Monday, January 7, 2008

One Last Day

Before I go any further, here is a simple wish for her.
Happy Birthday and I love you =)
I went down to Kuala Lumpur a day before my flight was scheduled to return on Friday, the 4th of January. Although I left Taiping much earlier than her, who also left Malacca on the same morning, she was already there, waiting for me at Hang Tuah LRT station when I reached. I later accompanied her to get some electronic gadgets at Low Yat Plaza. After she was done with her shopping, we took a bus to Midvalley. That was the moment when one of the most hilarious and amazing thing ever, happened to both of us.
We were busy talking away like what everyone would do in a bus normally. Not very long into the ride, we saw the bus approaching Midvalley and we thought that there would be someone getting down at that stop, for Midvalley is one of the main stops along the way. So we did not press that bell, thinking that others will be doing it. I think you could have guessed what took place next. Yes, the bus just went straight pass the bus stop and we were like OMG OMG OMG!!!
I immediately stood up to press the bell, only to find it not working. Luckily the next one was working and the bus driver was kind enough to drop us in the middle of the Federal Highway, some hundred meters away from where we were supposed to get down. It was her first time experiencing such thing. As for me, I know it wasn't my first time, but I cannot really recall when was my last time being so careless - but during that time, it was a train ride. Anyway, it was fun and it was like a short adventure, trying to cross the highway with vehicles coming towards our direction at high speed. It was actually a dangerous thing to do, nevertheless.
We were supposed to meet Kok Hong at Midvalley as he was there earlier that day. But at the end of the day, it didn't happen which means our parting at Pudu several days before that was the last time that the three of us would be seeing each other. Although they claimed that Midvalley is one of the largest shopping mall in town, but when it comes to finding a simple locker for me to place my stuff, it wasn't as easy as I first thought; and they only have average sized lockers for customers.
We later went to get our movie tickets first before walking around Midvalley. However, we were more keen to check out the newly opened Gardens, which is situated just next to Midvalley.
My first impression of the Gardens will be: this shopping mall caters to only people from the upper class. Almost every single shop lots are of international brands and in each of them, the workers seems to have more free time hitting flies, rather than entertaining their customers as I hardly see anyone entering any of the shops.
The staff serving the customers seem to be clad in a much more formal attire than the other shopping malls. I first thought they were some CEOs from some big companies visiting the mall.
No disrespect to them, but their English sounded funny when we tried asking them for some directions.
The Christmas decorations there was rather simple compared the shopping malls I have seen so far, for example at KLCC and Sunway Pyramid. To make things different, they decorated their Christmas trees with some plastic made locals fruits. Some looked like longans hanging down from the trees.
We later went to have our lunch at Italiannies since there was still time before our movie starts.
The reason we went for Italian food was because obviously I will never go for Japanese food (although she loves Japanese food a lot) since I have been eating them at all times while I was back in Japan. Not even if Sushi King offered me a free buffet in their restaurant. I just needed a break from Japanese food.
We ordered a pasta, called Carbonara chicken and Calamari caeser salad as appetiser.
The pasta sauce was not bad, while the salad was just average. The portion of the salad was quite large, and we actually had difficulty finishing them.
Later we went to catch our first movie together, Enchanted. The fairy tale oriented movie started with cartoon animations which later continued into a real life movie. It was just another movie with a happy-ever-after ending about a girl, who was looking for her prince charming, which she eventually found in the end. As expected, the prince took the girl on a ride on his horse back to his castle at the end of the movie. Overall, I would give it a 4/5 rating and it was enjoyable to be fair.
We walked around a little bit after the movie, looking for a serene place to spend some time for a light chat. Alexis was just the perfect place after we went looking around at Gardens. We only ordered a glass of watermelon juice inside this cosy and dimly lit restaurant which makes it a suitable ambience for some romancing moments. That was also the time where we exchanged gifts. I made her a scrap book while I got a drawing of the red clock tower in Malacca in return. We later went for our dinner at Carls Jr. which was our first time there. The thing I like the most was the sauce they use for the burger. The chicken was tender and soft as well.
Time really flies when you are having fun. We went on our seperate ways after realising that it was getting late. I sent her off at the KTM commuter station next to Midvalley before taking a bus to my aunty's place.


KOKahKOK said...

Enchanted 4/5 ah? i fall asleep when i watched!

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
i used to fall asleep while watching movies in japan before this. so far, i have went for movies three times in japan and in all three occasions, i have fell asleep at least a while everytime.

i didn't snooze off this time maybe because this is the first time i watch a movie in malaysia after almost a year, and it was together with her =)

i guess you fell asleep because you did not do other stuffs, besides just watching the movie =P