Friday, January 11, 2008

Malacca Trip: Part 3

This will be the third and final part of the sequel Malacca Trip: Part 1 and Part 2.

A visit to Malacca would be incomplete without walking through their pre-war historical buildings around the town. These buildings are scattered at every corners along the narrow streets which are mostly accessible by only one vehicle at a time; which suggests that most of the roads are turned into a one-way street.
Among the first building that caught my attention was the Hokkien Association Hall, or more fondly known as Hokkien Huay Kuan among the locals. At first glance the building which are decorated with wooden carvings on the door and rooftop, made me passed it off as a Chinese temple; only to find out later that I was wrong.
DSC01177 copy
When I was there again later that night, the older generations were enjoying themselves singing to the tune of local oldies, which I find it quite hilarious. How often you will see people singing in Hokkien, right? As I have mentioned previously, there were many stalls selling pineapple tarts when you walk along the town. Just at the side of the doorway of the hall, there was a stall selling those tarts, as well as other local favourites like kuih kapit and dodol.
DSC01176 copy
We later proceeded with our walk to the next stop, which was Cheng Hoon Teng temple. This time, I was very sure that it was a Chinese temple when I sensed the scent of burning joss sticks at the entrance to the temple. The architecture of the temple is just like any other Chinese temple you would see elsewhere. Similar to the Hokkien Huay Kuan, the temple certainly didn't want to lose out much when it comes to the decorations in its surroundings.
DSC01187 copy
One of the oldest temple in the country.
I do not have the habit of camwhoring at worships places, but the lion in this temple which has a different shape compared to all I have seen before this caught my eyes.
DSC01190 copy
Told you already the lion is different.
Having to bear with the hot and humid weather that day, we continued walking and came to Masjid Kampung Kling, one of the oldest mosque in the state which is constructed with Sumatran influence.

DSC01193 copy

Besides having a conventional dome, it has 3 floors of roof which is shaped like a pyramid. The mosque has a unique tower, which has a structure that is similar to a pagoda with the influenced of both Western and Eastern architecture. Situated just next to the mosque is an Indian temple.

DSC01195 copy

By the way, all three Cheng Hoon Teng temple, Masjid Kampung Kling and the Indian temple are located along the same street - Jalan Tukang Emas.
The next thing that we thought of doing was to try out the double decker bus. It was made available in conjunction of last year's Visit Malaysia Year for tourist who visits Malacca. It took us quite some time waiting for the bus; in fact it took an hour while the person in the ticket counter told us that the next bus would be arriving in 15-minutes time. How ironic is that? Talking about punctuality among Malaysians.
DSC01330 copy
No more Digi or Maxis advertisements anymore; but this time it is Mamee.
There were not many people boarding the bus yet when we went up to the rooftop of the bus to enjoy the breeze, which allowed us to take a seat at the last row. Of course, that gave us the opportunity to camwhore like no one's business.
DSC01324 copy
Along the way, I noticed another uncommon thing - a floating police station. It was actually the headquarters of the Malacca Marine Police Force.
DSC01310 copy
Police station aside, the bus also went through another mosque in the town. Masjid Kampung Hulu is the oldest mosque in Malaysia, built in 1728. It was built by the locals, with some support by the Dutch during the era when the Dutch was controlling Malacca in the 18th century. It has a combination of Jawanese and Chinese architecture, holding the concept of flora in the carvings on the walls and roofs.
DSC01325 copy
After the ride on the bus which was around an hour, we got down at the clock tower and continued our walk.
DSC01331 copy
That guy in red shirt is the mascot for the red buildings.
There was a wedding going on at St. Francis Church when we were walking through that area.
DSC01336 copy
We later proceeded to a small lane that leads to the Malacca river bank. The atmosphere would be much better when it gets dark as the lights would be lighten up along the pavement, which makes it sound rather romantic.
DSC01337 copy
I mentioned in my previous entry that I will be talking about Calvin Lim Shi Han. Well, I got to know him through blogging and after more than half a year knowing each other, we finally got to meet up. One of the main purpose he wanted a meet up was because he was so eager to see his so-called "creations", which made him drove all the way from his working place, Cyberjaya, down all the way to Malacca that night. Well, he was actually going back to his hometown for the weekends.
Picture022-1 copy
Taken from here.
He picked us up from her house and we went for a dinner at Ikan Bakar Muara Sungai Duyung area. Although it was just my first time meeting up with him, we didn't feel any paiseh-ness within us. Afterall, he was more interested to take long stares at his "creations" when we were enjoying the dinner. And he is now demanding for the payment from both of us for the so-called Service Level Agreement that I never heard of before. That is why nowadays, I prefer to refer him as a loan (Great White) shark, or just simply Ah Long. Ironically, this Ah Long is kind enough to treat us for that dinner and fetch us back. Thanks senpai for your full package service =P
After finishing our dinner, we came to realise that we didn't take a single picture together. Anyway, just before he dropped us at Jonker Walk, we managed to have some last minute camwhoring inside his car.
DSC01372 copy
We summed up our day with a walk along Jonker Walk, the nightspot for Malaccans to hang out. You can almost find anything here, from food to accessories; and clothes to handicrafts. One thing I like about the place is that you will never find any pirated goods here, unlike Petaling Street when the traders will try their best sucking the money from the poor tourists.
DSC01374 copy
To wrap up this entry, here is a photo of both of us at Jonker.

DSC01379 copy
~ the end ~


Anonymous said...

U really walked AROUND malacca...

calvin said...

@ ns29:
you will only be able to walk around that much when you have a malaccan to take you around =)

Innocent^^Guy said...

its not a lion....

calvin said...

@ shi han:
if it is not a lion, then what it is? a tiger?

Lj said...

Let me guess, your gf will be goin to Ortago U in ChristChurch?

-senpai- :p

calvin said...

@ lj:
welcome senpai! first time seeing you here and never thought that you will be reading my blog =P

yes, she will be going to that uni very soon. just out of my curiosity, how did you got to know about that? do you know her, or something like that?

Innocent^^Guy said...

it is called....I can't remember call wat...ask the fengshui shop people...but it's not a LION!

Crabbed!! said...

NO...It's not a lion. It's a cute cat that they used to have last time.

I didn't know that Malacca have double decker bus!! Damn...time to update info on my hometown..

Anyway, lols at you getting tired walking up St. Paul's Hill...

calvin said...

@ shi han:
we shall call it shi han - the clone.
not a bad idea also right?

calvin said...

i guess we can conclude that that creature comes from a cat family, but not a lion nor a tiger.

i was tired because i couldn't recall when was my last time going up a hill. i think the last one was going up mount tsukuba during the mito trip last summer.

Lj said...

hehe, my sis also studied in IMU and went to Ortago U. She just graduated last year, n will start working in ChristChurch. Guess that your gf will be my sis`s kohai. Small world huh...:p

calvin said...

@ lj:
it is indeed a small world =)
i guess your sis would be her super-senpai since she had graduated from that uni.

Reeny said...

its OTAGO not ORtago.
if im not wrong, my fren studies there too.

mg said...

but how did your sis know me??? O.O