Thursday, January 10, 2008

Malacca Trip: Part 2

This is the continuation from the entry Malacca Trip: Part 1
The next stop after walking around the Stadhuys building area was the climb to the top of St. Paul's hill. It was quite tiring, especially when I couldn't really recall when was my last time working out. It was a sign that my stamina has dropped dramatically for the last several months. Both of us actually took a short break under a shade of a tree. There was no benches there and she ended up resting on my lap. We thought of spending just a while there, but it ended up with both of us chatting away for quite some time.
The statue of St. Paul clad in a pair of robe was the first thing to welcome us after our climb which took us more than one minute.

DSC01228 copy

If you notice it properly, the right palm of St. Paul had gone missing. It must have became the victim of the atomic bombings cannon attacks during the war a few thousands of years ago. However, the truth suggests it to be something different. The palm was in fact, being stolen by someone who was desperate for a white palm to play with.
DSC01247 copy
I didn't know how our feet ended like this.
There was nothing much on top of the hill, except for the ruins of the church that survived the war between the locals and the ancestors of Alfonso Albuquekquek. That was not a typing error. I like to call him in such way as it helps me remember his name better.

DSC01248 copy

There is also a well in one corner of the church and not surprisingly, you would see countless of soon-to-be-worthless one sen coins being thrown into the well. When we were in Titiwangsa Lake to try the Eye on Malaysia ferris wheel a day before, there was a Hindustan movie shooting going on. Same thing when we were at the church. This time it looked more like a Tamil drama shooting, based on the skin complexion of the actress who was being applied layers after layers of make-up when I was there.
DSC01245 copy
For some, they choose the peaceful environment to practise their guitar.

DSC01238 copy

"Rasa sayang eh, rasa sayang sayang eh, eh lihat nona jauh rasa sayang sayang eh..."
We later walked slowly down the hill to what else but Porta de Santiago, or more commonly known as A Famosa Fort. I know the photo looks exactly like what you once saw in your Sejarah textbook. It has never changed down the years.

DSC01250 copy

An uncle walking into the fort; while a group of aunties busy gossiping while holding colourful umbrellas on the right.
I stumbled upon a middle-aged man in his late forties, who was working on his artwork to perfection inside the fort. I took few minutes looking at his work. But he just carried on with his drawings, ignoring my presence there.

DSC01260 copy

Drawing a traditional kampung house.
During my first and only visit to A Famosa some ten years ago, I didn't have the chance to even have a single shot in front of A Famosa. This time however, it was better. But I will only be putting up two shots here. First will be a shot of both of us, taken by a tourist who happen to be a local.

DSC01258 copy

Não diga que eu sou alto
However, the next pose looks wrong, in some ways.

DSC01266 copy
Taking a ride on a cannon.

You know what I mean, don't you?
Anyway, we proceeded our walk to the Proclamation of Independence Memorial, which is located just next to A Famosa. We didn't enter the building, as I know I shall expect exhibits like old documents, as well pictures of the invaders and the people who tried to chase away the invaders.

DSC01270 copy

There are a couple of primary schools and a secondary school along the road which leads to the fort. The one I didn't miss was of course, Calvin Lim Shi Han's primary school - Sekolah Kebangsaan Bandar Hilir.

DSC01271 copy

I shall blog more about this fella who stole my name in my next entry.
~ to be continued ~


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