i believe this will not be a problem to you! am i right? See See, all also agreed that you can do it! So dont worry much! i guess you also no worry on the exams la.

Ok la, just be urself! Wish you all d best again and again and i will be on CNY soon hehe...but you are not! Sad sad hehe...cham mahu kena pukul liao chao~

calvin said...

@ cl3m:
honestly, hearing something happening to such a prestigious uni like tokyo uni is something that came to my surprise. anyway, i guess all of us share the same feeling, all caused by the fact that the way english is being taught in japan is in a mess.

anyway, similar thing actually happened to one of the student in my place. the recent toeic exam just reflected where his english level is. he only got 400++. that's not even half of the full mark and it came from the same person who gets full marks in the school exam almost every other time. sad but true.

i have no idea whether to pity them or what.

calvin said...

@ syazalina:
doing probability next year? i bet you will have a wonderful year ahead. all i can say is good luck. but white roses are unavailable during the winter. in replacement of that, i will send you white snows. lots of them!


calvin said...

@ tang yi:
you also ganbare. we sama-sama ganbare :)

calvin said...

@ akatsukiotoko:
that is why i always consider my english class is just another japanese class. even with my so-powderful english, they already look up at me as if my english is so damn good.

during the english paper, my english teacher will usually enter the room like ten minutes after the starting time and ask if i have finished with my paper. if they give us a proper english exam paper, then that's a posibility. but how can they expect us to finish it up when what they are testing us are only our memorising ability and japanese kanji.

anyway, good luck in your results, since you have finished your exams :)

calvin said...

@ Ms AuSGtralia:

*wait till my exam finish lah*

calvin said...

it's the final exam already and i just couldn't wait for it to end. thanks and happy new year to you as well. never mind la, i won't pukul you. i already know this will happen =(

Anonymous said...

my exam r still far away...
oh exam..where art thou~

*bang head*
xstart stadi lagi!!!!

calvin said...

@ amalina:
now, you still have mood to literature. in a few weeks, then you will know. that time, we see if you are still in literature mood or not. now, go start stardying =D