Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Goodies On The Eve

I know I said earlier that I would be going for a short hiatus for this whole week, but I don't seem to be able to get myself away from my laptop completely. I would blame it for my lack of discipline. But taking a break here and there while you are studying is much better than going the whole night flipping through the textbooks without actually understanding what you are doing. Anyway, that has nothing to do with this entry. If you have read my blog for some time already, perhaps you may find this entry a redundant. However this time, it offers something different from the previous one.
This would be my last exam for this semester and I have gone for something different this time. Unlike previously where I could still concentrate my mind on what I am studying, I find that I somehow will be distracted with other stuff if I study in my room this time around. The laptop on my table seems to be calling my name and persuading my fingers to go over its body, which is something like:
"Come lah, play with me. I know you want to play one. Leave you books first lah. Come lah..."
How to reject and resist such persuation right? To counter this seduction, I have now migrated to the TV-cum-mini kitchen at the same floor to do my revisions. It was a routine visit to the same place last night but once I turned on the lights, I spotted something unusual placed on top of the table.
DSC01973 copy
It was a blue box, containing some stuff wrapped in white plastic bags. At the side of the box, there was a white paper listing down all of us in the second floor of our hostel. I still didn't know what the contents of those plastic bags were, until I tried taking a peek in it. Instantly, I recalled myself into something. This is the exam week, which means the canteen will provide us with late supper. It was the same thing during the finals of last semester as well.

DSC01970 copy

I study on the floor which is laid with Japanese woven straw called tatami.
This time, it contained a piece of bread with a slice of sponge cake in between it, a doughnut which was covered with so much sugar that is equivalent to what is required when baking a cake, a small packet of orange juice and to top it off, a Mandarin orange.
But one thing kept me wondering for a few moment.
Did they put the orange on purpose since Chinese New Year is tomorrow, or was it just a pure coincidence? My bet would go for the latter. It was rather simple and no ang pao to go along with it, but I guess this would be the most I am getting myself for this Chinese New Year.


Anonymous said...

everything is in orange and yellow color..LOL

calvin said...

@ ns29:
my calculator is black =D