Friday, February 8, 2008

Holiday Mode

I'm done with it.
DSC01841 copy
This is the snow-covered roof of the gymnasium in my college.
After toiling with my notes and textbooks for the last couple of weeks, I here now happily announce that my finals has come to an end. I will not touch a single bit about the exam, let it alone talking about those silly-cum-careless mistakes I made throughout the exam. Well, just a short recap of what I did on the first night of the New Year last night. I skyped with my family back home, while ignoring the fact that I will be sitting for my last paper this morning. At least it wasn't as bad as I thought, as my auntys with their small kids went over to my house too, which enable me to share the celebration mood of the New Year with them. Those small little kids were so overhelmed about seeing me in the webcam and were shouting all over the places that I almost went deaf. In the end, I told them to line up and talk one by one which they didn't even bother to pay attention to.
Who says you can't get ang pau when you are studying in oversea. When I was skyping with them, my parents, auntys and grandma actually showed me the ang pau that was meant for me. Although I can't get my hand into those ang pau for the next seven months, at least I know that I my ang pau collections this year wasn't affected.
Anyway, it will be five more days of class before I return to Malaysia again.
Well, I really hope for that to come true. But no, I am not going home this time. There are several options for me at the moment. The simplest and most straight-forward would be stay in my room and stare at the four walls for seven weeks. That is way too stewpid to my liking. Another choice would be another trip to somewhere. At the moment, Korea is top in my list but I am not sure if that is a right choice. It is not like I will get to run away from the coldness in Korea since it snows there as well.
However, spending a winter sonata on a Valentine's night in downtown Seoul doesn't sound bad at all.


Anonymous said...

yer.. why so rich!!

pinksterz said...


ey, you newphew and niece so cute la shouting at the webcam :D

note: you said i bluff about the post rite? it is there! hmph.

calvin said...

@ kok hong:
the plan is cancelled =\

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
they damn excited to see me in the webcam mah. some of them even almost went so close as if they were going to eat the poor webcam.

yerr, egypt arh? don't want lah. i won't let laila suck my money with her bananas =P

Anonymous said...

i've been to south korea once. for about 10days i think. but i think others went more than me. should have more info :)

calvin said...

@ ben foo:
thanks for sharing :)