Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snowy Days

It is another weekends.
DSC01828 copy
In spite of still having quite a number of stuff to update from my trip home, this will just be a filler post as I will make it just a short update. The hostel here is having another hostel festival over this weekends. Unlike the previous one held during the summer, it will be the winter version of hostel festival this time. Having experienced the summer version when they have sumo wresting on slippery stage and drag queen contest among others, which I would say not as interesting as its name suggests, I didn't really bother much about the festival this time.
DSC01830 copy
They rear a baby alligator in the pond.
They were planning to organise a on-the-ice-sumo-wrestling tournament. If that had happened, I would be really looking forward to it. However weather forecast a week ago indicated that it won't be snowing this weekend, which made the plan has been cancelled.
DSC01829 copy
Vegetable's farms being covered with snow behind my hostel. Note that the canteen in at the bottom left.
To make up for that sumo tournament, they only went ahead with karaoke competition and midnight theater. Despite calling it midnight theater, the shows are shown during the afternoon. The only reason they call it a midnight theater is because they will switch off all the lights, fix thick curtains to the window to make the canteen into total darkness when the show starts.
DSC01825 copy
The bicycle shade is not being spared by the snow either.
The only bright side of this festival is I got to eat mochi again. Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice pounded into paste and molded into shape. There are three types of mochi, eaten with red bean paste (angko), covered with grounded peanuts (kinoko) and wrapped with nori inside soybean sauce (syoyu mochi). I only took the first two, and the third one doesn't really fits my taste bud.
DSC01849 copy
I ta pao-ed some mochi back to my room as well.
It has been snowing throughout the past week. The snow is getting thicker and thicker and it seems that it will not be getting any better as in for now. The temperature also has been around two or three below zero degree, to one or three degree Celsius. I am no longer touched by the snow like the first time I saw snow months ago. Nevertheless, I have a new found game with the rest of us.
Snowball war.

DSC01835 copy

Just a few months ago, those trees are in green and yellow, but now not anymore.
It looks like it has become a must for us to play this game after our Japanese language class everytime. Just yesterday, I teamed up with my roommate against three other students and battled along the way back to our hostel. It is really fun - as much as the fun I had during the ski trip. We even made some of Japanese students had some heart attack when they saw us holding two large snowballs.

DSC01838 copy

The story was like this. Apparently, we had agree to end the game and walk back to the hostel with the three guys. However, the two of us felt that we haven't had enough of snowball war. So, both of us hid and waited behind the walls for the three guys to appear later on. However, instead of the three of them, a couple of Japanese student appeared and I was so closed to throwing the snowballs I was holding at them. It gave them a big shock, but in the end, they helped us to indicate the moment the three of our earlier opponents was coming out from the building. When we got the cue, we straight away attacked them and without any snowballs, they couldn't make any counter attack on both of us. We didn't look back after attacking them, as we ran immediately into the hostel.
DSC01837 copy
We enjoyed the fun, but eventually, all of us found ourselves with red numb palms.


michelleg said...

sugoi!! those snow looks soo ... (dunno how to describe). so sad chc no snow =(

ns29 said...

I first thought u made ice kopi with snow b4 looking at the comment under the pic..

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i know you wanted to say that those snow looks soo cute, right? =D

calvin said...

@ ns29:
that means the japanese didn't make the mochi properly that it made you mistaken it for ice coffee. or maybe it was because the way i took the picture was poor =P

kh said...

so white.....
here so blue....

lonehunter88 said...

snow look cute??? romantic larrrr, romantic... ^^;

calvin said...

@ kok hong:
i miss those blue days...

calvin said...

@ lonehunter88:
haha, where got romantic.
you are more romantic with your craps i know =P

lonehunter88 said...

sighs calbi can take nice photos but can't appreciate beauty.. describing such a scenery with petty words like "cute".. haizzzzz~