Sunday, February 17, 2008

It Was Snowing Chickens And Ducks

That is how I would describe how much it snowed for the last couple of days.
DSC02062 copy
It started on Friday evening, when the snow didn't seem to bother to take a break and slowly accumulating on almost everywhere which are exposed - the rooftop, bicycle shade, cars, roads, trees and etc. When I got up the next morning, it was still snowing and I thought that wouldn't do me any favours since I was planning to go out yesterday for some snow festival in my place.
DSC02063 copy
The water in the pond frozed due to the extreme cold temperature.
But then, it will surely be nicer for it to be snowing while they are having the snow festival, wouldn't it be? I thought so, which made me decided not to take my transparent umbrella along. How wrong it proved me to be as the snow didn't get any lesser throughout the day; instead it got heavier.
DSC02064 copy
I ignored that and just made myself walk in the heavy snow to get to the town centre. Of course I didn't walk all the way there; that would be nuts. What I meant walking in the heavy snow is when I walked from my college to the bus stand to hop onto the bus which is heading to the town.
DSC02068 copy
Just forget about using bicyycle in snowy days.
This is my first winter in Japan and for all this while, I had not seen such a huge snow fall to date yet; excluding the one at the ski resort, of course. It accumulated so much that it was as high as one meter at most places, which made it hard for me to walk on the pedestrian walk.
DSC02069 copy
It is actually slippery even when walking on the road as it is covered with a layer of frozen snow.
When I was at the snow festival, I made a mistake by taking tawrong route and I end up at a dead-end. I tried my luck to continue walking ahead although there was a mountain of snow in front of me. When I took my first step, my whole foot was buried all the way inside the snow and it caught me to a total surprise. There was no turning back and I just continued walking for about 20 meters and managed to escape from the snow maze eventually.
DSC02066 copy
The visibly range is at a minimal rate in such weather.
The feeling of walking on snow is almost similar to walking on sandy beaches. The only thing diffference is that it is slippery if you don't walk properly. I have had countless times when I almost slipped when walking on the snow.
DSC02065 copy
The mountain range in the background could not be seen anymore.
That is why there was a headline where thousands of people in Tokyo were injured and admitted to the hospital because of the slippery walking surface when it snowed several weeks ago. Then came a few slots in between the news which taught the viewers on how to walk the right way on slippery surface. The two basic rules are quite simple - make sure your whole foot-step makes contact completely with the floor; and to try take as small steps as possible. I tried out the method and it worked.
DSC02075 copy
The pedestrian walk is invisible as it is covered with snow.
However, the problem doesn't lie only on the walkway for pedestrian as the roadway was covered with frozen snow as well. It is certainly a nightmare for drivers who like to speed. Try driving a little bit faster and you will end up in the emergency ward.
DSC02077 copy
Even the road (right) looks white.
One thing that I hate about snowy days is that they will turn on small fountains along the road to melt the snow and make sure it doesn't accumulate on the road. Those small fountains are like those found on the ceilings which will turned on automatically whenever a fire breaks out. That will make our shoe and pants got wet unless we equip ourselves with a pair of boots. The feeling of water trapped in our shoes and socks is not a pleasant thing at all.
DSC02070 copy
Fortunately, it has got better today. No more snow, but a sunny day.


mg said...

i hate the feeling of a wet sock as well. lol. poor thing have to walk without boots on. that's freaking cold! i sympathise. =)

Anonymous said...

japanese physical geography is really interesting, if you get to study it...then you will know why your side gets all the snow and mine dont... its not a matter of latitude..

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
that is why sometimes it is so nice to have someone to warm me up =D

calvin said...

@ kok hong:
i'm not taking geography next year.

K3ViN said...

wah sooo poor nia..... hope this will over soon..... take care....

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
this will continue for at least one more month. anyway, thanks for your concern :)

Anonymous said...

i remember you used to be very happy when you see the snowmans on the weather forecast=)

calvin said...

@ kaining:
it is such an irony, when i recall myself on those moments =D